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Dear Juniper, Juniper, today was my/our first day of high school. Sorry, It’s going to be a little confusing remembering that you are me too. I am absolutely positive that four years from now, when I am a senior, I will not remember anything about the details of my first day, other than that I survived Intact. So, I’m writing this letter to you now. Well, also this is my first English assignment, and I should probably finish my first assignment. People are repetitively asking me if I am ready/excited/scared for high school. Ready?

Sure, of course I am. High school is a long time coming, and no matter how much the teachers are trying to scare the freshman, school is school. All I want to do is get in, get out, and learn something in the process. Excited? Well, loving school has always been an extremely odd trait of mine. Of course none of my friends are ever going to understand, but what can I do? Scared? Well, should I be? I am In all seriousness asking you, well, myself, because I could very well Just be a naive 13-year- old who needs to come to her senses.

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I think things will be absolutely fine this year, al I need to do Is get Into the groove and everything will work out. My day started off with me waking up to my lovely mother screaming at me to wake up. Sure, she might have been yelling, or even loudly speaking, but what’s the difference when it’s happening so early? I could hear my radio going off, and knew automatically that she was confusing this with my alarm. Rolling over, I could now see the non-flashing 6:14. Well, my alarm was set for 6:15.

I realize that the 60 or so seconds of sleep that my mom was tearing away from me was not the most accessory, but my enlightenment was well past 6:14. Well, thankfully, this part the soap opera of my life was not the high light of my morning. I was overly thankful when my sophomore friend Jackal’s took me to Welkins’ room in the morning. I would most likely joined the other freshman walking randomly around in circles, without a clue of where to be. After storing my soccer gear away, to be taken out later for after school practice, I Joined the mess in the hallways.

Again, I was incredibly lucky to find my friend, Katydids Wheeler, who I shared Pride with, and I allowed her to guide me there. The day was long and dragged on slightly more than I thought was fit, but we all bared it. As for first days, not too shabby. Rose L. , my soccer companion shared with me during practice that she thought the worse was over. She believed that the first day was always the worst of them all, and that things could only become better. If that’s true, than I’m guessing this year will work out okay. I guess not dreading school Like the majority of my peers Is working out so far.

High school Is really different but also salary to middle school In many says. The classes are hard to find on the first days at both schools, the transition the teachers are a little off, and it’s hard to tell what the actual expectations are for each one of them at the beginning of both years. Everyone says that high school teachers expect a higher standard of work, but who really knows what their standards are? So, the high school’s a little bigger, and we have more options for studies, and are allowed a few minutes longer to roam the hallways in between classes.

And that’s the HUGE CHANGE we’ve be expecting. Okay. I’m perfectly alright with that. No huge Socks are shoving people in lockers, toilets, or garbage cans, or being forced to eat in the bathrooms. I’ve been waiting for some stereo-typical high school, and it’s okay I didn’t get it, although I wish that someone would spread the word to some of those poor middle choler’s who have the same mind set as I did before. It’s too bad that somewhere there are places like I thought every high school was, but this high school isn’t, and there are people working to keep it that way.

I want to be one of those people. Some time in the next four years I am planning on starting a Do Something club. My mom and I have been researching Decomposing. Org, and we have found club handouts, guides to starting your own club, and more. To start a new project, all that your group needs to do is log onto the web site, pick a topic, such as animals or drugs and health, and then find an overview of one plan out of a list of many for a way to start a change in the community, or we could make our own. This will hopefully be my legacy as I leave high school.

If I can’t get the club off the ground, I could at least leave the idea to some of my younger friends and peers, and what they do with it will be completely their own choice. I will set the goal to never get under a B-, but I understand that there will be challenging courses, so I will settle with a sparse C+. Also I will set the personal goals to stay with soccer, and to get on the varsity team, to be able to learn to ski with Ski Club, and to stay on Key Club throughout high school. Sincerely You, Juniper

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