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The bad: it is impossible to take the lead and create in the company Green- marketing: you cannot ask a marketer how Green-marketing company tankards-compliant; you cannot teach him to undergraduate and graduate students. The answers to these questions show the good side: you can take the best from the work of marketing as a whole or even in different areas of business and apply to Green-marketing. Why this assignment about marketing? The theory of Green-marketing is essential for a successful marketer.

After all, how else to carry on a conversation with colleagues, customers and investors, many of whom are well oriented in environmental issues? The inclusion of environmental projects in many activities in our time recognized the trend ND any marketer should have a basic set of knowledge about the various fields, including – on Green-marketing. Here we will focus on the relevance of environmental marketing now and such basic concepts as the “ecological footprint” and “sustainable development”. The theory is also important to warn you against annoying inaccuracies, which sometimes become a source of real trouble.

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The lack of basic knowledge of environmental marketing and understanding of its role in business development in our time will inevitably lead to a drop in competitiveness, customer loss and reduce the company’s profits. What this assignment is not? This assignment is not about the environment. Here you will find descriptions of global environmental problems and justify the importance of their decisions. If you need general information, you can easily find it in the literature or on the Internet, and if it comes to finding information in your area. This assignment is not about the basics Of marketing.

Here you will learn how to conduct market research, how to design packaging design in terms of marketing or how to write a press release. To whom it will be interesting? According to the experience of Green-marketing professionals engaged in economic education, which were far from ecology and ecologists, who even in high school have not studied marketing. Surely you at least a few times in my life heard or read the phrase: “Its our bad ecology. ” Ecology – the science of the relationships of living organisms with the environment. It is obvious that the environment cannot be bad.

There are environmental problems. And these problems not only among scientists, but even businessmen, politicians and the general public. Ecological problems of different levels regularly covered by media, on the Internet devoted to them thousands of blobs, non-commercial sites, and arums. This shows that the formulation of the problem by the international community in the middle of the twentieth century has moved to a new level the involvement of all social groups in the solution of environmental problems. This means that no One can stand aside and pretend that it is not concerned.

Limits of growth. “Limits to Growth” is the Club of Romeos report about ecology which published in 1972 (http://en. Wisped. Org). The conclusions of the authors of the report were even more alarming: if current trends continue economic growth with the ultimate in scale of the planet the next generation of unanimity reached the limits of the demographic and economic expansion, resulting in the entire system to an uncontrolled crisis and collapse. For the first time it has been shown that the environmental crisis occurs due to the crisis of ethical and moral standards of consumer civilization.

And that man is responsible for what happens. “HOME” “Home” is a documented film by Yawn Arthur-Bertrand and Luck Boson. Film shows the beauty of our planet and the results of human actions such as extraction and use of natural resources. “HOME” shows the destruction of the Earth during mining operations, environmental disasters, wars and etc. Aim of the film В«HOMEВ» – is to show the beauty of the planet Earth, and pay attention to the preservation of nature on the planet. The film calls for a fact that all the world is interconnected, and the problem of mankind to preserve nature and the wonderful life on it.

Authors give attention of using alternative energy sources to compensate damages of our planets ecology. The 1 lath Hour This documentary film was directed and narrated by your lovely Leonardo Didactic about ecological problems. Looking to the relationship of humanity with the environment we must consider the possibility of the ratio of institution Of resources and capabilities Of the biosphere. To do this, it is important to know how many resources without prejudice to its existence can give us the biosphere, and how much we take her.

Rapid economic growth requires a constant increase in the use of resources for production and energy production, and a steady increase in the volume of waste requires more space to accommodate and to fix the resources of the biosphere (in the case of, for example, carbon dioxide). Does money grow on trees? Traditionally, it is believed that the business exists only for the sake of income, and any investment in greening costly. Because business is race of profits and losses. Maybe humanity became some kind of suicidal machine… Why became green? 1. Brand loyalty.

For example buying a gallon of milk a green brand reputation is very important criteria of purchasing. 2. Long run reputation of company. Reputation gives the trust to the customer. 3. New market opportunities. For example nowadays organic food market is a one of rapid developing markets (http://www. Gamer. Org). Some successful green brands and products: Late July. It is small and independent company which produce MS-free snack chips. Which is not healthy but also very tasty food. Free from anything like Gene Modified Organisms, pesticides and etc.

Late July is company with 12 years of organic experience. And their slogan is – “Our chips don’t lie”. For more information visit official website – www. Latently. Com. DRP. Bronzer’s Magic Soaps. It is a soap producing company with a 70 years of history that turned into 30 billion dollar a year organic manufacturer (http://www. Organizations. Com). The main difference between DRP. Bronzes Magic Soaps and other fabric soaps is a real natural ingredients. Very’ easy decision but it saved a lot of money. Traditional Medicinal. Wellness tea producing company.

Traditional Medicinal consider themselves as pioneers in production naturally herbals. This company know everything about herbals and can share its experience how herbals might be helpful for health. For more information visit official website – move. Transcendentalism’s. Com. Actually there are a lot of companies that reached their success through green customer satisfaction. What Green-Marketing means. Lost in definitions. In our days is becoming a concept of “Green-Marketing” now universally accepted definition does not exist. There are some key points about Green-

Marketing: the environmental policy, environmental responsibility, openness and transparency of the company’s production process, environmental marks, environmental marketing tool for environmental management, environmental marketing formation of financial support structures for environmental action, environmental audits, environmental insurance companies’ actions, changing the reporting forms manufacturers, new forms of advertising, the formation of new principles of trade. But for me Green- Marketing is a process mixing of product and it manufacturing with environment.

Three main criteria for Green-Marketing. In my opinion there are just three core principals of Green-Marketing. Green Manufacturing. It is a production of good with minimizing effect on our environment. Minimize waste of natural resources or environment pollution, use alternative energy resources. Green Product. Green product is not just CEO-friendly, but also free from Smog, pesticides, antibiotics and chemicals. Green Promotion. Positioning you brand as one of pioneers of Green- Business. Brand history give trust of you product as truly Green. Calculating the nature.

How calculate that our business is Green. How to calculate what is uncountable? How to calculate the nature? Ecological Footprint. Evaluation system of human use of environmental resources is the indicator “Ecological FootprintВ» (Ecological Footprint) (www. WFM. Org. AU). The ecological footprint of humanity expresses the consumption of products and services of ecosystems through the area of biologically productive land and water areas, which is necessary for the reproduction of renewable resources for human consumption and absorption of anthropogenic emissions of ICC.

It is a tool that allows you to match the needs of humanity in the resources of the biosphere and the ability of the biosphere to their reproduction, which is allied “opacity’s. ” The unit of measurement as opacity’s and ecological footprint is the “global hectare” (ugh) – a common unit representing the world average biological productivity of land. When calculating the ecological footprint takes into account (http://www. Potentiometer. Org): 1 . The area of land and water areas required for the production of renewable resources for human (here include pastures, forests, arable land and fishing zones); 2.

The area under the infrastructure (including transport infrastructure, housing, industrial structures and reservoirs and hydrophone plants etc. ). 3. Size of areas required for the assimilation of waste produced (currently only ICC emissions are taken into account, so this figure is called the “carbon footprint”. It is calculated as the area of forest needed to absorb the ICC emissions from burning fossil fuels, land-use change and chemical processes except share absorbed by the oceans). About world Human Footprint statistics. In 2007 (http://mum’. Differentiation. Org), the ecological footprint of humanity has reached 18 billion. Agar or 2. 7 Ugh per capita and exceeded the opacity’s of the Earth (1 1. 9 billion. Ugh or 1. 8 Ugh per capita) by 50%. This means that our planet would take half a year to play the natural resources consumed by mankind in 2007, and absorb all the carbon dioxide emitted in the same year. In other words, in 2007, mankind has used the equivalent of one and a half Earths to sustain the ecological footprint. From 1966 to 2007, the total ecological footprint of humanity has doubled.

This is due mainly to the increase in the “carbon footprint”, who grew up in the 1 1 (! ) times since 1961. If we are talking about Ecological Footprint of production. National ecological footprint is important for policy and action plans by overspent, large non-profit organizations, and global corporations. However, for most companies, this value is only theoretical interest because they can and want to be responsible only for their activities. Many foreign companies assess their environmental footprint and inform the public, building a company policy based on the results of this calculation.

There are methods of calculating the ecological footprint of each person. You can calculate your own personal trail: How many planets resources you use in your everyday life. This can be done, for example, on the site of the World Wildlife Fund – www. WFM. Com/footprint/calculator. Why is it important to know about the Ecological Footprint? Why is business, especially small and medium? Because the business is responsible for the majority of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, the business uses a significant share of natural resources, and because the business can change the status quo.

It is important to consider the concept of “water footprint of production”, which is a measure of the volume of water, and also allows you to assess the level of need for water resources. Account the volume of rainwater permanently withdrawn from sources and consumed n the production of crop and animal production in agriculture, and contaminated water in agriculture and industry, and in the process of household use. Water footprint of cup of coffee and. What do you think, what is the water footprint cups of black coffee? Answer: 140 liters (http://whom. Gird. Org).

This amount takes into account the cost of water when growing coffee beans, collection, processing, transport and packaging of coffee beans, selling coffee and finally the preparation of the coffee dose. A water footprint of a cup of coffee with sugar Lattes, buy takeaway – 200 liters. To this was added water footprint of milk and sugar. Other products. Half kilo packing sugar is 750 liters, a loaf of wheat bread (500 g) – 650 liters of water, pork steak (300 g) – 1440 liters of water, 1 kilo of cotton – 10000 liters of water, 1 liter milk – 1000 liters of water (http://www. Deterioration. Org). Water footprint “Big Mac” is not easy to calculate, since it consists of many components, and not all have the data, in particular no data on its member sauce, onions, cucumbers, lettuce and cheese. Why is it important? Why are these data? Knowledge of ecological footprint and water footprint Of your products, you can reduce costs, and use it in the positioning of both odds and companies. Using actual data for the benefit of forming an internal environmental policy, and to communicate with all, without exception, clients What is Green washing?

Green washing is the same white washing but in more ecological context. Such h companies pretend themselves as nonviolently friendly instead of really bee Eng environmental friendly (MN. Grandfathering. Com). For example if the owner of chicken factory bombing its consumers with advertisement that coins deer its factory as “chicken green farm, where all chickens are happy”, so in HTH s case owner just try to Green Wash their business. Green washing index green. The purpose of green washing index is to represent real truth to the public.

To view green washing index of product that might you use visit – http:// wwmgreenwashingindex. Com/ Green washing index scoring criteria (www. Grandfathering. Com): Words in the advertisement try to Green wash the product/company. Graphic images in the advertisement try to Green wash the product/company. Unprocurable green benefits from product/ company. Overstating how green is product/company. Misrepresent important information about product/company. Some examples of Green washing: Why become green. Our planet is our only home for all of us. Global ecological problems caused b y humans must be solved by themselves.

Or problems will not go if you not pay attention to them. Money question. Is it inventions or waste of money, perhaps nobody can you give the answer r to this question. It is seemed to be that business should be responsible in base of co summer and ecology. But even the biggest corporations cannot every time spend their money on saving another type of penguins for environment’s sake. Is it useful? Yes. There is a certain demand for green product. Also there are certain harm to your product if it med not to be environmentally friendly. Saving the world?

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