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Think of the last suspenseful movie you watched ? one that made you feel nervous about what might happen to the characters. Can you remember how the movie created that suspense? Think about the music, the lighting, the camera angles, and how quickly or slowly the plot moved along. Write at least half a page reflecting on how the movie built that suspense. Read the prompt two or three times to be sure you understand what you’re being asked to write. Relax.

This Is an opportunity to write your thoughts. You should remain focused on the prompt and use correct grammar and appropriate language, but because there are no right or wrong answers, you may feel free to express yourself. Spend a minute or two thinking about how you’d like to respond. You may type your answer or write it by hand. Requirements Points Possible Points Awarded Demonstrate a basic understanding of the assignment by writing a short reflective response. 2 Stay focused on the assigned topic. 3 Write a minimum of half a page. 2 TOTAL 10 Comments: Copyright 2014 Apex Learning Inc. See Terms of Use at vow. Apexes. Mom/ Tremendous) My recent suspenseful movie I saw was Finding Memo. Some of things that made this movie suspenseful was the music, lighting, background, and camera angels. The music is played when the shark comes in distance and closer to the characters. First the music very slowly and when it gets louder and louder we feel like the shark is coming. This sound is like a theme of the movie, which makes me attention to the movie. The background was very dark deep in the sea and it got brighter and brighter as the shark came closer.

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From far away it Just looked like a normal fish but hen when the music got louder and everything got brighter it started looking like a shark and the shark started swimming faster and faster towered the fishes . Also everything that was going on in the movie made you think whose gone get eaten and who’s not. Another suspenseful moment was when Bruce the shark started chasing Memos dad and Odor. It me think Bruce was goanna eat them because of his razor sharp teeth and his mean look on his face While Bruce was chasing them When it turned out Bruce Just made a pledge that he will not eat or hurt another fish again.

Another suspenseful moment is when Memo was in the fish tank at the dentist and there plan was to stop the filter so then when the doctor sees the tank dirty and cleans it out Memo and the other fishes could escape and go back to sea. But when they were trying to stop the filter they let Memo go do it because he was the smallest and could fit in the tube but then he almost got sucked into the very sharp fan which made me think is he goanna make it or is he not. In Conclusion these were some of the suspenseful parts in the movie Finding Memo

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