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My long-term personal goal is to have a own payment saved to buy property as an investment. In order to achieve these goals one must have developed strategies and skills to reach our goals. Along the way, there will be obstacles that I would have to overcome and milestones to achieve in order to reach these goals. This paper will examine and analyze my professional and personal goals, discuss strategies, skills, possible milestones, obstacles to reaching my goals and the Importance of time management. “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. Having clear and specific long term oils keeps us headed in the right direction somewhere we really want to end up, not Just somewhere the circumstances might take (Nation (2012), “Insert the quotation” (Para. 1). First, in order to achieve my short term and long term goals, I must develop strategies and skills to ensure all my goals are met. After being a telemetry registered nurse for five years, I finally was able to discover my true calling in nursing. Becoming an intensive care unit nurse is my short term professional goal by the end of this year, 2014.

Communicating my goal to department managers ensures that the supervisors are aware of my plans to transfer to the intensive care unit. Critical thinking is the disciplined, intellectual process of applying skilful reasoning as a guide to belief or action (Schaffer & Ruffled, 2000). In nursing, critical thinking for clinical decision-making Is the ability to think In a systematic and logical manner with openness to question and reflect on the reasoning process used to ensure safe nursing practice and quality care (Schaffer & Ruffled, 2000).

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I will continue to demonstrate that I have those abilities it takes to become a critical care ruse with my leadership skills, time management skills, communication, determination, compassion and effective decisions making in a critical situation. In order to achieve my long term professional goal, I will need a lot of family support determination, and time, it is achievable. Upon completion of the BBS program, I plan to specialize in Critical Care Nursing.

One of the specialization options for an MS student who is working towards a clinical nurse specialist credential is the Masters in Nursing for Critical Care & Trauma (Master Degree in nursing, 2014). I will deed all the support I can get from my family, friends and colleagues. Also, one of my most challenging goals is saving money and paying off credit card debt. I intent on saving $100 every paycheck, it will be taken out automatically to ensure that it is not wasted.

By doing automatic transfers to my saving account on each pay period it will help me achieve my goals, it will not feel like I have a $100 extra to spend. In order to avoid over spending it is necessary to have a budget plan, it will include a spreadsheet of all my expenses so that the money can be distributed evenly. Seeking a financial adviser to plan my finances and investments will help me in reaching my short term goal and help aid with my long-term goal in having money to invest in property.

The other challenge is paying off my credit cards; first thing is to put them away and stop using them every time I pay them down. I will do a spreadsheet of all my credit cards of how much is owed and will attempt to pay more than the minimum if the budget plan allows. Another option that I have considered is to consolidate my debts into only one payment that works with my budget plan. I need o keep in mind to Buy what I need, not what I want. If I can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Life always doesn’t play out as planned; there will be obstacles and milestones that have to be overcome to reaching goals.

Although I have several years as a telemetry nurse, I would need to take critical care classes to help in transferring to a critical care unit. I will need to work with managers and supervisors to make my goals more achievable will be the next step. By showing my strengths and strengthening my weaker skills will enhance the opportunity to become a part of the intensive care unit. Reaching my short term goal is a milestone to reaching my long term goal in getting my master’s degree. Completing my BBS is another milestone to reaching my goals.

I know that reaching my goals will take time but with dedication, family love, and especially their support will help me in pursuing my goals. By proportioning and not procrastinating will aid in achieving my goals and the only way to obtain a successful outcome. There are no shortcuts for achievement of goals, constant hard work, determination, and dedication is a must. Learning how to manage my money, not taking money out from the saving will be milestone that I would have to overcome in order to reach my goals.

I love to shop for myself and my kids, making saving money the hardest thing for me, but if I do not save money, my short term goal will not be met, therefore making my long term goal a fail. Arranging a meeting with a banker to see my options on how to save money will be the best route to go. It is crucial that I master my budget plan and continue to save; otherwise I will not be able to purchase property. I met with a realtor about a few months ago I have the credit, employment, income but my debt to income is too gig to be able to purchase a property at this time.

I need to reach my short term in order to get to my long-term; I can make it into a reality instead of Just a dream if I continue to stay focused and determined to complete my goals. An important part of reaching these goals is how well I can manage my time and waited to the very last minute to complete anything. I have developed a daily and weekly plan in order to complete my tasks as planned. As a mother of two and a wife, I needed to develop a plan for work, family and school in order to reach my goals thou feeling lost and unaccomplished.

I will schedule and prioritize my life, family, school, work and assignments in a timely manner. I must work three days a week, 12- hour shifts, and on my days off while my five-year-old is at school, and two-year-old is at daycare, I will work on my assignments and set a goal for that day on which assignments are a priority to complete. I will attempt to finish my assignment, papers, and reading at least two days before class. Therefore, it is crucial that I work on my school assignment every day a few hours a day in order to have all assignment knishes in a timely manner.

My family is very important to me so I will make sure that at least 2 hours of my time every day is dedicated to them only. Completing my BBS program is manageable if I follow the plan. In conclusion, I believe that all goals can be reached no matter what, sometimes it takes a little longer than expected but with time, hard work and dedication it can be achieved. In this paper it examined my short-term and long-term goals, strategies, skills, obstacles, milestones and time management to reaching my goals.

I believe hat if you put your mind to it anything is possible. My personal goals are important to me and want to fulfill them. My professional goals are more valuable and my priority because it will help me further my education, nursing skills, and be more marketable. We all have goals that we would like to accomplish, but it is up to us to make that goal into a reality. For me my drive to show my children that although there were a lot of obstacles and milestone I had to overcome I made my dream into a reality with hard work and dedication.

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