Acheiving Goals Assignment

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What happens when someone achieves a goal they have been striving for? Achieving a goal is not Just reaching a point you have worked for, in the end your achievement makes you who you are. While achieving goals things begin to build and grow within you making you who you are, self-confidence, knowledge, intelligence, and the momentum people gain from achieving goals. Achieving goals becomes skills, accomplishments, and talents that people gain allowing them to gain different abilities. The abilities and skills they gain can take them places in the future, can pen Job opportunities, and can also create a good reputation for them.

If Albert Einstein was not a genius, he would have had a completely different life, different experiences, different Job, and would have had a completely different reputation. This is a wonderful example that making good grades in school is not Just doing well on tests and assignments, it adds to an individual’s intelligence and knowledge of the world and it becomes a part of who you are because you become canny. Another example of this could be an individual like Martin Luther King Junior, who achieved a AOL for the good of all people.

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Martin Luther King Junior was a knowledgeable and intelligent person, and he used his knowledge to achieve the goal of living with equality among people of different colors. If he was not intelligent he would not have been able to gain the reputation he earned and would not have had the life he did. The goals people strive to achieve like gaining intelligence and knowledge have a role in what people are known for, where their lives will go, and the things they could achieve in the future. Along with gaining intelligence while striving for goals people main self-confidence as well.

People need self-confidence to reach goals they wish to achieve. Sidney Crosby, a talented hockey player, has reached many goals in his life, for example playing in the Olympics. The goals Sidney Crosby has achieved have become a part of him and his self-confident reputation has been growing worldwide, this has helped him reach the goals he has reached. If Sidney Crosby was not self- confident of himself he would not have played as well as he did in numerous hockey games, but he has played well gaining him a reputation that carried him to the

Olympics. Sidney Crosby could have had an entirely different life, if he was not self- confident of himself in hockey; he might not have played hockey at all, or have been famous. While self-confidence builds within a person helping them accomplish new goals, something else does to it is called momentum. What is momentum? Momentum is something that builds over time allowing someone to climb to bigger, more challenging, and better goals. Shania Twain, a famous country singer, would not have the life she has today if she did not have momentum.

When Shania was young he lived in a rough household, where her parents earned very little and often did not have food. She had experienced bouts of depression throughout her childhood. At the age of ten she began to write her first songs, and with those achievements she got a Job singing in bars. After that she was invited as a guest on CB television show Tommy Hunter Show. After that she Joined a band called Longest, which was listed in the top 40 music. If Shania Twain had not felt the importance to strive for the goals she did, she would not have the momentum or fame she has today.

J. K Rolling also Achieving Goals By hyperventilated momentum. J. K Rolling conceived the idea of the Harry Potter series on a delayed train. Although she has a wonderful idea that gained her millions she had experienced a tragedy which pushed her into poverty, until she had written the first book of the series. Within five years of she went from living off of state benefits to multi-millionaire status. After the first book and getting off the streets her momentum began it built around her which helped her write six sequels.

Her books aimed worldwide attention, won numerous awards, and sold several million copies of her books. If J. K Rolling had not taken her idea and wrote that first book she would not have gotten off the streets as well as she did, and she would not have had the momentum to climb to more challenging goals that were important to her. Why is it that people feel the importance to strive to achieve personal goals? It is important because people know that if you achieve a goal you can climb onto bigger goals, and other things build along with them.

Intelligence is built because they learn about what they are achieving and what it entails. Self-confidence is built because they know they can do what they have achieved and they know they can achieve their next goal, because they are confident in themselves. Momentum is built because they challenge themselves to climbing to bigger, better, and more challenging goals. People feel the importance to strive for personal goals not Just to reach the goal the want to reach, but for what they can build off of the goal they reached.

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