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Determine future plans by food broker firms for incorporating computers into their business operations. . Determine the feasibility of Incorporating existing computer knowledge with the potential development. Of computerized trading by food brokers. Procedures A mail survey of food brokers was conducted during September and October 1984. A questionnaire was mailed t. 0750 food broker at random nationally. The list was provided to us by the N.B.. The number of respondents was 20 percent of the total mailing. February 85/page 112 The questionnaire was designed t. Determine the characteristics of the responding firm as well as to analyze present and anticipated computer activity in accounting and marketing. Initial Results The number of firms responding by yearly ales volume was as follows: less than 1 million sales – 9 percent; 1 to 4. 9 million – 20 percent. ; 5 to 9. 9 million – 10 percent; 10 to 19. 9 million – 23 percent; 20 to 34. 9 million – 12 percent; 35 million and over 26 percent. Forty-five percent of the firms do not consider electronic marketing feasible alt. Arena. Vive,with 21 percent. Indicating it would be feasible.

Only 20 percent. Expressed interest in electronic marketing, while 42 percent had no interest. Responding to ‘a question concerning potential benefits, 24 per- Journal of Food Distribution Research cent fits orthorhombic. There firms indicated potential benefits. Would be no benumbed of An equal that the system had Value of Quality Characteristics of Fresh Vegetables Through the Posthaste System by Jeffrey Jordan, Sheffield, Prussia, and W. C. Hurst This summary outlines the initial findings of an interdisciplinary project aimed at understanding and improving the posthaste handling system.

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The purpose of the project is to estimate implicit prices for selected quality factors of during the posthaste process. Knowing the monetary value of quality characteristics of selected fresh vegetables can aid in the evaluation of hangers in the food distribution system. After the tomatoes have been process packed and are ready to be shipped to a warehouse. The results of the model are as follows (t-statistics are in parentheses): Cross sectional observations of 474 Men-ripened” tomatoes grown in Georgia and North Carolina and corresponding prices were obtained at. Arrives, at a packinghouse, and from warehouse conditions sampled on two successive days in August 1984. Each tomato was weighed and evaluated for color and damage based on USDA standards of identity. The rate of diet. Restoration was measured after the samples had been stored for seven days at. 75, F value = 18. 17 ICC, The value of quality characteristics was estimated using an hedonistic price method. The hedonistic function is estimated by regressing the price of a good on the quantity of various characteristics. Efficient are The resulting implicit marginal prices that duplicate the information acquired by agents in the market. , on the basis of which they make decisions. Study was focused of estimation, this at the point in the p = 2. 23 + . 005 (IEEE) – . 08 (DIME) (2. 49) (11. 88) – . 93 (DETERIORATION) (7. 39) The results indicate increasing weight by one gram per tomato increases the price by Just ever half-accent per box; a one percent reduction in defects will increase 8 cents per box; and a unit decrease in deterioration 93 cents A unit decrease in deterioration box. Presents approximately two and one half extra days of stability and will increase the price of a box of tomatoes significantly. Thus , methods that. Increase stability will be beneficial to the posthaste marketing of tomatoes. Further, since the weight of the tomatoes varied from 80 to 250 grams, the half-cent per box per gram size factor may actually be the most significant. A change in the post harvest. Handling of tomatoes that costs less than the marginal implicit price of the affected quality characteristic canoe considered as a net benefit..

In effect, a February 85/page 113 type of benefit-cost analysis is proposed based on the results of a hedonistic price estimation. A price-size/quality relationship can aid tomato handlers in making decisions concerning the size and color of the fruit at, harvest, early sizing and special handling of larger tomatoes, use of stronger shipping con- tanners to minimize bruising and method of ripening based on weight and color. For more information, contact Jeff Jordan, Department of Agricultural Compartment Station, Experiments, Georgia -net, George 30212. 404) 228-7231. Household Adjustment to Changes in the Economy With Special Reference to the Industry Glen H. Mitchell and Phyllis A. Azalea’s A. Problem Addressed Consumer Perceptions and Strategies Used in a Changing Economy. B. Methodology Utilized Data was collected (using a modified Dilemma method) through a mail questionnaire completed by 532 Virginia citizens in October and November, 1983. Major Findings and Their Significance The majority of the households (96%) were affected by the present economic situation with three-fourths being negatively affected.

Negative effects would include paying higher ricers, having difficulties in making ends meet, and being less happy. About one-half reported a lower standard of living compared to expectations five years ago. Coping strategies varied among households. Many increased income through second Jobs, more family members working, and working overtime. Other major strategies included changing savings accounts (40%), changing checking (30%), and starting an AIR or Gogh Plan (30%).

February 85/page 114 Other strategies utilized by households to cope effectively included buying less of everything (65%), changing habits and preferences (74%), using more cents-off coupons (85%), being more of a imprison shopper (89%), shopping for specials and bargains (89%), looking for cheaper products (74%), buying through wholesale/discount stores (70%), spending more time shopping (66%). Advertising also has an impact. On shopping behavior. Over one-half of the respondents said their choice of brands was affected by advertising.

About thirds of the respondents said store brands were as good as nationally advertised brands. Many (88%) felt there was too much advertising on television, and 79 percent felt commercials made little sense. In the area of food-related behaviors, the largest majority of respondents were effected somewhat by rising food prices. Recent economic conditions had caused 45% to switch the principal place of buying groceries. In conclusion: The economic situation has had a serious effect on households interviewed in this study. Most consumers have been forced to alter their habits and preferences.

More are reducing consumption, phoning more carefully and doing more financial numerous behavioral augment to cope. And attitude change-?? are occurring among The consumer of Virginia households. 1984 is a more serious buyer and consumer than in the previous decade. Contact Person For further information, contact Professor Glen H. Mitchell, 206 Human Resources Annex Building, Virginia Tech, Blackburn, VA 24061. (703) 961-5815. Feasibility of a ReusabLe Crate Exchange Pool In Australian Fresh Produce Markets Neil Richardson, Managing Director Grammar Consultants, Opt. . Ltd. , Sydney, Australia Joe Hoarsely, Research Associate Transportation Management Program Arkansas State University, Sensors, Arkansas in this presentation The findings are the interim results off privately funded research project undertaken to identify the critical variables in operating a plastic returnable crate (PR) system for fresh produce. The PR would, in effect. Replace fireboard packaging. The initial research focused on the Sydney and New South Wales markets.

Several important differences in the production, marketing, and consumption of fresh produce make the Australian markets t. O the United States. Specifically: (1) production is concentrated in close proximity to urban consuming areas for many kinds of produce, especially vegetables, (2) long interstate shipments are much less frequent in Australia, and (3) a higher per capita percentage of fresh produce is bought and consumed in Australia. Therefore, distribution practices in the United States are not necessarily appropriate or Australian markets.

The objective of this research was to define the operational and strategic variables that a plastics manufacturer should evaluate in determining the feasibility of operating a PR exchange pool profitably. These variables were developed by first defining the various market channels for fresh produce and then personally visiting and interviewing the members of these channels. A PR offers several advantages over fireboard.

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