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Subsume write up Overall this assignment made me feel like a creeper. I didn’t like having to constantly sneak the cubes. Especially at work, I felt like a weirdo looking over my shoulder and waiting around for it to be “all clear” near the Ice machine and Ice chest. The first day went by really well and really easy. I was home alone for quite a while and so most of my “fixes” didn’t have to be hidden. When my friend came over around 3 it got a little harder, telling her to stay in my room and “No, I’ll go get it for o” so I could sneak my water.

I didn’t really like sneaking around someone I tell almost everything to. I drank less and less as the night win on because I went into a dance and wasn’t concerned with hydration of any sort, and when I got home I passed out in m bed before even thinking of the cubes or water or anything! Like I mention in the write up, getting my “fix” at work was increasingly difficult. I work at McDonald’s so there are always employees in some place or another.

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I was in drive- hour most of the day so my main source of ice was from a really close ice chest next to the drive-thru window. I literally had to Walt until someone was busy with fries or in the back or dealing with a customer Just to get the Ice, because grabbing a drink Is always the easy part! I also TLD like the string around my wrist because It was annoying after It got wet because It didn’t dry quickly kind of distracting me at work. Sneaking around was the main behavior I had that resembled an addict.

It made my work day more stressful than needed waiting around until it was all clear Just to get my “fix”. The hardest part of the simulation was almost telling my best friend about it when we Just casually talking while I styled my hair and I had to back track and Just change the subject. To make the simulation more effective require the assigned simulation on a person’s busiest day or time frame to really get a feel of the added attention/energy It takes to get the Subsumes!

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