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My academic goals are to graduate with my Bachelors’ of Science in Psychology in 3 years while keeping y 2 full time jobs -supervisor at an Adult Day Training Center and a wife/ mother. My learning style is a combination of reflective observation (watching) and abstract conceptualization (thinking). After completing The Discovery Wheel exercise learned my personal strengths and weaknesses. Have learned that my strengths are health, purpose, and notes. I have learned that my weaknesses are time, communicating, and tests. The part that surprised me the most is what I need to work on which is communicating.

I never thought communication would be something I needed to work on. But after completing this exercise it does make since, communicating is more than what most think. I also feel that this exercise has giving me a chance to make some great goals to help me as a student, supervisor, and in my personal life. The area that I want to most improve on is time. Am going to make time management a priority in my everyday life to help me feel better about myself as a student, supervisor/employee, and mother/wife. I am going to explore active experimentation (doing) and concrete experiences (feeling). Ellis, 201 3) I complete this goal by being more open minded to new ideas/ behaviors and observes the outcomes of these ideas/behaviors. Will also seek new opportunities to expand my knowledge on my course subjects. Will complete each goal at least one to two times during each new course to help improve my learning. For example, I plan to ask someone who has at least a master’s degree to see what they feel made them a master student while attending school. I am also going to ask them to give me idea that they feel helped them make it to complete their degree.

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There are several resources inside and outside the Sensitivity that will help me in reaching my goals and aging me more academically successful. One of the resources that feel will help me reach my goals is the University Library; which offers several other resources that I will need to succeed. Love the University Library!!!! It is such a wonderful resource for me to be able to utilize. I am a visual learner and the library is allowing me to learn more. The library is giving me examples on how to cite sources. It gives examples for all types of source sitting.

It also gives me access to the peer review; this is a way to get feedback on your paper before you turn it in. You can also use the library to submit your paper to heck for plagiarism. There is also access to grammar and writing guides as well as all you need to know about PAP. All the resource that I have discussed are going to be a big part on continuing my academic success!!!? The writing process can help you advance in my education and career. The writing process is a series of steps you follow to gather the information for you assignment. Writing process as a series of steps leading toward progress in qualitative research projects'(Boom, R. (2008)) Using the University resources to make sure that I have access to all the information about the rating process to complete all my writing assignments to the best of my ability and correctly. According to Babylon, R. (2008) “The writing process is the series of sequential steps a writer or researcher follows to record experiences, observations, data, and research. ” Knowing the importance of academic integrity is important my academic success. What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is being honesty with your work and make sure that you are completing your work on your own and making sure that you a crediting your sources. It also means you follow the university rules and be expansible. Academic integrity is a very important in continuing my academic success. ‘As you can see Integrity is also reflected in a personal commitment of chosen ontological beliefs where respect for’ Milton, RAN; PhD, 2015). Academic integrity is making sure you are being ethical and that you understand that not having academic integrity can and will lead to discipline.

According to Milton, RAN; PhD (2015) “Traditional views of integrity have emerged from normative philosophical frameworks and include concepts found in ethical theories that include deontological and utilitarian views with henchmen such as honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. ” What is critical thinking? When I think of what critical thinking is I think is when you question and form an opinion something you see, hear, or read. Critical thinking is a very helpful tool when it comes to taking ideas of others and putting it in to a better version for you to understand.

When critically thinking you use levels of thinking which are remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing evaluating, and creating. Remembering is when you recall important key terms, facts, or events. Understanding is when you use your own words to explain the idea. Applying is when you take the idea and get results. Analyzing is when you make steps or parts to divide the idea. Evaluating is when you determine the quality of the idea and prove the quality. Creating is when you use the idea to make something new. Eel that your emotions have a lot to do with your decision-making you have different emotions, each of these emotions cause different effects on how you think and how you react at these times. For example, you are upset over an incident when someone walks in and complained to you about an issue you feel is unimportant. Due to you being upset you are in no mood to deal with such issue. This leads to why you should be aware of your emotions and how they affect you. Being aware of the effects of your emotions will keep you from making the wrong decisions and it also keeps you from taking your emotions “out” on someone else. You should always keep your motions and check. ) do agree that it is easier said and done. At my job I have to keep my emotions in check. I agree that at times it is very difficult and there has been a time or two that was very unsuccessful. But those times that couldn’t keep my emotions in check caused my participants issues that they should never deed to worry about. So when I arrive to work take several deep breaths and make notes of my personal issues so that I can clear my mind for them. Feel that your emotions “rub off’ on others and can cause them to have mood changes.

As for when something is causing me to get upset at/during work I make sticky notes for the things that can be put off for later. For those things that can’t be put off, which happen Often, I will take a few minutes to myself and come up with a solution, once I have a solution I can keep my emotions down. Sing critical thinking will make me more successful in my professional ND societal responsibilities. It will support me in understanding and utilizing the new ideas learn to make new things happen.

Professional I am introduced to new regulations and requirements which have to hand down to my staff. Using critical think will allow me to take the information and hand it down in an easier more productive way. (Choosing, 201 5) My purpose for being in school is to make myself a better person for the participants I support on a daily basis. I am currently a supervisor at a Day Training Center for adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. I started 3 years ago, February 20, 2012, as a Direct Support Staff and 11 months later I was promoted to Team Leader.

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