Graduate Study Challenges And Strategie Assignment

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For me, my bachelor’s degree was much easier because I was single and worked part time with hardly any responsibilities. Now that I’m older, with many more responsibilities it is going to be completely different. Going for my graduate degree is going to be a huge challenge for me. There are many challenges you face when trying to complete your graduate studies program.

For me reasonably my three biggest challenges will be the added stress of college life, balancing time with my family and staying motivated. Stress of College Life One challenge for me being back in school is going to be dealing with being in college when am also a full time employee, full time parent and a full time wife. That alone can add a lot of stress to your everyday life, and then I am adding a graduate studies program on top of that. “While the years one spends in college can be both educational and enjoyable, they are often quite stressful. (White, 2014). Not to mention the pressure for good academic reference, learning anyway and every way to master time management and leaning the importance of multitasking. For the Master’s program, you are required to obtain a 3. 0 GAP or higher so I must perform at the highest level that I can which is a lot of pressure. To keep that required GAP I am going to have to study hard, make time to do research in a quiet area and most of all do everything that I can to stay on top of all of my assignments and test.

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I am definitely going to have to utilize the benefits of a planner and plan ahead. I cannot procrastinate. I am also going to have to work on litigating by doing shorter assignments while on short breaks or after my children are in bed. I also need to remember that as far as discussions and participation grades I can do those from my phone while I’m waiting in the car rider line or while waiting for laundry to dry. There is a little time here and there I just have to find it in hopes to alleviate some of the stress from being a college student again.

Family Time Family is so important to me so another challenge for me is going to be able to balance school and family time. I am going to have to set expectations for yeses that are reasonable and manageable for having two children, a full time job, a dog and a husband. “Decide on a reasonable timeline for graduation and budget carefully to balance family with grad school. ” (Garner, 2013). Do not want to take time away from what little family time we have. I am going to have to work on doing homework during football practice or ballet while I’m sitting there waiting for it to end.

Now if it’s a game or recital my children will obviously have my fulfillment attention. I am going to have to figure out ways to get assignments done before my husband gets home or tit to do them when he is on the night shift and the children are already in bed. Time with family is precious and you cannot get it back so finding little breaks in the day/night to get homework completed is a must. Children and husbands take naps, go to work/school, have different work schedules, etc.

I just have to make that time, search for it and utilize it the best and most efficient way that I can. Staying Motivated Finally, the hardest challenge for me is going to be to stay motivated. When things get hard, have to remind myself that I am doing this for many reasons. Also have to remind myself that no matter how hard or exhausting it gets that I am not a quitter. To keep me motivated just have to remember that financially in the long run it will benefit not only me and my husband but our children.

I will be able to advance in my career which is something that I have wanted to do for almost five years now but have not been able to due to not having a graduate degree. “In addition, an undergraduate degree is increasingly not enough to land the solid, well-paying jobs of the future. What’s needed, experts say, is a graduate degree. ” (Martin, 2012). But for me now that what will keep me most motivated is to have the sense of accomplishment that I did it when I finished.

Being able to prove to family, friends, coworkers and most importantly myself that with hard work and dedication it can be done and cannot wait until the day that I can say “l did it! ” Conclusion I am just going to have to stay positive and stay on top of all of my assignments. My time management, family and motivation will get me through. Have to remind myself that times will be hard, but by having friends and family to support me is going to make it that much easier to stay focused ND get that graduate degree.

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