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I will discuss how the use of the nursing process is a hysteretic, rational method of planning and providing nursing care (Oozier et al. ) which contributed to the plan of action to care for the patient. I will discuss how the patients respect, confidentiality and dignity were maintained throughout. I will be using what have learned in my Care Provision and Practice module to put into place at my work placement. I will also do some research into the code of conduct and scope of practice to expand my knowledge on patient care such as gaining consent, maintaining dignity and maintaining dignity and respect.

Briefly I will mention the nursing mode of activities of living models (Roper, Logan and Tierney). Will also discuss how I built up a therapeutic relationship with the patients in their time of need and how good communication with each and every patient is extremely important in helping them to share their problems with me. I found that understanding the definition of nursing really helped me in coping with patients and their health issues. Nursing is the use of clinical judgment in the provision of care to enable people to: improve, maintain, or recover health, to cope with elate problems, and to achieve the best possible quality of life, whatever their disease or disability until death. ” (Arnold, Undermanned Bogs 2003) Going into my first day of work experience, I was nervous and did not know exactly what to expect. But on the other hand i felt confident and enthusiastic, knowing I had recently just completed my patient handling, effective hand washing technique, and also was eager to learn new things and meet new people. Leveled that I would be able to complete any task that was asked of me. Throughout this assignment will use a pseudonym in order to respect the patients confidentiality. When asked Mr.. Morass consent to write about his condition and explained to him what my assignment would consist of, he was very willing to help me out and answer any questions that needed to be asked. Mr.. Moran is an elderly patient at the nursing home for the past 5 years. He is 73 years old. He was first brought into the nursing home due to having nobody who could properly care for him. He has severe arthritis in his hands, knees and ankles.

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He also has terminal cancer Of the lungs. For a year, Mr.. Moran Went through radiation therapy, UT sadly it did not work and he is now in his final few weeks. Sancta Maria provide Mr.. Moran with the best palliative care they can, and from what i have seen he is comfortable and in no pain. That morning, Mr.. Moran was intensively coughing, had a pain in his chest, and his voice was extremely hoarse. He seemed to be in a daze and had little memory. The nurses and care assistant did everything in their power to comfort Mr.. Moran. He was put on an oxygen mask to ease his breathing, and given some medication to ease his pain.

He had company all that day and was not once left on his own. Mr.. Moran was very co-operative for this whole day. “The nursing process is a systematic, rational method of providing nursing care, its goal is to identify a patient’s healthcare status and actual or potential health problems, to establish plans to meet the identified need, to deliver specific nursing interventions to address those in need and to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions. ” (Oozier et al 2008). The steps of the nursing process in the patient centered nursing process are dynamic and closely interrelated, there are 4 different steps to the nursing process. Assessment – to collect as much information as possible about the patients health concerns and the ability to manage healthcare needs. 2. Care planning – to determine how to prevent, reduce or resolve the identified patients problem 3. Implementation – to assist the patient to meet desired goals and outcomes 4. Review – to determine whether to continue, modify or terminate the plan of care The staff began to assess Mr.. Morass situation as it was clear his health was deteriorating by the day. There was nothing we could do to save his life, or improve it, but what we could do was try to maintain his comfort, and leave him free of pain.

An individualized care plan was created for Mr.. Moran for his worsening condition, taking all of his pain and his opinion into consideration. We asked him what food he would like to eat for the coming days and weeks, when exactly he would like family to visit, and how much time he would want alone. Any specific things he wanted , he got. The aim was to make Mr.. Moran as comfortable and as content as he could be. According to the professional code of conduct by An Board Ultraists, “Information guarding a patient’s history, treatment, and state of health is privileged and confidential.

It is accepted nursing practice that nursing care is communicated and recorded as part of the patients care and treatment. Professional judgment and responsibility should be exercised in the sharing of such information with professional colleagues. The confidentiality of patients records must be safe guarded. We tried to build up a therapeutic relationship with the patient by empathy and understanding the client’s perspective and communicating and understanding and showing the patient the most aspect.

Pleura et al (1950) identifies that a therapeutic relationship is “central in a fundamental way to providing nursing care. ” We then put our plan into action to give Mr.. Moran the most comfortable and content as possible remaining time he had left. Most of the time he was very tired and weak, but allowances in good humor. He had visitors everyday. We ensured that his curtain was always closed and also his door, for confidentiality. Throughout our Care Provision and Practice module we always learned the importance of maintaining the patients confidentiality and also their dignity.

This was done by keeping Mr.. Morass door closed at all times, keeping the state of which his health was in private from other patients and always involving him in his own care plan, listening and respecting what he wished for and his opinions. We also asked Mr.. Moran for consent to liaise with his family to let them know how he was doing everyday. This kind of exact palliative care went on for 3 more weeks until the day Mr.. Moran passed away peacefully. He died in his sleep, with little or no pain, which gave me and the staff at the nursing home great comfort knowing we had done our best in giving Mr..

Moran the most comfortable last few weeks. After completing my work placement, i reflected on my work experience and how i developed as a care assistant in a short amount of time. Prior to starting my work placement we had discussed in class what to expect and how much of a difficult job being a career is. Definitely agree with this, at times i found the job extremely difficult, to be responsible for another persons care and health is not easy. I found it difficult to understand and remember all of the different rules made by HAIKU and the HOSE.

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