Food & Beverage Division Organization Chart Assignment

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The specific jobs are: Expected to contribute and offer opinions. The food and beverage director must be a leader. Be aware of problems in other divisions, such as emergencies, building repairs, refurbishing plans, security problems and staff changes. TO deal in personnel matters with fairness and compassion. This is according to the internal abilities. Ensuring that the required profit margins are achieved for each food and beverage service area in each financial period. Liaison with the executive chef, coming out with the new, special food and beverage menu and professional service.

Holding the regular meeting with every head of sections. Training and give the task and setting the goals to all the managers under food and beverage department. Executive Chef: Executive chef is in charge of all the food cook and inventory areas. He is the head of the kitchen. And at the same times, executive chef also must have the high professional knowledge about all the paper works. Ensure the safety, cleaning and attractive food to serve for customers. To be creative. Executive chef must be an outstanding cook and always keeping the creative mind to design the new method of foods.

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Harmonious relationship with the food and beverage director. Responsible for food being constantly checked, to do the paper work to decide how much food should be prepares, enforcing the sanitary, cleanliness and safety programs and measures. Financial knowledge. To account to cost of each dish and set the acceptable selling price. Communicate with all the section chefs. Get complains and suggestions from guest to improve the dish. And be able to inspire section chefs and train them. Shang Palace restaurant manager: The manager should be always communicates with the B director, manager of each department and eneral manager.

Manager must always have the creative and effective minds to improve the restaurant. Create the promotion list every month to attract customers. All of those, restaurant manager have to create and discuss with director. At the end of month, manager has to give the monthly summary; set the target for the following month and the action plan for achieve the target that he set to food and beverage director. Make out the staffs duty schedule, holiday list, working hours and off day. so that the Shang palace restaurant can be run efficiently and smoothly. Reporting and attend the meeting with food and beverage director.

Handle the restaurant complains both from customers and staffs. Have the powerful knowledge service, food and beverage. Promote and design new Chinese restaurant menu with communicate of Chinese kitchen. Overall, the Chinese restaurant manager is the person that in charge of the whole restaurant. This person should lead staff properly to satisfy every customer who coming to Shang palace restaurant. At the same time, manager also has to report the restaurant to food and beverage director. He likes a iddleman between staff of Shang Palace and the director of food and beverage department.

Chinese and Dim Sum Kitchen Sou Chef: Just like the manager of Shang Palace restaurant, Sou chef of Chinese kitchen is in charge of the whole Chinese kitchen area. He helps the executive chef run and manage the Chinese kitchen, have the powerful knowledge about the Chinese style food and Dim Sum. Create new dish and train the staff in Chinese kitchen. Ensure the foods that served in Shang Palace restaurant are safety, cleanliness and delicious. Communicate with manager and customers in Shang Palace restaurant, so hat he Can get the feedback from customers to improve the taste and quality of the food in Shang Palace.

Supervisor: Actually, under manager position should have an assistant manager to help the manager. But in Shang Palace, there don’t have assistant manager. The supervisor also should do some of the duty of assistant manager. Manage the waiters and waitresses to do the operation job of service. Well know about the restaurant service and supervise staff in Shang Palace restaurant. Ability to have a speaking and briefing to all the staff and give them daily training. Sometimes, supervisor should handle complain from customers and solve the staff problem. Responsible for accepting and booking for keep the booking diary up to date.

Reserve tables and allocate these reservations to particular stations. The main job is assassinating the manager to run the operation of Shang Palace restaurant. Captain: In Shang Palace restaurant, it has smoking and non-smoking areas. Here have tvvo captains to in charge of those two stations of the restaurant. Lead the waiters and waitresses in own station to give the customer best Explain the menu, suggest matching beverage and sell the specials to the ustomers. Take down the customer information and request from them. Work with staffs as a team, to provide an efficient and speedy service.

Waiter/Waitress: The food industry is a service industry, same as Shang Palace restaurant. Waiters are very important and directness part to give the customer best service and satisfactions. Serve the food and beverage to the customers with professional attitude and standard service. The professional skill of food and beverage service. Before the operating hour, waiter and waitresses should make sure all of the ables and chairs are set properly, the lights, air-con are on, music already be on. Ready the warm, cold and ice water, double check the table setting and make sure that the own station is ready for service.

On operating hours, waiters and waitress may do serving of place plate upon the table; clear the table after guest leaves. Tables turn over, setting table and prepare the tablecloth and folder napkins are their duty. Send the order forms to both cashier and kitchen sides. After operating hour, waiters and waitresses should double check the china, silver and glassware. Do back lane job, front setting, cuter list and linen assignment. Hostess: The hostess in Shang Palace restaurant has to wear the Chinese culture clothes to attract the guest and to greet and seat the guest.

Their duties are: Take down the reservation and record it on the reservation book. The reservation should include the name of the guest, date for reservation, number of guest and contact number of guest. When the guest is coming, hostess should guide the guest to the table and seat the guest. Greeting guest with smile and polite words. Settle the reservation table for the guest. Handle the telephone reservation. Cashier: The cashier position requires accuracy, a strong sense for number, and the ability to schedule and get along with people.

Ability to learn and teach the new things. Because the cash registers and other reporting machines may change often. Must be on duty and on time when scheduled. Honesty is must. Settle bills either with cash, credit card or room charges. Work fast without any mistakes. Steward: The steward in Shang Palace restaurant is normally do the cleaning job. Wash the china, glassware by efficiency and effective. At the same time, efore Shang Palace open, steward has to prepare all the machines that will use inside restaurant.

Such as: Dim Sum trolley and roast station. This is a heavy job. During my two months training in Shang palace restaurant, I felt and saw their good business is mainly according to the strengths of the restaurant. But from the knowledge of hotel industry, which I had learnt from college, also found that Shang Palace still has some limitations should be improve. In Chapter 3 and 4, I write down the strengths and some of the limitations of Shang Palace restaurant and in Chapter 5, I write some suggestions to improve the restaurant.

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