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It is designed to help students develop visual literacy. Learning to look, students will engage in visual analysis and u abstinently in articulation of their visual experience of works of art and architecture presented in the class as well as experienced in the metropolitan area. Resources and Readings: The Art Humanities website http://www. Learn. Columbia. Du/arithmeticians/ is a very helpful resource and students are encouraged to consult it throughout the semester. Login: rah; Password: such) Included is “Complete Core Course Syllabus” (provides general information on all sections of the course as well as recommended readings), “Glossary of Terms,” the “Complete Primary Source Reader,” and the “Art Humanities Image Database. ” Course Requirements: Attendance is required. Only medical absences confirmed by a written notice from the health center will be accepted as reason for lack of attendance or inability to meet a deadline. If you need to miss a class due to religious observance or other extenuating circumstances, let the instructor know as soon as possible.

Finally, there will be a museum visit and a cathedral visit, as a class, scheduled either within or outside of regular class time. It is strongly recommended that you participate. All assignments need to be turned in as art copies in class on the day they are due. Papers submitted after the due date will be marked down. During the semester, you will be expected to visit numerous museums and sites in the city. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the assignment by the due date.

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The looking/sketching/ thinking (LAST) assignments, which are designed to help you see, will require that you accompany your sketches with notes. In this way, you will show your thought process during your engagement with the work on-site. Please make sure that your writing in these notes and sketches composed on-site is legible. You can submit the original, or you may need to copy the particular page (pages) in order to submit your L SST to the instructor. Lists submitted after the due date will not be accepted. Note this excerpt from the Core Policy document: Students are expected to attend every session of their Core classes.

In the event that a student must miss a class due to religious observance, illness, or family emergency, instructors may strongly encourage (though not require) that students complete additional assignments to make up for missed class participation. Unless the emergency or illness does not permit them to do so, students are squired to provide advance notice of absence and to get instructor permission. Instructors may require a doctor’s note in case of illness. Students who miss class without Instructor permission should expect to have their grade lowered. њCore instructors have discretion as to the specifics of their individual attendance requirements within these general parameters. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their specific instructor’s expectations and requirements (all Core instructors outline attendance and grading policies on their class syllabus). Class Conduct concerning electronic devices: Because Of the nature of this discussion- and observation-based class we will undertake together, digital devices are a distraction both for students and for the instructor.

The use of laptops, tablet computers, and the like is therefore strongly discouraged in class unless there is a particular need for such devices and you meet with the instructor individually. If technology distracts from our work, this policy will be revisited. Phones need to be turned off during class. Assignments and Evaluation: 20% Class Participation and teamwork 25% 2 papers 0% L SST assignments 15% Midterm Final Note about Essays and L SST assignments 1/ There will be TWO 3-page double-spaced essay assignments on topics determined by the instructor.

As an aid in analysis and interpretation of works of art, consult corresponding sections in Joshua C. Taylor, Learning to Look: A Handbook for the Visual Arts, and Sylvan Barnett, A Short Guide to Writing about Art. 2/ It is advisable that you purchase a small sketchbook that will be the repository of your ideas throughout the course. The purpose of the sketching exercises is to make you see better. In the act Of sketching, ideas may be enervated that would otherwise not come to you. It is not the artistic value of sketches that matters, but rather the degree to which you engage with the artwork.

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