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This information are topics for your writing assignments. You will choose a single topic question which will help houseplant your essay and your final research paper. Topic Questions for all Writing assignments Chapter 2 Culture – How has television programming evolved since its invention in 1929? What influenced programming over the years? – Technology: Where we are now and where we were 10 years ago. How has it helped us? How has it hurt us? What will it mean for our future? – How have social issues affected music over the past six decades (1950-2010)? Chapter 3 Colonization – Can everyone benefit from social networking web sites?

The effect of Alchemist’s disease on the family: How does a family deal with their loved one diagnosed and having to live with this disease day by day? – The mind of a sex offender: how does he/she think? Chapter 6 Deviance – The life of a police officer: on and off of the job. How is his/her life affected? How does it affect their family life? How do they deal with stress or secondary trauma? – Hate crimes: What can be considered a hate crime? How do they affect victims? Chapter 7 Social Stratification – In what ways has poverty in the United States and the lives of the homeless or unemployed affected our economy?

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Chapter 8 Race and Ethnicity -Has racial classification helped to create or destroy the American melting pot idea? Chapter 9 Gender – Does it help the parents and eventually help the child if parents find out the gender of the baby before it is born? Chapter 10 Economics and Politics – Compare and contrast social views and values between the Democratic/ Republican parties and how decisions made by these parties affect our society and future. – Mayor Daley and his city: Where was society before and where will it goes without him?

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