Satire – Sleeping at school Assignment

Satire – Sleeping at school Assignment Words: 435

Taking a nap helps students focus more In class. Usually In schools, most students feel sleepy after lunch and it always happen every day I can say since I have been going to school for almost my entire Fife; that feeling of warm afternoon when the sun is at its highest peak – Just the perfect time to sleep. The school, despite the fact that they do not promote sleeping in class, should allow students to take at least a nap. Studies show that napping boosts stamina, Improve mood and overall brain power. U. S. Scientists say that when you take a nap. It allows the brain to absorb new information.

Also, In one study conducted by the University of California, adults were given a difficult learning assignment in the morning. Half of them were then sent for a power nap. When the tests were repeated, those who took a nap far outperformed those who did not. This experiment proved that napping enables students to learn and concentrate better in class. Every student should be given at least 15 minute of nap time after lunch. If ever this really works, we might be able to pull the genius out of the student. We never know who will be the next Einstein. He could be anywhere, eke the student in the corner of the classroom who snores all the time.

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I think. Instead of giving us a 30 minute straight lecture after digesting the food we have taken during lunch time, we should be given some time for the energy to reach our brain cells. Therefore, while our body system is busy transporting nutrients from food to our brain, we should relax for a few minutes A 15 minute nap would not hurt the class time, or would it? Napping can help not Just the smart students trying to be smarter, but also those try-hard students who understand nothing, but keep listening ND stay payment throughout an inure hour of lecture plus seawater.

Since napping help them boost their brains, it could also make some of them realize that they should not be studying at all since their brain just rejects every information that comes from the teacher. Finally, I am really in to the approval of officially giving students time to sleep during class since I know that some teachers Just let their students sleep during the entire class time. I strongly believe that napping will awaken student’s hidden talents, if not, awaken them to their senses that their future cannot be achieved inside a classroom.

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