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Student Survival Guide GEN/105 LaShawnda Blaimayer August 30, 2010 Being a full time student and parent, working 32 to 36 hours weekly has definitely been time consuming. I am more than thankful that going back to school can be as fun as it has been in this class. Gen/105 has provided every step to become successful in your career of choice. Although this guide is about survival; it’s completely up to you and your efforts. The University of Phoenix and Axial College have provided the tools and information to better assist their student in becoming successful.

In this guide I hope to assist as many busy students/ parents as possible by sharing my personal action plan for success. I have come out of this class with the ability to recognize and work with my strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing Axia Educational Resources Online resources are literally just a click away. Axia has several sources to choose from. After logging on to the student web; Click the My Learning Resource tab, then Tools and Tutorial tab. There you can find the: *Center for Excellence-provides tools and skills that are required for a successful paper. Writepoint- is a tool that reviews grammar and punctuation mistakes. The *Plagiarism Checker- reviews written material for authenticity. *Tutorials ; Guides- provides books and articles needed to research and study. * University Library- provides books and articles needed to research and study. Utilizing the resources listed above will help you to be more successful within your courses. Upholding Academic Honesty Academic Honest with the University of Phoenix and Axia College is very important. It is important because it helps you to retain the information necessary to complete your required courses.

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It also allows your instructor to grade your work appropriately. You may ask yourself, “What is Academic Honesty”? It is where a student generates their own work. Researched and written by them. Not copied or completed by someone else. One way to avoid any issues with this is to avoid plagiarism. You can easily do this by studying hard and setting goals. Setting and Achieving Goals Setting goals plays a major part in your future at this point. You have already set one goal by going to school. Setting long term and short term goals is essential. It may be as easy as managing time or trying a new study approach.

Whatever it may be, it’s never too late. Try setting a short term goal first and that alone, no matter how big or small can create a turning point in your life. Whether it’s a career goal, educational goals and personal goals all tie into each other one way or another. People who achieve goals do not have any type of special powers. They focus on one thing at a time. You too can achieve your goals. Receiving your Axia/Phoenix degree is a goal that can be long term. Success in your classes and on assignments can be short ones. Managing Time Wisely Balancing time between courses can be quite the challenge at times.

Especially if you work, have children or any other commitments outside of school. For me, this was the most challenging area during my first semester with Axia. All it takes is at least 2 hours a day to study. That’s it! I found that having a planner or even utilizing a calendar near your computer helps. Juggling school, work and family responsibilities is quite the task. Find or create a time during the days and weeks where you can get some quiet and alone time. This allows you to focus on what’s right in front of you with no distractions. Prioritizing has also proven to be effective.

Again, try using a personal planner or organizer to help throughout your courses. It really works. Reading and Comprehension Retention First you have to know what type of techniques work best for your learning style. I have tried several different ways to find out what suites me best. I found that I work best in environments with no major distractions. I have also tried to study in different places to avoid repetition. I have also use a technique known as SQ3R. This technique teaches you how to: Question- ask yourself questions about the readings, who? Why? , What? and When? Read- Read the readings thoroughly and more than once to retain information. Recite-Write down any important facts in the chapters. Take good notes. Review- After every assignment, review your notes and unanswered questions to insure you understand what you have read. Applying personality and Learning Styles If you apply your personal learning style to this survival guide I guarantee you will be more than successful. My advice is if you don’t know your personality type for the distance learning environment; you may have a little trouble on your hands.

Knowing your learning style is essential. I have always known that I am a Kinesthetic or hands on learner. But I never realized the extent of it. This was important and very necessary. Developing your strongest multiple personality has been proven to be successful. To find our strongest intelligence isn’t that hard. There are several different free, online quizzes and tests you can take to determine it. I would try using the Google search engine to find the best one for you. Once you have found out your learning style and strongest intelligence. Research.

Find out what you can do as an individual to be more prosperous. Working in the distant learning environment can be quite the challenge when working with others. You have to take in to consideration how they learn as well. So when posting comments in the forum, take the time out to appeal to everyone not just you’re learning style. In closing, I hope that the information that I have provided helps you to become one step closer to success. I have given you the tools and views that I believe, will get you through your online courses. I wish you the best of luck in your field of choice.

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