Role of computers in education Assignment

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In education are a big step in development on education and the impact is huge. Given Its capabilities, It Is a vital tool In education. Given today 9 out of 10 household have or use computers. We are on high technology or high-tech age now. Almost everybody now uses computers and almost everything is run by computers. Many students use computers in the classroom on the daily basis. Using this in schools for learning is one of the best roles in child educational development.

More children are drawn to computers whether their parents like it or not. Almost all arenas have that dilemma since the development of modern computer. Games, role playing games (RPG), massive multilayer online role playing game (MORPH) are the main culprit. Introducing the use of computer to schools is most Ingenious; whoever pioneers this program is very observant and smart. For starters, introducing education based interactive games is one of those innovations.

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It’s like basic course in computer for students primarily for elementary. Students do mouse left and right clicking, mouse panning and pointing, etc. It’s like computer games or usage not in a negative way but in a positive way. The information hi-way or the Internet as we use to call It, through computers this Is the most effective tool In education for knowledge gathering through its search engines, Yahoo and Google to name a few.

Students can access enormous amounts of information for their assignments and research work with a simple a type and click combination. Students can also make study groups through the internet’s social networking sites like Backbone, Friends, Blobbing Google Groups, etc. Students can create group pages for their studies and knowledge sharing within their communities or universities In a specific country or can study ND share knowledge In other study groups In different communities and universities globally.

Online tutoring and online studying in internet through computer has recently made a big impact these days. Keep is the best tool for this. You can go to school in any university within the country or out of the country Just by staying in your house or office and sitting in front of your computer same as teaching, Just sit in front of your computer and wait for your students from different countries to come online.

Programs that are pre-Allendale or manually Installed In computers had great roles In using computers In education too. Programs like Microsoft offices’ Microsoft Word, for me the most important tool used in schools in terms of making assignments and homework. With a simple click and type combination, your documents for submission are finished save the time consuming, unforgiving errors and loud noise of typewriters. Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheets for making grades, tables, graphs, etc. O can compute grades, make formulas, make tables and graphs of all kinds with a simple click and type. These are the few roles of computer In education. Few because computers are evolving, computers are getting better and eating larger in terms of capabilities thus, more programs will be installed for learning more data to be stored for document making and more information will be gathered, and these all laid out to make students life easy.

By using computers in education, I’m sure that education will also evolve and will keep getting better for many years to come. Computers have Impacted education In ways we never thought I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.

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