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Agency is a company that offers clients a wide variety of vacation rentals along the Southeast coast of Florida. We specialize in vacation homes, cottages, and luxury condominium resorts with more than 500 units along the popular Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. DM Travel Agency’s mission Is to fulfill vacation dreams through our commitment to personalized, world-class service. We believe that consistence, ethical and quality performance with our customers will esult In loyal, long-term relationships.

Our service will exceed Industry standards and be the best for our customers. We give back to the community and enhance the lives of our employees by creating a profit through our programs and services. DM Travel Agency’s will successfully meet the challenges of the future. DM Travel Agency provides our customers a standard of service from the moment they begin to plan their vacation experience that will last through their entire vacation. Where a customer spends their vacation is a big decision so making sure they find the perfect pot is our number one goal.

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Our website allows customers to check pricing, specials, and availability. In addition, they are able to call one of our vacation specialists who can answer any questions they may have and help them plan step by step the perfect vacation. DM Travel Agency also provides an easy online fast and secure place to secure their reservations if the guest has found the perfect vacation place online. No matter how our guest book, they can do it with confidence! Here at DM Travel Agency we include all fees and won’t surprise the guest at check in with any additional charges.

Once you arrive at your destination our friendly staff is there to help you make the most of your stay. If you need a suggestion on a local restaurant, places to shop or nearby activities, no problem! DM Travel Agency’s marketing plan is to focus on the Southeastern United States region over the next 2 years to grow our cliental and improve our profit margin. This will target cliental that is within a drivable distance to our vacation destinations. Our main focus will be geared toward the Peak Season or April through October.

This is the best time to market to families planning their Spring Break, Summer Break or Fall Break. For our big opening we will start with a first time guest promotion. By offering 10% off the total of the customer’s first stay with DM Travel Agency’s plus 2 free portable beach chairs with our logo. An ad will be placed in the Panama City Beach Vacation Guide and Destin Vacation Guide. In addition, we will also run a radio ad on numerous stations throughout the Alabama, Mississippi and Florida regions.

Over the next 2 weeks we will prepare the ads for the vacation guides and discuss the different options for our commercials on the radio stations. The plan Is to have everything launched Just In time for the peak season of April 1. Marketing Topic By dmaahs44 of Northwest Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. DM Travel Agency’s mission is to result in loyal, long-term relationships. Our service will exceed industry standards the radio stations.

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