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What are strategies for organizing and drafting your commentary? The Introduction: use something new and interesting that they had not considered before Explain the Current Event or Issue: explain what has happened already and summarize the ongoing conversation, who was involved, where and when it happened, how it happened, and why. Support Your Position: readers want to know quickly what your purpose is and what angle you are bring to the conversation Clarify Your Position: show readers that you are aware of the complexities of the issue.

The Conclusion: clear statement of your position and a sense of your commitment to it. 6. What should writers do to choose the appropriate style for their momentary? You need to develop a strong sense of your persona with your commentary’s style. 7. How do writers use similes, metaphors, and analogies in drafting commentaries? The unfamiliar seem more familiar. 8. What do writers use to design their commentary? Pay attention to the place where your commentary is likely to appear. 9. Respond to Question 3 under “Talk about This” on p. 195.

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Instead of completing this question as a group assignment, respond individually in the space provided. 1 they always look for the negative 2. Nothing is ever good enough 3 they use other sources that aren’t correct 4 they keep arguing their mint with out letting you get a word in 5 Chapter 15 (Writing Today, up. 357-363) 1 . What are the steps you should follow when researching a topic? Define a research question and hypothesis Develop a method for answering that research question Gather results Discuss those results Draw conclusions and/ or recommendations 2.

What is the purpose of an introduction? Set a context for the body 3. What is the purpose of the body paragraphs in a composition? To present the context 4. What does the conclusion add to the composition? Reestablishes the context for the document, why your topic is important to our readers, and offering a look to the future. 5. How do you go about completing a basic outline? It would help me get my ideas and what I have on my mind into a format I can use 6. What is writer’s block and how can writers overcome it?

When you can’t finish a statement and ideas stop flowing from your head. Lower Your Standards While Drafting, talk it out, change how and where you write, use both sides of your brain, stop procrastinating 7. Respond to Question 2 of “Talk About This” on p. 363 of Writing Toadying the space provided. If it did good: probably did well since I wasn’t distracted and I stayed focused. If it didn’t do good: would probably start it earlier and just do some of it at time to keep the information flowing Chapter 21 (Writing Today, up. 425-438) 1 .

What are the key features of a narrative? How are narratives organized? Set the scene, introduce a complication, evaluate the complication,resolve the complication and state the point 2. What are the key features of a descriptive paper and how is it organized? They rely on details drawn from the five sense: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. 3. How do writers use figurative language in the writing of descriptions? They use similes,metaphors and onomatopoeia . What is the purpose of a definition essay? It uses the exact meaning of a word or phrase.

Definitions explain how a particular term is being used and why it is being used that way. 5. What is the purpose of classification? What steps must a writer use to classify items or concepts? Allows you to divide objects and people into groups, 1 list everything that fits into the whole class 2 decide on a principle of classification 3 sort into major and minor groups 6. How is negation used in writing? 7. How is division used in writing? 8. What is the purpose of the cause-and-effect essay? Natural way to discuss many topics . What is the purpose of a comparison-and-contrast essay?

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