The Problems and Solutions of Green Marketing in Developing Assignment

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The Problems and Solutions of Green Marketing in developing country In recent years, along with the widespread approval of sustainable development, it has gradually become a mutual recognition all over the world that the green economy is the new economic type which will realize the sustainable development during the 5th century. Complied with this historical trend,green marketing has also gradually become one typical new concept marketing pattern of the humanist marketing time. Lie,COCA) Based on it, this essay attempts to elaborate the present situation of green marketing in the developing country ND points out some problems exist now,at last,some suggestions will be given based on these issues. ‘Green Marketing:A Management Trend of Turning Crisis into opportunity’,which was written by Ken Petite(ICC ,P. 3), the professor of Cardiff University ,pointed out that : The Green marketing is a kind of social needs that can be identified, expected and can meet the demand Of consumption , and it is a management process that can bring profits and make the management sustainable. ‘( Ken Petite. 2001)With the implementation Of sustainable development strategy. Arraying out the green marketing. Paying attention to the natural ecological balance, reducing environmental pollution has become an unavoidable choice of modern enterprises.

At the same time, it is also the prerequisite of enterprise participating in the market competition . Green marketing idea believes that in the marketing activities, the enterprise should not only meet the requirement of sustainable development strategy, but also pay more attention to ecological environment protection, and promote the coordinated development of economy and ecological environment, in which ay can realize the coordination and unification of the interests of company , consumer , society and the ecological environment. Crane et al, 2005) present, the emphasis on green marketing has become a brand new section in enterprise competition of the new century However, when it comes to the green marketing development,because of the resistance and obstacle of technology , industrial structure, environmental policies , there is still a considerable gap between the developed countries and the developing countries. First of all,the public haven’t formed the social demand for green consumption. Taking China as an example , the environmental situation there is very serious.

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However ,because of the low quality of national population and the misleading of the media,there is only a small number Of people Who would like to understand and accept green marketing. Most consumers do not understand the significance of green impracticableness they have not formed the inherent demand Of green consumption, and they even do not know anything about the concepts of green products, green consumption and green marketing the consciousness of green consumption have not been risen to a certain level, the individual consumers will believe that they have no direct link with the environmental issues X. Which means that they are not willing to take a positive attitude to it, but to escape it negatively, or even try to destroy the environment According to Lie Rounding, professor of University of Human in China,the ‘green’ consumption consciousness oftenest consumers still remains in the primary Stage, they hope they ‘Will not be polluted by the environment instead of ‘don’t pollute the environment’. (Ibid) Besides that,price Of green products is very high,vat is more, the demand for green is insufficient .

According to the data surveyed by Lie Rounding (2007,33), although there are more than Of Chinese consumers claimed that they care about the ‘green’ products, the market share of green product is rarely low , reached only 3% of all-Some scholars regard this phenomenon as the syndrome of 30:3 , which makes the current green consumption imbalance. Further more,funds and technology has restricted enterprise to carry out green marketing , resulting in the insufficient supply of green products-For a long time, developing countries has put an extensive economic growth mode with the characteristics s high speed and low efficiency into practice.

Generally speaking,they pay more attention to the output growth, but the environmental protection has become a secondary factor. The operation philosophy of most enterprise is on the premise as ‘resource are priceless’, which results in their apathetic_ green marketing concept . (Huh et al,SASS) When they make decisions , there has been some phenomenon as paying much attention to direct and short-term economic interests , but ignore the long-term social benefits, That is to say ,the short term behavior is really serious.

Last but not least ,environmental protection laws need to be improved _ The legislation of environmental protection in these countries still exist some problems as legislation is not strict, laws are not observed and strictly enforced and lawbreakers are not prosecuted in time-More serious is because of the existence of local protectionism and low quality of law- executor , no strict environment-law enforcement and the refrain from punishing law breakers are so common nowadays in In summary, many factors contribute to the problems above, such as the shortage Of government prevision function, lack of funds and technology in the company and the weakening of consumer ‘s green awareness. That’s to say ,the government, enterprises and consumers are the three main forces that affecting and even deciding green marketing operation mode-The key to putting green marketing into practice is to keep the enterprise carrying out activities with more attention on the environmental protection and utilizing resources reasonably.

In such an increasingly serious environmental pollution situation, the implementation of green marketing and the cultivation of green market will become a very important direction in the enterprises future development . Therefore, what should be done is to combine the actual situation to these countries and use the government intervention Firstly, the enterprise should set up green marketing concept. In other words,the company should emphasize the cultivation of green enterprise culture,As Huh Painting and Wang Yuba culture requires the enterprise to integrate concept of environmental protection into their corporate culture, and make the green consciousness go through each respect and process in the enterprise activity.

That is to say,the enterprise should take environmental responsibility and seek profits on the basis of meeting green needs of consumers. Next, the company should establish a complete green production and management system . The company should make great efforts on the develop of green product and improve their technology , make a comprehensive understanding Of the international standards Of green products, improve the quality of green products and conduct a comprehensive green quality management. (Lie Rounding. 2007)The enterprise needs to build 3 mineral green accounting and auditing system by reckon the environmental costs accurately in the final cost, make a comprehensive assessment on their product , and make a strategic sustainable developing decision.

While in the green marketing, we must resolutely defend consumer’s legitimate rights and interests Besides that ,they need to take waste recycling and convenient treatment into consideration fully and make efforts to reduce pollution and secondary pollution,At the same time, the packaging details should be taken seriously. In addition, the enterprises need to strengthen the propaganda of Rene products,and guide actively to promote consumer’s green consumption awareness . When the enterprises promote sales to green products, they should also convey green consumption idea to the consumers Actually ,the enterprise may adopt various channels to tell consumers about the difference between green products and common products , for example , they can use packaging to tell consumers what is green product, the product characteristics and the green link of processing cycle with the benefits after using and positive influence on the environment. (Lie Rounding. 07)Besides that,they also publish relevant green products information through community monthly column, Of course, they can also conduct propaganda through media . Lastly,the government should promote the implementation of green marketing effectively and the policies should be further perfected in order to promote coordinated development between enterprise marketing and ecological environment . First Of all ,they must further improve and perfect the green regulations. When it refers to laws and regulations about the protection Of natural resources, environmental illusion prevention and environmental protection administrative and others , the government should revise them timely von the basis of the needs of these countries’ economic development . (Huh Fandango. 005)Len addition,when it comes to foreign policy, they need to perfect the government procurement policy, take various measures to assist the emerging green enterprise to develop quickly For example,the government may give the green enterprise Tax concessions, preferential loans and other rights. To sum up , it is clear that there would be great benefit for developing countries it they promote the development of Rene marketing -It is also clear that because of the resistance and obstacle to technology , industrial structure, environmental policies and some other aspects ,there are so many problems in the popularization and promotion of green marketing . Actually,The key to putting green marketing into practice is how to keep the enterprise marketing activities paying more attention to the environmental protection and utilize resources reasonably.

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