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Do you care for those who are faced with everyday problems of life? How many people will praise God through you? How much do you care for the less reviled and those in troubles, how do you feel and react whenever someone else is in pain? Please answer these questions before you continue. Let us start this way. We are not in this world to live for ourselves, we are not in existence so as to please ourselves but we are living for God. This must sink into us, God made us for Himself and Himself alone and we are to live for Him.

If you are trying to find your purpose outside God, you will fail, He Is the only one who has the master plan of our life, he knows the in and out, He formed you and I for a reason and to discover this reason we must start from Him. My point here is that we must eve for God and how do we live for Him? By fulfilling our purpose of existence. To fulfill this, we must start with Him. On the other hand It is a pity that so many people claim to love God and they don’t obey Him, they don’t do His will. OLL You don’t know that God’s highest priority is in people.

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Selwyn Hughes says “God’s highest priority in this universe has to do with people”. He is interested in things of course – He created all things – but His primary concern is you and me. God does not make your services His priority. Allow me to say that God is not interested in the services you want to render nor your good deeds as Eng as you are not in a right standing with Him. The bottom line is that He needs you, He wants you, He loves you, He is Interested In having a relationship with you. God Is Interested in people. Scriptures have established this truth and fact.

See this “For God so loved the world… ” John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He had to sacrifice His only son, this implies that He has people in mind and can go to the extreme catering for them, to bring them close to His side. “What is man that You are mindful of him… You crowned him with glory and honor… You have put all things under his feet… ” Calm 8:4-9 N.B. “He who does not spare His own son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also along with Him, graciously give us all things? ‘ Romans 8:32 God’s own concern/purpose is people, have that in mind.

Therefore, if you and I want to discover and develop God’s greatest purpose for our life, then we must bring our concern In line with His concern I. E. Making His purpose our purpose too – people. The Bible recorded that “If anyone would come after me, let Him deny himself and take up his cross dally and Follow me”. Luke 9:23 pleasures of this world, must lay aside every heavyweight that will hinder him from arraying his cross and follow God putting his purpose with God’s. If you must follow Christ, you must do the things that belong to Christ. See Matthew 14: 13 – 21 .

It is mandatory for all believers to follow Chrism’s example in every facets of life. Before Christ left, He so much care for the people that He had to feed them, teach and love them. Isn’t He great? The bottom line is that we must learn to make God’s priority our priority, making people and not material things our goal. Unfortunately, people prefer to be slaves to material things such as money, clothes and the likes. I am not saying hey are not good, infarct they are good for human consumption, God Himself created them but for one purpose, to use it in caring for people.

Whatever things we have acquired must be targeted to those who don’t have. By this we are bringing His concern in line with ours, thus fulfilling our purpose for living. Our target in this write up has to do with God’s highest priority, People. God who is tremendously mysterious has given every human being everything he needs to care for people. We are all special in God’s hand. What He gives to you is totally different from mine but might be similar at times. We all have the same goal we are targeting but can be achieved in different ways or virtually the same way depending on what God ask you to pursue.

We all have the same reason for existence which is living for God and making His purpose our purpose too which is people but the way each and every one of us achieve this is different, the way you go about your everyday business is different from mine, the way I live for God is different from yours, the revelations I have about God is different from yours but everything must be targeted towards the same goal – people. For God so loved the world that He gave us the things needed to aka care of people living in it. Do you know that it is a crime to die with what God has given you without using them appropriately at the right times.

Furthermore, Christians need not to be in any doubt about the direction which God wants them to go for their life. It is simply put, “receiving God’s love and then channeling that love into the lives of those around us including the depressed, discouraged and wounded”. God wants you to know that you are loved and He wants you to show that same love to people. Please note, if you don’t get anything from this write up, get this: what living is all about is love. The reason why God has interest in people is because He loves them, He doesn’t want us to perish, He cares for us, He loves us.

Thus, to fulfill our purpose too, we must understand that He loves us, we must receive that love and then send that love into others around us – simple. The theme for this chapter is to bring God’s purpose in line with ours and His purpose is people, He loved them. Therefore we must love our neighbors Just as God did. It is amazing that what people call love today is merely intuition or lust as the case may be. Some love with mouth not deeds. You see, settle this now, if you don’t know the omission of God’s love for you, you can never love others. The truth is that God’s love has no dimension nor “but”. How do I know?

See this: “… Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? “… Nor anything else will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” Romans 8:35-39 Can you now see that God’s love has no dimension nor “but”. No action of yours, irrespective of what you’ve are, if you repent, God’s love will welcome you. Therefore, nothing should stop you from loving others irrespective of what they do to you. And as they were stoning Stephen… He cried with a loud voice. “Lord, do not hold their sin against them… Acts 7:59-60 People should really learn from this man, he could see vividly those who were stoning him, yet he prayed for them, he doesn’t want them to perish. You may ask, if someone do me wrong what should I do? Love them as Christ did. It is very funny that those we have grudges against or those who we feel offended us are from heaven’s stand point loved and cared for by God, so who am I not to love them. It is a pity how people fool themselves. They say “l will forgive him/her but I will never forget”. That is an understatement, if you are walking in love, you will not even remember that someone offended you – that is love.

One thing that is so certain in this life is that people will hurt you; they cannot give you what you want all the times, so the only thing that can make you stand out is LOVE. I have made up my mind that if someone offends me, I will forgive that person before he even apologizes. The Bible says “… For I will remember their sins no more” Jeer. 31 :34 God who promised not to remember your sins no more loves you, so who are you to remember what others have done to you. When you don’t feel like loving, love more, that is when God will reward the most. How do I love my neighbor, what has god given me to love them.

These are questions we are going to find suitable answers to. There are numerous things or let me say a particular thing God has deposited in you to fulfill our purpose for existence- I call that particular thing Good News. God has deposited one major thing into everybody to catering for people. We must discover our good news if we want to fall right in the middle of God’s plan for our life. N.B.: God’s good news is not for us but others, though we may benefit from it too. Chapter 2 – What really is good news? I expect you by now to have read the book of Luke 2:8-20 very well because that is our case study.

You should have learnt about the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. What really is good news? News means a report of events which are recent and not known. News is not known by anybody, ears have never heard it nor eyes have seen it, it is new (tear rubber). I happened to be a student of mass communication for almost three years and permit me to say that I know a lot about mass news. News can come as a feature story, if such news needs back up. What do I mean by this? There are some events that people will like to know the beginning, the end result, the adverse effect on the society, the benefits and many more.

Therefore, after such event has been reported as news, it can later come as a feature story. For instance, if you remember the story of Abdul-Mutable, a boy who wanted to blow an American airline in December 25, 2009. At was first reported as news but later, so many feature stories were written on him like where he went to prior his arrest, feature story on his background and may more. So, news is far different from a feature story. This implies mimes, I pray that God should open eyes that people will see what He has deposited in them, so new and fresh that it is only designed for them alone. No more no less.

What God has given us is very new. It will be a tear rubber experience. God is not interested in re writing someone else’s news for us, He will give us our own. For instance, the birth of Jesus was news. It might come as a feature if God decided to re write, re brand the story of Abraham or that of Elijah. He might Just send a new Elijah. But He didn’t do that rather He sent a savior that has not stepped into this world to come and liberate His people. God has a plan, He loves His people and He wants them to be saved, he then decided to send news to achieve this purpose. “Good” on the other hand means something that is of high quality.

Therefore, good news is a high quality report that is not known by anybody. Can you now see that what God is going to give you and I is of high quality. It was the birth of Jesus Christ that changed the whole world. So also is your own good news, it must change the entire universe. It must make a reasonable impact in life. Allow me to use this medium to say that God has a particular assignment for each of us, and it is our duty o locate this. This assignment comes in form of good news. Your own assignment is different from mine but may be similar at times though we are targeting the same goal.

Believe me that if you fail to recognize and use your good news, it will be taken away from you. That is why this little write up will help you to locater good news which might have been deposited in you before now. Good news comes in different ways depending on what God wants us to do. Please note that this good news comes in every facets of life be it academically, spiritually, financially and at times emotionally and socially. Please take note that God wants us to prosper in every aspect of our life, but He has deposited this good news in a particular aspect of our life. Good news might come anytime in life.

Haven’t you heard of a pauper that through the help of God sent someone to introduce him to a business and life turns around for him at age 35 or more. Is that a talent or good news? Or haven’t you see someone who was not doing well academically in the elementary college but became the head boy, or you have not heard of someone who sat for SEC 3 times but later graduated with a first class in the university. Is that a talent or good news? Please answer. Some people have no smooth relationship with opposite sex, meaning that they can’t keep a lasting relationship; they Jump from one partner to the other each lasting for at most six months.

But fortunately for him/her, he/she had a good relationship that ended up in marriage. Learn more about late Pastor (Mrs.. ) Bimbo Dakota, when she talks, people listen. That was her own good news an thank God she used it well – for the people Please note that the fact that something is not working for you now doesn’t mean that God has forgotten you, you must pass through the training process before you are fit to have the good news from God. Let’s look at the life of Moses together… Moses was born to save the Israelites from the Egyptians, but he doesn’t know how unless he pass through the training process.

At first, when God called Moses, he(Moses) was thinking that how can he save God’s people since he has no military training, no shepherd experience, worst still, he was a stammer. Yet the good news was that he would be the one to save the Israelites. Things were not working for him at that time, he was thinking God has forgotten Him, little did he process, first he must learn how to be a shepherd before he could lead the Israelites, his he did in Lebanon’s house, again God has to deal with his stammering before Moses could appear before Pharaoh.

This implies that the Good news God has given you cannot come to pass until we pass through the training proceed so that we won’t disgrace God when things turn around for us, The duration of this training depends on how quick we can learn. Therefore, if you are not doing well academically and per adventure God has deposited that Good news in you long time ago, the reason why it has not come to manifestation is because you must pass through the training recess first and the faster you learn the better, likewise in relationships, having so many heartbreaks doesn’t mean that you have to give up…

Let me quickly remind you now that all what you need for the training are in the Word of God. If I were you I will make the scripture my friend so as to learn more about what God is asking me to do. It is necessary that I remind you again that despite the fact that God has good news for you in a particular facet of life don’t mean that God will make you to suffer in other aspects. In fact the plan of God for us is to prosper in all ways using all for His purpose, but since we are not “Mr.. Owe all or Mr.. Do all” God’s good news must come in one aspect alone so that we will do what He asks us to do perfectly without complaints. Now back to our discussion, how many guys or ladies have you dated before you finally met this your Mr.. Right or miss right? Have you told others about the success of your relationship? Watch out. Have you noticed that your ‘red’ bank account Just changed without you explaining how, it is not you, it is the Lord’s doing.

Do you know that some people are not socially okay, their human relationship was so poor that people got so irritated at their sight, they don’t know how to react in public, hush doors have been closed against them. But somehow they Just read a book on sociology, now they are doing fine, they become public speakers, councilors and so on. The question is are they aware of God’s people? The good news people pay more attention to is that of spirituality. We are all meant to grow spiritually, yes but some are to found churches, fellowships… Chapter 3 – Can I have it too?

Believe me, there is fake good news and if there is fake, then original is inevitable. The fake is that which comes from the devil. So many people have a way of manipulating or bringing false or fake news upon themselves. For instance, those who have financial difficulties now decided to go extra miles to make money, thereby indulging in rituals and internet scam. Students in the course of getting admission and/or having good grades engaged themselves in examination malpractices, forgetting that God is not wicked; He will make them laugh at the right time.

If you have the opportunity of reading this write up, no very well that you cannot overrun God, you can’t help Him; there is time for everything in God’s plan. He knows what you need and He will give you only that you have to patiently pass through the training process. One of the greatest thing that can happen to man is to know that life comes in seasons, God knows that if He should bless you financially now, you might turn away from Him, therefore you have to learn how to depend on God even word. Those entitled to this good news Now back to our business.

Everybody once you are a believer is entitled to this good news but there are some people who have upper hand. Let’s take a look at our case study and see what I am talking about. “… There were shepherds living and in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night” Luke 2:8 The first categories of people that will receive the good sews are those who are busy, who are not lazy. You can’t expect God to visit you as a student without reading your books. As a business tycoon, you want money and you don’t have what it takes to receive that money.

I was talking to a friend not quite long ago, we were talking about the way people pray in a particular church, they all pray for prosperity, wealth but there is no channel through which God will bless them, but there is a man in that church that till date, whatever he does prospers not because God love him more than others but because he has a channel by which God reigns His blessings on him. If God is to rain money from heaven, I personally, able and agile young man will be the first to have the money. But God seeing that He can’t do that has to look for those who have the resources to receive blessings from God.

He looks for those who are not lazy. Let me put it this way, the first category of people to receive the good news of Christ were the shepherd. Not because they were important or perfect but they were busy watching their flocks. Why is it that God didn’t go to those who were moving around doing nothing to make hands meet, it is because God hates idleness. See this “… At night” Meaning they must have been watching the flocks from morning till night, they have something they depend on; they have reason for, living little wonder God had to visit them.

One of the principles of this life is that if you are lazy, hunger will strike, poverty will come in and life will be meaningless. God Himself hates laziness and He tells us the consequences of being lazy. See this: “But you lazybones, how long will you sleep? When will you wake up? A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest – then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit, scarcity will attack you like an armed robber Proverbs 6: 9-11 As we can see above the consequences for being lazy is poverty and idleness and it will prevent God’s good news from coming to pass in our life.

God knew that if He tells the shepherds about the birth of Jesus first, they will stand up (“after seeing Him, the shepherds told everyone what had happened… ” Luke 2:17) and tell the whole world about Him and thus fulfilling god’s purpose. The reason is that the shepherds were used to working to get what they want, therefore they can work also to make the good news of God to come to reality, God decided then not to visit the lazy who might e thinking of postponing the manifestation of the birth of Jesus Christ, who through procrastination did not allow God to have His way.

Let me digress a bit, one of the reasons of laziness can be found in proverbs 22:13 “The lazy person claims, there is a lion out there, if go outside, I might be killed” FEAR. This is the cause of laziness, fear of the unknown, fear of what the future is saying, fear of what might happen to me if I take any giant step in life, fear of… Fear but a harvest farmer takes the risk of planting even when the weather is not fine.

Some people are afraid of what my father or relatives will say if take that decision hat will affect my life in future, so instead of facing any ridicule now they decide not to take any action rather putting their life in danger. I was talking to a lady not quite long ago, she was so disturbed because her father make most of her life’s decision for including the kind of cloth she must buy, the kind of school to go, the type of friends to keep and so many more. It got to a point that when her father chose a university for her, she was not given admission to that school and she failed to write the year’s TEM.

Instead of her father to reason with her and take steps, he intended with his strong will and decided to pursue another university for admission against his daughter’s will. She cried to me and asked for my opinion, I told her the next thing to do is to take responsibility for herself and search for admission in another university without his dad knowing o else she is going to sit for another year at home. She doesn’t like me again when I told her this because she is afraid of what her father will do to her when she finds out. Can you see how the devil wants to use fear to rob her of her destiny?

God’s good news cannot come to pass in her life as a result of that. The only antidote of fear is to check what God is saying in the Bible and then pray afterwards. Another cause of laziness is procrastination. “l will do it tomorrow, Oh I will pray when I am less busy’ you will never be less busy, “l will go and see baby Jesus tomorrow, I will read my books when I am free, I will go to church when… ” Everything “when”, why? One man said “never postpone till tomorrow what you can do now’ but I am saying never postpone till an hour’s time what you can do now.

You want good news concerning your academics and you don’t go to class, you don’t read, excuse me you will never get it. You want a good spouse, but you are not friendly instead you chase every man that comes your way or so to say you are not taking care of God’s temple, your body, you are dirty, you lack good manner, you will never receive such. Financially, you are not working or you have no source of income, no good news. You must be busy. Do you know that Seas was more prosperous than Jacob? Despite Jacobs wise way of having his own prosperity, Seas was more prosperous. How? He was restless, he was very hard working. Read the account of Seas and Jacob in Genesis 25 to 33). Furthermore, I discovered that the mumble are also nearer to receive the good news of God. Why didn’t God go to King Hero (the ruler at that time)? He was very arrogant and will kill the good news. He decided to go through mere shepherds who were always in the field. No wonder the birth of Christ was in humility. It was as a result of this humble beginning that we were able to know who we ought to be in Christ. The good news of God will only work in your life if you have a humble spirit to daily confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

The good news cannot come to reality if we have a proud heart simply cause we won’t use it for God’s purpose, His people. Forget those you see around who people refer to as “blessed”. Give them some little time, the bible says, they shall wither away. To fan the good news of God in your life to flame, you must be busy and humble, period. Chapter 4 – There is a sign will be a sign to you. You will find a baby wrapped in clothes lying in a manger” Luke 2:11-12 The good news the shepherd received was that a savior has been born, He is Christ the Lord.

This is the greatest news ever which the shepherd must not keep to themselves, they must let the people hear about it so that they will be aware f the plans of God for the future and more so, they will also be part of those that will benefit from it. At this stage, the shepherds have not seen baby Jesus but they’ve heard about Him, they know He exists and they have the believe that His mission was to save the people, they believed in their heart that baby Jesus is the true son of God. This believes made them to take further step of locating where He was born.

The first thing that must come to mind if the good news of God will be made manifest in our life is to believe in our heart that God is the originator of this news. In fact, before we tart to take a step of discovering this good news, we must believe it exists, after which we take the next step of locating it before we now think of how to use it through the help of God. Just like the shepherds, some people have received the good news, some have already known that they will be a pastor, a business tycoon or a teacher as the case may be, but they don’t know how to bring it to reality.

Hold on and read on because I believe you are going to know how by God’s grace. But for those of us who still don’t know it yet, there are signs that will follow and we will explore these signs one after the other. Don’t forget that the good news has to come with a sign because there are numerous news that will come from the devil but one is exceptional and it comes from God which makes it come with a sign. Christ came with a sign which helps the shepherds to quickly identify Him, how do I know?

It was recorded that king Hero killed all the babies given birth to that same day, which implies that all other babies born that day except Jesus. He was not killed because he came with a sign that nobody ever thinks is possible. Imagine a king born in a manger, who would believe that? The first sign and the most important sign we need o know is inward, not outward that is, it is within, it can be seen by anybody except God who knows what lie within. I am talking of Faith. Believe me, the first sign that accompanies every good news is faith.

Faith is believing that something exist without seeing it before. The shepherds have not seeing baby Jesus before but they believe He exists; this geared them up to take the next action. Therefore you must believe that the good news exists and that God has already deposited it in us the very day we gave our life to God, it is left for us to believe that and find it with the help of God and wisdom. Joy is in it Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great Joy… ” Luke 2:10 Another sign that people fail to pay attention to is Joy.

Joy accompanies every good news that comes from God. Note that the angels brought good news of great Joy to, the shepherds rejoiced, danced and praised God. Anything that happens to human beings and has no Joy in it is not from God. Instead of happiness, it brings sadness, loneliness, mourning and so on. Or have you not seen a rich man who is unhappy, or haven’t you see fake pastors around, they believe they’ve received the good news from God to preach the gospel, knowing in their mind that they are not happy, they re only trying to enrich their pockets.

Or what of students that they have first class but at the end of the day they are sad. That is also a good news but not from God. He knows that His children need to be happy, why will He give us any news that will make us sad. The good news the shepherds received Is the basis of the Joy of many Christians today. Had it being that there is no Joy in it, Christianity would have been so boring. The Joy of the Lord never leaves the good news which serves as our strength today. (Nee. 8:13) … For all the people “… That will be for all the people” Luke 2:10

This is also another vital sign that follows the good news – people. Good news is not selfish, the moment you receive it and the first thing that comes to your mind is not God and people, watch out. Before the angels voiced out the good news, they first made the stand of God known, they made the shepherds realize that the good news is for the people. Let me tell you that God’s good news is people oriented not self oriented. Do not conform to the holy trinity of the devil “me, myself and I”, this will destroy you. Humility Imagine a king born in a manger.

Humility in this context is the act of lowing one’s elf esteem in order to achieve a greater goal or desire. Humility is forgetting who you are at present, losing one’s royalty so as to achieve a greater result in future. God loves the humble and bless them more than the proud. Jesus Christ decided to humble Himself despite the fact that He is a king. He knows God’s principle that before a better result can be achieved or to have honor, humility must sets in. Humility is not counting equality with God and not having to fulfill one’s own desire. The desire is to please God and man.

I love Jesus a lot because He understood this principle and channeled it into the life of the disciples. He made them to realize that he who must become great must first be a servant. Christ decided to be a slave and was born in a manger, a king, who would believe that? He was again brought up in an unrecognized home, a home where people pay little or no respect for, a carpenter, isn’t that humility? Little wonder God had to give Him a name above every other name that at the name of Jesus every knee must bow and every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Jesus never struggled for leadership with king Hero, He understands to become a king for the people of God or to be a head in every aspect of life, humility is the key. Therefore, good news comes with this noticeable sign – humility. The good news doesn’t need to fight with other news to become the head, it never struggles to manifest, it believes that at the right time, it’s going to shine. This good news received low attention most of the time from people because of its state, it doesn’t shout. So people think it is natural for them to have a turnaround in one area of their life.

Haven’t you see people whose good news is to be a servant of God (pastors, evangelists or bishops), but because they believed it is natural to get hot for God they didn’t follow that root instead they take another way. Brethren, search yourself very well and pay attention to your inner man and you will be surprised that what you pay little or no attention to is the good news. Angels are rejoicing “Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel praising God… ” Luke 2:13-14 This is of great importance and this is where the Holy Spirit comes in. It’s try to have a picture of what it looks like when the angel and the heavenly host are rejoicing because of the good news, it shows how great the news is. I wish I was there that day to see how angels danced and praise God, I am very Christ was born. This makes me to believe that whenever we receive our own good news too, what a Joy that fills heaven, how the angels dance and worship God, how happy they will be that someone has Just discovered a purpose for living. If they don’t it’s definitely not a good news. The characteristics of every good news are Joy, humility and angels rejoicing.

Immediately a good news is received and known precisely, this calls for celebration in heaven, hey will merry and dine and wine, peace is inevitable in the life of the person they are rejoicing about, peace that surpasses human understanding, such a person never struggle to do things, all wings begin to work together for good. Don’t worry, I know your questions, how do I know when the angels are rejoicing you ask? It is very simple, through the help of the Holy Spirit. This is thick. Okay, let’s take it deeper, we’ve gotten to a realm where you might not like me again.

Just follow me carefully because I am taking you to a place of enviable glory where the devil will be afraid of you in Jesus name. When Christ departed from this sinful world, He did not leave us alone, rather He sent His Holy Spirit to be our solicitor, helper and comforter. “l will ask the father, and He will give o another counselor to be with you forever” John 14:16 The spirit will help us in knowing the mind of God concerning every action will take. Brethren, it is important to know God’s mind over every issue of life before we take any decision. This is only possible through the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is there to let us know whenever the angels are rejoicing over our life, He is our companion. It is impossible to see angels with our physical eyes, but the Spirit helps in that regard. This means that it is quite impossible to receive the good news from God if the Holy Spirit is absent. If Christ were to be in this world physically, He is going to guide and tell us when the angels are rejoicing, but he is not here but the Holy Spirit is. Settle it now, no Holy Spirit, no good news. Please stop what you are thinking, don’t drop this book, how do I have the Holy Spirit?

You think. Who is this Holy Spirit? Note I didn’t say “what” is this Holy Spirit? These and many other questions I expect should be at the back of your mind. Don’t worry, we will analyze this together. The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit is what Christ left us with after He left for heaven, He doesn’t want to eave us alone and He promised not to leave nor forsake us, He then sent the Holy Spirit to guide accompany and comfort us and even help us to perceive when the angels are rejoicing, not with our physical eyes but with the inner eyes and through the perception we have in our spirit.

Let me quickly say that the Holy Spirit is not a fire, nor a wind, nor water as so many people think; Holy Spirit is an invisible person, the third in trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He was involved in creation and knows everything about God, He knows the likes and the dislikes of God the father, He knows what we need to do to please God. This Spirit was given to us by Christ, isn’t God wonderful? Of course He is. When we got saved, it was this Spirit that gave us the new life we now live in. … He saved us not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy. He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit. ” Titus 3:5 (NIB) The day we gave our life to Christ, the Holy Spirit was involved, He changed us from who we were to who we ought to be in Christ by faith, meaning that we’ve seen the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit the very first day we gave our life to Christ. But because of

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