First Day at a New School Assignment

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I made it early in the school; too early that it’s an hour before my first class starts. I can’t think of anything to do, so I decided to take a stroll. While wandering around the campus, I thought to myself, “Hem… Everything seems nice in here, I won’t have a hard time getting well with these people. ” I still have thirty minutes and I’m starting to get bored but I continue on exploring my new school. The facilities here are smaller but the atmosphere is very relaxing, and then I thought, “l hope I don’t get sleepy while in class. The library, the canteen and the purgatories maintained its cleanliness. Teachers typing in front of their computers, chatting with their colleagues and doing too much paper works created a very busy ambiance inside the faculty room. One of the instructors noticed me and smiled at me, I smiled back then we both resume on what we are doing. “Arch… I still have ten minutes and I’m already tired,” I thought to myself. From here, I started to look for my classroom. I get my schedule in my bag then I start the search.

I don’t have any idea where it is, so I thought of asking an instructor in the occult room but they already have a busy life in there and I don’t want to be a burden for them, in this way I look for an old student that could help me to find my room. Eve been asking the wrong people, they are also freshmen. “Oh, no! Five minutes left,” I say to myself. And at last I found the right person to ask. “HI! Are you an old student here? ” I asked. Miss,” he replied. “Could you tell me where this room is? ” “Sure,” then he told me how to get there. A man of few words, he is. But thanks to him, Eve managed to find my classroom.

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While making my way to the classroom, I noticed that I’m the only one walking the hallway, then I found out that students are already inside their classrooms. I make haste to get inside the classroom because the class is about to start in a minute. I sat beside a very nice-looking young lady then I asked her to confirm if I’m in the right class because I already experienced walking into the wrong class. I remember, a few years back, when I walked into the wrong class, the professor and the students are staring at me, and then I noticed that the students were not my classmates, that was he only time I realized that I’m in the wrong room.

I slowly get up on my chair and said, “l, uh, I think I might be in the wrong class,” then walks out of the classroom. I think I heard them laughing the time I got out of that classroom. Fifteen minutes had passed and our instructor is still not arriving. It’s too quiet. No one is talking to anybody. We waited for another fifteen minutes, the professor didn’t show up. I grab my bag and decided to wait outside, others toweled me to wait tort our instructor. “He’s not going to show up,” said the guy wearing a red cap. IEEE, I think so, too,” I replied.

Then we began to introduce ourselves to each other and get to know each other. For a couple of hours we’ve been having a conversation about anything. I learned that he is older than me and that he stopped schooling due to financial issues, the reason why he is entering as a freshman again. We somewhat have a same story; I also had a financial problem. But now, here we are, we will continue what was not finished. I told him that I will endure whatever comes to me, that I will do the best I could to finish my studies.

And after so many conversations, I looked at his schedule and discovered that he is going to be my classmate in different classes as well. Good thing, now that I have someone to talk to in class, to ask for help in assignments and projects, and to hang out with when class is over. Our professors in our other subjects also didn’t show up. Well, it’s disappointing because it’s my first day in my new school and I’m not able to meet them, but looking at the bright side, I’m able to make new friends and now that I know how to adjust to my new environment.

I also had a great time wandering around the campus; thinking of how I’m going to enjoy my stay here in my new school. I came to understand that there are two things to be considered when you are new in school: First, it is natural for you to be anxious because, of course, you are going to be exposed in a new and different environment. Second, instead of wandering around your new campus, try to find your classrooms first. And also make sure to ask your classmate if you are in the right class.

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