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This is an attempt to explain the 6 facets of brand prism and the brand essence, for Tag group of hotels and resorts. This report also identifies the current brand positioning of the Tag and identifies the level of positioning as per brand laddering concept. Brand Identity Precambrian Prism FacetsPhysiqueUnique set of iconic properties doted in history and tradition. A collection of outstanding properties with strong heritage as hotels or palaces in India and abroad. The parent Hotel-The Tag Mall Hotel, Bombay is rated among the 10 best hotels in the world.

Tag Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 93 hotels in 55 locations across India with an additional 16 international hotels in the Maldives, Malaysia, Australia, I-J, USA, Bhutan, Sir Lankan, Africa and the Middle East. Besides luxury and premium segments, the group also offers hospitality to mid-market and value segments of the market. Congenial atmosphere of true business hotel coupled with local handicrafts and a special emphasis on cuisine are the hallmarks of the group. Personality Tag brand is a personification of the age-old Indian idiom of Tahiti Devon Behave.

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If the brand were to be personified, it would endeavor to play the perfect host, offering warmth and grandeur to guests through its unique hospitality that is steeped in Indian tradition of according the status of gods to guests. A host who provides the feeling of ‘Home away from home’ where guests experience the living heritage of India, together with superb comforts and modern facilities. Cultured symbol of Indian hospitality, the Tag was incorporated by the founder of the Data Group, Mr.. Seamiest N. Data.

The company opened its first property, The Tag Mall Palace Hotel, Bombay (now Iambi) in 1903. Having completed its centenary year in 2003, the brand owes its culture of pampering and showering warmth on guests to its long cherished history and the Indian tradition. “As travel often means more hassle than harmony, more stress than satisfaction, modern travelers are looking for smarter choices. Driven by our passion for perfection, we welcome our customers to a refreshingly enjoyable ND hassle-free experience, anytime, everywhere.

Offering the highest consistency in quality, service and style we set new standards and take the unwanted surprises out of traveling. Our warm welcomes make our guests feel at home, away from home and our crisp and courteous service empowers them to get more done with greater effectiveness and control. And through our unrivalled network we provide service that is effortless, simple, never overwhelming, always warm,” the group claims. Relationship group prides itself on its unique relationship with customers.

It ultra value of being the apogee of Indian hospitality finds resonance in the services it offers including 24-hour room service, free safe deposit lockers, express laundry/ dry cleaning, purified water supply, doctor-on-call, full-equipped business centre, 24-hour fax/ telex facilities, laptops on hire, currency exchange, travel assistance, car hire service, 24-hour Coffee Shop, Restaurants & Bars, night club, fitness centre, arrangements for golf and tennis etc.

Customer relationship management also centers on loyalty programs and trust and offering luxury and comfort. Reflection’s the group caters to all segments, its image of the consumer is diverse. If Tag (luxury full-service hotels, resorts and palaces), the flagship brand, caters to the world’s most discerning travelers seeking authentic experiences given that luxury is a way of life to which they are accustomed, Ginger is Chill’s offering for the value segment for the frequent budget traveler.

Intelligently designed facilities, consistency and affordability are hallmarks of this brand targeted at travelers who value simplicity and self-service. Another offering, Tag Safaris, provide guests with the lid life experience based on a proven sustainable costumers model. The new offering, Viviane by Tag Hotels ; Resorts, span options for the work-hard-play- hard traveler across metropolitan cities, other commercially important centers as well as some of the best-loved vacation spots with innovative cuisine concepts and the smart use of technology as its hallmarks.

Tag Exotica properties are defined by the privacy and intimacy they provide and are centered on high end accommodation and an environment that offers its guest varied and eclectic culinary experiences, impeccable service and authentic Indian Spa sanctuaries. Though Tag has diversified into multiples segments, the underlying reflection is that people who look for best hospitality. Self-image group has established itself as heritage brand, renowned for best hospitality. The consumers pride themselves as a elite group within each segment and pride themselves for experiencing the Tat’s hallmark hospitality and luxury.

Brand essence” Authentic hospitality’. As their ads feature the caption – “Nobody cares as much”, their brand stands for caring – to provide the guests an experience of best-in-class hospitality. Authenticity is emphasized by the iconic properties deep rooted in the Indian tradition. Figure: Brand Identity Prism Brand Lithographically Attributed we think of the physical attributes of Tag group of hotels and resorts, one can vividly remember the parent hotel – The Tag Mall in Iambi. Also comes to one’s mind are the hotels of Tag which are considered to be the luxury symbol of an Indian Traveler.

As the days when Tag Hotels started its operations date back to early sass, the group has come a long way, and the brand stands for much more than its physical attributes. Objective Benefits most tangible benefits offered the Tag group of hotels and resorts is the comfortable and pleasant stay. The amenities offered by the group hotels are plenty and they include spacious rooms, luxurious bathrooms with contemporary fittings and bathtub, TV, Wireless Internet facilities, Bose Audio Systems, Fax facilities, Bar, morning newspapers, in-room dining, plush wardrobes and make up mirrors.

Without a trace of doubt, one can agree that the Tag group of hotels offer most of the possible objective benefits one can expect from a hotel. Subjective Benefiting group f hotels claim to command luxury though they are now into mid-market and value segments. The brand also promises a whole new experience of hassle free stay, consistent quality, service & style and also a sense of tranquility and total- wellness.

Hence, much beyond the objective benefits offered by the Tag group of hotels, a customer who stays in any of the Tag hotels will get a sense of elite belonging and the group has been successful in walking the talk by making a series of offerings like iconic hotels, grand palaces, luxury residences, exotic resorts and pas. Evaluates Tag group more like the parent group of companies, The Tats has deep rooted its value system in society and it considers that fellow citizens and the environment are as important as the shareholders, customers and other vendors.

Tag group promotes corporate citizenship through their strategic public-private partnerships which encourage building livelihoods of less-advantaged youth and women. The causes they promote include reducing malnutrition, promoting indigenous artisans and craftsmen and enhancing employability of identified target groups. They also encourage training and development of differently-abele youth. As the group is closely associated with the Data group of companies, the brand is perceived to be bound to the values, much beyond the objective and subjective benefits.

Brand Positioning we can observe, the Tag hotels and resorts have been positioned as the brand that is centered on the value system that it inculcates from the Data group. It is not anymore the hallmark of status that was afforded only by a selected few. The new range of Vintage and Gingers along with the Tat’s traditional tools and resorts are positioned well in a way to cater to any traveler who wants a hassle free stay and who wants to experience tranquility.

At the same time, the Tag group delivers authentic hospitality to all its guests alike, treating them as Kings (who in those days were considered equivalent to Gods), which is symbolized in the Tag palaces. As their ads feature the caption – “Nobody cares as much”, their positioning is clearly based on care – for the guests in the form of providing best-in-class hospitality and for the society by means of working towards the betterment of the downtrodden.

Conclusions brand prism for Tag brings out the physique and personality as portrayed by the sender (Tag Hotels), the reflection and self-image as perceived by the receiver (The customers), the corporate culture and also the relationship that the brand has with the larger community. As per the brand laddering concept, it was found that the brand was positioned at the values of the organization. The brand positioning has evolved over decades and the credit for such a matured positioning can be attributed to the legacy of Tag group. References. TA]hotels. Com, accessed on 28th Cot 2011

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