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How do you feel about close reading assignments and researched assignments? Are you comfortable pulling and citing quotations to write a close reading analysis or to support an argument? How about researching? Briefly discuss how you researched for paper 4, and consider what kinds of sources you used. Are you likely to simply perform a simple Google search now for a serious subject or assignment? Are you comfortable finding and evaluating sources? 5. Reflect on the research process. How do you feel about using databases? What differences do you now see or recognize between scholarly and popular sources?

What aspects of research are easiest for you? Which are most difficult? Did learning how to research help you become a better writer? How or how not? Are you likely to use (or have you already) this approach for any of your other classes? Final Exam English 1 101 is a serious class although I understand how some may think it to be otherwise. I believe it is important to expand written knowledge in order to write professionally in future careers. This will be more useful I think when antique to graduate school and more in depth writing is required.

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Currently in my 3 years of school this is the only course that has required writing papers in length, but it will most certainly not be my last with my long term career goals in mind. I have learned the importance of proper citations and the usage of quotations to strengthen text. My words alone are not enough to explain someone else’s struggle however it must be cited that they are not my words. Also in this course have gained experience In peer reviews and have learned that when used constructively it can be useful to improve my writing.

When reading the papers of others it has also helped me gain a new perspective on the perception my writing may have. Research is probably the section I have enjoyed the most and have learned much. The types of sources and websites will help me a great deal throughout my education. Although I may not write a lot of papers the sources and quality of information will never be at a loss for need. In formatting the TAPER and creating a thesis I have excelled. I believe do well in choosing a topic and angel and well as creating structure for the thesis and focus of the paper.

This is not a new area necessarily but it is new to write something beginning in this format. The TAPER was very helpful in writing my papers and I realized throughout the course that it helped to organize m thoughts into a specific thesis and not scattered and confusing. In contrast I have struggling in getting started beginning the paper but once started the thoughts become more focused and I continue to elaborate. Conclusions have always been difficult and a struggle. Trying to say the same thoughts and ideas but without repeating or inputting new information info the final paragraph.

I have improved much since beginning this course and looking at it more as a summary then a final thought has made this easier. I will continue to work on all of the items as I continue my education. Throughout my career there will always be room for improvement from my current foundation as this course expanded on the previous installment that I had already received in early education. The topic portion of the rhetorical situation is the subject or main focus of the paper. The next item would be the angle which is viewpoint concerning the topic.

These two pieces make up the starting point for writing a paper. Also important would be the purpose or reason for writing as well as the readers, group of focus who will find use or interest in the paper. It is important to choose all of these items carefully. By mapping out this before starting my paper it has helped me organize my initial thoughts which many time are cluttered or confusing. Had never thought of readers or a purpose when writing but have come to know its importance. Both of these secondary items affect a paper a great deal.

The level of information would change eased on these factors such as if the paper was for fellow students or for a medical board. If the readers were for fellow students it would need to be more explanatory and less technical as not to confuse the readers. The purpose would also be affected in this same way as well. The close reading and research assignments covered in the class both required pulling and citing quotations. Although I am not yet always accurate on my citations as I do still make mistakes I am comfortable using them in my papers. It is important to use them in all aspects of reading analysis and to support and argument.

Researching was not difficult for me but it was good to learn about the different sites and how to recognize credibility the pages and articles available. I am now comfortable finding and evaluating sources but with time know will still need to improve to make sure the information is accurate and credible. Depending on the topic it may still be necessary to Google search in addition to using a database but I will be able to evaluate and make sure the information is not just an opinion but instead contains credible information. Databases have brought a new meaning the research process or me.

I have never even heard of such a thing previous to this assignment. Now that I am aware of their existence they will be very useful in my future for locating sources. The biggest difference have found in sources is that scholarly often lists its author, date, and sources where as popular sources do not usually do this. Popular sources contain mostly opinionated writing and the information is not verifiable or always accurate. A popular source may be useful in some cases but a scholarly source will always be the more appropriate way to obtain information for a paper.

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