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Write down one of your SMART goals as a college student. Date: 25 July 2014 Proof. Aid Alfalfa My SMART goal as a college student is to finish college and graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering. The reason for choosing this course is that I particularly like Chemistry and would like to work in the fields involving Chemistry. Furthermore, to study Chemical Engineering at M. I. T. Ill be do a tremendous amount of help to me. 2. Explain how this goal can be made: a) Specific To be specific about my goal, I want to fully graduate at M.

I. T. With a degree in Chemical Engineering. As I have mentioned earlier, I have taken a liking to Chemistry, and furthermore, I achieved good grades in Chemistry during High school. If I do graduate, I will be able to get a Job in such a diverse field of work. B) Measurable To measure the progress of this goal, it will be accomplished within 4 to 5 years. Within the course of each year, it will obviously become harder to achieve this goal, due to growing amount of subjects, projects, assignments and the like. To put certain points to check on the progress would be, finishing each year’s load of subjects. ) Achievable To achieve this goal, I have to study. As simple as it sounds, it is not simple in action, as I would need to be persistent & hardworking towards my studies. This will be very hard to achieve but it is worthwhile. D) Realistic Reason being for this goal to be very rewarding, is the widely open and diverse field of work I can be able to get into. Furthermore, in today’s day and age, there is a great need of engineers, and a greater need for Chemical Engineers. This suits me Just fine, as I often think that I have an aptitude for Science. E) Time bound As fore mentioned, this goal will be achieved in 4 to 5 years.

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Even though this course is usually done within 5 years, M. I. T. Is able to produce engineers within 4 years. Within this timeshare, I will be able to learn and achieve many other things along the way. 3. Write a plan of action Goal To graduate at M. I. T. With a degree in Chemical Engineering. Specific Actions to be taken -To study with persistence and hard work -To persevere in the following years -Be able to make friends and get along with many other students Timeshare Within this timeshare, I would need to accomplish many subjects to graduate, major subjects such as Science and Mathematics, and other subjects, such as NSP and Humanities.

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