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Emotionally; the family and close friends will benefit b y spending more time with them. Many say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy something Eng very close to it. Getting a college degree can get students lots of money and bring them close r to their family. More vacation and more money can get families closer by spending more Tim e with them and living in better conditions. To prepare for college, students should enroll in college prep/ credit programs. ” Participating in any of the state’s adulterated programs can prepare more stud ants for college work, save money, and increase post secondary graduation rates. (Star Tribe nee). College is a good investment, but students need to be prepared for it. Some programs to help students get prepared are the following Advanced placement, 1. 8 classes, post secondary options, or Project Lead the Way. These classes not only prepare students for college, but most o f them give college credit for taking them. This benefits students by finishing college earlier and n to paying a lot for it. Although we need college graduates, there are reasons why we also don’t nee d them. ” More than 40 percent of those attending forayer colleges tend to fail. (Vied ere, Richard). Students that know that they are not going to pass college should not attend college. College is a great investment, but can be a waste of time, money, and effort if not passe d. People in this situation should consider going to a two year college and then transferring ova ere. But, there is still that 60 percent that can pass college. That 60 percent is the college graduates that we need. Studies have shown that college graduates have better benefits and smaller unemployment rates than high school graduates. At 2. Percent, the unwell moment rate for workers with a professional degree was also the lowest of any education level (BLESS. GOB). High school graduates tend to have two jobs and living in apartments or shah KS. While college graduates tend to have one job and living in houses or condos, maybe even mansions. Educated people tend to have better living conditions and a better lifestyle than undead dated people. Everyone has the right to an education, there is no excuse for not getting an e education. Everyone also has the right to go to college, and have better living conditions.

Colleges are constantly offering help and financial aid, such as scholarships. If having bad grades is an obstacle they can always raise them. Grades can be raised by doing work and doing extra credit assignments. Many teachers Offer tutoring, for extra help on subjects. Apteral, college is worth it. College is a good investment because it brings happiness, success, improves t he world, and bring lots of benefits for students. College also decreases the unemployed meet rates, compared to just high school graduates. In conclusion, everyone needs a higher educate on because it improves life.

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