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Of course, not being able to answer all the questions during the exam’s time will surely lower the final score. Thus, some students might get low scores although the have the knowledge and the ability to answer all the questions. Therefore, exams are not always an adequate form of assessing intelligence. In fact, if mental acuteness were indented to be measured by exams, there would be no point of letting students prepare and study for them. If exams manage to equalize all humans’ abilities, and restrict the world so everyone is expected to have the same prior knowledge, intelligence would not matter.

Certainly, intelligence has an important influence on one’s learning capability. In a hypothetical world, some individuals learn faster than others because they possess nerves that have more Molestation and send electrical impulses faster. Also, some people have a higher efficiency in storing information, and a higher memory capacity than others. However, the exams grading system Is not viewed In a laboratory, so these disparate human ablest are neglected. Instead, the quality of the answers In the exam, their validity and accuracy are the Issues insider.

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Therefore, it’s not a fair method of assessment, since the failure in exams inform the individual how weak she/he is, but they do not explain the accurate reason why. Confidence and self-expectations are important; they can’t be eliminated from the exam. Indeed, when an exam primes someone with a stereotype of poor performance, they actually do worse. Their innate abilities didn’t change; it’s just that the exam temporarily beat their confidence and they performed accordingly. When it comes to peeling out the outer layer of the purpose of having exams, it is important to put in mind that exams should be a push to encourage students to learn.

However, It mostly turns out to be a competition among students; they would only study hard In order to get ahead and win others. Mostly, in that case they would brush aside exploiting the great opportunity offered to learn and gain more knowledge. Thus, exams do not always motivate students to learn and explore. It Is noticeable that exams are a limited measure of how much the individual knows. They there might be a great knowledge that students have and were not asked to mention in the exam.

In addition to that, what is written in the test is not guaranteed to be the student’s knowledge, because sometimes some students reply on each other to solve questions of the test. On the other hand, it is important to point out that exams may be the only form of assessment that is somewhat fair in comparing the intellectual knowledge of the students. Thus, abolishing exams may not be a good idea. Many students have concerns about being stressed and the amount of time that is spent in preparing for examinations; as a result, some schools adopt process assignments.

In the examination grading system, the laboratory setting is not approached to understand the disparity in the human abilities of understanding and performing. Therefore, exams are not always accurate enough to determine the understanding capability. It is important to realize that not all humans are equally intelligent. Above all, what matters more than exam is to choose what to focus on. Focusing on the fact that gaining more knowledge everyday can boosts the prior knowledge is important, because prior knowledge is an important part of one’s overall intelligence.

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