Final Presentations Assignment

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To complete this course, you will give one more 15-Emanuel, video-recorded presentation to the class as If you were the TA. Please leave the last few minutes for questions. The topic for this third presentation is up to you, but it must be a topic for a general audience (see unit 7). This presentation is the final for this course. It is graded by a committee, and a letter is sent to your graduate coordinator with comments from the committee evaluations and a recommendation regarding your level of readiness to be a TA.

Your graduate coordinator will also have access to this presentation. The final should be a presentation that you want to take with you for your teaching portfolio. It should be Indicative of your superior teaching and communication skills. The rubric for these presentations is the same as for the flirts two, and is available on LLC and in your textbook (p. 173-177). Please review the rubrics and time limits before presenting. Observation Essay You will observe two undergraduate classes In your department or a related field.

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One should be taught by a US or International TA and the other should be taught by n experienced professor, American or international. If possible, observe someone you have heard is a good instructor but who you do not know closely so that you can begin with a somewhat objective observation. If none of the courses in your field are taught by Task, then you may observe a lab or undergraduate classes taught by professors. As this sets up conflicts for evaluation and learning.

You will write one essay cornball each observation according to the guldens provided below. You need to get the instructors or Tat’s permission to observe the class. On the day of the observation, please arrive at the class a few minutes early, so that you can observe what happens before class begins. The observation essay should be double spaced, at least 2,000 words but less than 5,000 words long, and should be written in the form of an essay; in other words, write in paragraphs?do not write as a question and answer or bullet point format.

The rubric for the assignment Is posted In e-learning. This is an academic essay in which you observe but then reflect on the teaching, teaching styles, and student behavior in an environment in which you plan to teach. The essay should be grammatically clean, clear, and easy to read. I have included example essay papers in our e-learning. You may print and hand in your papers by class time December 4th or send me a digital copy In PDF by class time December 4th.

Include the following information as a heading: Your name Names, times, and dates of classes observed Name of professor and TA Observe what goes on in the class and answer some or all of the following questions: How would you describe the instructor’s dress? What did the instructor do before class began? What did the students do before class began? What was the instructor’s demeanor (friendly, smiling, reserved, formal etc. )? Did the instructor show concern for his or her students? How? What kind of movement, gestures, and body language did the instructor use?

How did the instructor organize the class? What kind of media (Powering, blackboard, video etc. ) did the instructor use? Did the instructor lecture? Was the lecture monotone? If not, what made the lecture not monotone? How interactive was the class? (Were there questions? Class discussion? Group discussion, etc? ) How did the instructor ask questions? How did the instructor answer questions? What did the students do during the class? Did the students enjoy the class? Pay attention? Look bored? Fall asleep?

What did the students and professor do at the end of class? Did you observe any behavior you thought was distracting, disrespectful, or inappropriate? How did the instructor respond to this behavior? Did you observe anything that surprised you or shocked you? Did you observe anything that you would want to avoid doing in your class? Did you observe anything that impressed you? Did you observe anything that you would want to emulate in your own class? How did the two classes compare? Which one would you wish to take as student? Why?

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