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Although height is important, the need for this research is truthfully, ediocre, for not many people really feel compelled to see that height just may change people’s lives (entirely at that). The only reason why this may be warranted for Is that there are no other past researches that focus on the gathering of this data. Yes, the school leads such examinations, but never presents the data In a statistical manner. Thus, we have decided that this data would be a delight to find out when people Just happen to wonder if there Is a research for student heights In BSDAS.

This study hopes to reach the goal of being able to make a generalization concerning he heights of the students in BSDAS and also, to provide enough Information so that the reader may make their own Inference If possible. Also, we hope to point out the fact that there IS a central tendency of height, and not everyone Is taller than It, or as tall as It. Depending on the presentation, all of this will be possible; as we hope to present.

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In the gathering of the data, which Is by survey of the population, there were some undesirable problems such as the unavallablllty of some students for Interview, thus our reliance in the estimations of their classmates and our lack of measuring ools, as we were forced to gather data by using crude approximations for the survey. team have enough materials to promote accuracy of data. Also, we recommend further analysis of the data, a lack in this report that sincerely regret. To the reader, we present our report on the height of students in BSDAS.

II. Introduction If people are going to think about it, it would seem that there are many blessings that people are thank God for, simple things like hair color, skin tone and the likes. Why? Because of the positive things that can be brought out from these God-given assets hat people sometimes enjoy; or curse, when not advantageous. Of those things, towers height. Yes, good ’01 height. To reinforce this statement, we (the researchers) asked ourselves what we knew about feeling bad about our height.

Thankfully, one of the researchers know what it feels like to not be a tall person, due to the fact that he was once the smallest in the whole grade when he was an elementary student. “l did not have much confidence back then,” he states,” whenever there were lines, I would always Just step up; after all, I was always the boy in front. I felt bad about it. Especially since all the girls were taller than me. But then, I thank God that I was able to ride the growth spurt; now, IVe no problem when it comes to height, I’m already quite tall by our normal standards. In his statement, we can see that he was not confident because of his height, not because he really was small, no, but because he was smaller than most, meaning, he was below the central tendency of his class’ height. That’s what we would like to ponder upon. He, being male, lost confidence, but for females, it may be a little bit different. After all, the masses are growing pinions about how attractive small females are, with not much to say about males. Small males are subject to discrimination, after all. In a student’s life, it can be said that height plays a great role when it comes to assignments, parts or roles.

Leaders are chosen by height also; where a person is placed inside the classroom depends on his height too. Now in our school, there are the notably tall ones, the acceptably tall ones and the ones who we are sorry for. We conducted research to find out who are those who might be suffering the consequences of their genes, which may be lack of onfidence, and those who might be having the feeling of superiority height can give a person. To the students who may be reading this report, are you part of the suffering group or the happy-I’m-tall group?

Good luck finding out, we hope you have a good measuring tool. Ill. Methodology To gather data about the subject matter, we decided to make use of a method called a survey. Since we are talking about BSDAS where there only a handful of students, we decided to not use a sample space and survey everybody instead. So the data found in this study is not a sample space, it is the population itself. Since that’s cleared out, we would also like to point out that there may be inaccurate data due to the fact that there was a lack of measuring tools and thus we resulted to estimating the heights of the students.

There will be two parts of this chapter, like how there are two ways to arrange data. The first part starts in the next page. Under the two parts, there will be a few parts to it also. There will be the per-classroom data, the per- gender-in-classroom data (applies only to ungrouped data) and the whole-school be taken as “in inches”. Only the mean, mode and media are to be shown in order to resent central tendency, plus range, to provide variability (in Ungrouped Data part). Mean Deviation, Variance and Standard Deviation will be substituted for the range in the grouped data.

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