Equality diversity and rights Assignment

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Introduction In my up am going to describe the discriminatory practice In a health and social care setting and I will explain how the discrimination occurs and the discrimination evident, I will talk about overt and covert, stereotyping, prejudice, labeling, racism and sexism. I will use the case study 1 about Trait. Discrimination can happen anywhere and everywhere, but In this case study on Trait there Is forms of discrimination happening. Trait is from Bangladesh and he has been living in Northern Ireland and worked in Deere from 2001, but he is struggling with his

English, with this when he attended his GPO there wasn’t anyone there to help Interrupt the conversation, at this time there might not have being the equipment they have in doctors now where it has self-check in computers where it has various languages where it would have helped Trait and the nurses didn’t seem to be following any sort of communication cycle when explaining information to him and this was embarrassing for him to say he TLD understand, I feel that the nurse was prejudice and overt as the nurse was openly being decimated towards him known that he was from a different country and the nurse didn’t take into consideration that e found English hard to follow as it wasn’t his first language and she was Judged and assumed that Trait could speak English as he knows a little. In the case study It talks about Attar’s wife not going to the local GPO as there was no Female doctors, this is sexism as it would be law that there should be female doctors in every surgery, as a female may have female problems and feel more comfortable to discuss them with a female. Due to Attar’s health progressively getting worse his work colleges were stereotyping and labeling, as It they started to call him lazy and Implied that all Packs re like that, which are forms of discrimination.

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His boss was discriminating against Trait by being racist against him as his boss was wouldn’t give him any holidays he was entitled to as the boss was making him work heavy menial work and every weekend as he was a foreigner, and Implied that they are used to manual labor and that they aren’t good at complication tasks. I feel that the boss was stereotyping, labeling and was overt against Trait. Due to this Trait feels that he can’t book any time off work to attend appointments, which has an impact on his health. I feel the ext bit about Trait asking for 2 days holidays to celebrate the festival of Dalai and his boss wouldn’t give him because everyone should celebrate the local holidays, he is stereotyping against him as this is his culture and he has the right to celebrate and take time off work to do so.

When it came to the correspondence at work being in English Is the company being racist against Trait as they should have copies In different language for any workers from different countries, and It Is against the law to discipline him as he couldn’t complete the form in English this goes against his human rights. Attar’s family home had being targeted which would be known as a racial attack as they Implied that all foreigners should go home as they are taking all their Jobs this Is stereotype and racism against them and other foreigners in the community. His son Sunnis was being discriminated against by his class but I also feel that the teachers were resist against him as well as they seen the fight and didn’t When doing this assignment I found out how easy it is to discriminate against and not known it being done. I also noticed the amount of forms of discrimination and what they actually mean .

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