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Throughout my life, I m and will continue to be expected to behave in certain way as a male. 4. Discussion topic: “Why do men hold the most powerful economic and political positions across the globe? ‘ “How would functionalist, conflict theorist, symbolic interactions, and feminist answer to the above question? ‘ After my reading of the Chapter 2: Gender Development: Biology, Sexuality, and Health Sex hormones shape the development of the brain and sex organs and determine how these organs will be activated. Have also learned that hormones play important roles in behavior but do not cause male aggression.

Those Infants born with ambiguous sex traits such as hermaphrodites or internet may go into sex reassignment surgery. The global research on sexual orientation and transgender indicates that they are extremely varied. Cultural beliefs about sex and gender determine how they are translated into patterns of behavior. That according to the study, males have earlier, more frequent intercourse both before and after marriage, emphasize sexual pleasure as a motive for intercourse, and have more non-marital and extramarital relationships than females. El that this is mostly true among me and my other groups of friends who are male. 4. Discussion topic: “Describe the Dry. John Moneys famous sex-reassignment surgery case. Explain the outcome from a biological perspective (gender identity is inborn) and from a social construction perspective (gender identity is learned). Which do you most agree with and why? ” After my reading of the Chapter 3: Gender Development: The Colonization Process That colonization is the process by which we learn culture and become functioning social members.

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Gender colonization explains what is expected ultra behavior related to masculinity and femininity. Have also learned that gender role colonization in children is patterned by important cultural factors such as race and social class. That gender of the child is a strong predictor of how parents behave toward their children and in the selection of the toys and clothes they give to them. Boys are allowed more independence, separation, and risk-taking, and the toys they receive encourage these behaviors Toys for girls encourage domesticity’ and social orientation.

Girls have the advantage of playing with soy for boys, but boys cannot cross over and play with toy for girls. That the way grew up as a boy in my youth has made the man I am today. It does make me wonder what if I was raised in a different way, how would I have changed? 4. Discussion topic: After my reading of the Chapter 4: Gendered Language and Colonization That the use of words such as man and he is ambiguous, discriminatory, and inaccurate. There are several hundred English words that refer to women in derogatory or debased and obscene ways. That people use language according to gendered registers.

Females use a register with more qualifiers, tag questions, intensifiers, and politeness. Males use a register with more profanity, directness, and order giving. Males outtalk females and interrupt females more than females interrupt males. These patterns are largely taken for granted by both men and women. This chapter information relates to my life because I feel that the way speak have been influenced by my gender and its expected role. I see that I usually talk manlier and never talk in a feminine way. See that it is also the way I am expected to talk.

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