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If a business owner does not follow a marketing plan, or worse, he has a marketing plan but does not include his top leadership in on it, it is going to be a bumpy road ahead. In the article “Developing the Casino Marketing Plan” by Andrew M. Klebanow, he simply breaks down the key aspects of a marketing plan, in regards to a casino. In the first section of his plan, he details that management should be aware of the casino’s surroundings, referring to the competition they are up against, as well as the ustomer’s they are serving and the location of their casino.

This is an important first step which gages where and how casinos are living up to their competition. (Klebanow, 2002) After breaking down the first part of the marketing plan, which Klebanow titles “The Situation Analysis,” he moves on to setting objectives and strategies. This part is especially important, because it determines where and how you want to grow in your business, and what you forecast in the near future. However, it is extremely to have realistic goals or the company.

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If your casino has two stories, it is unrealistic to make a goal to have three stories by the next year. On the other hand, a realistic goal might include purchasing more slot machines or having more tournaments on a weekly basis (like Black Jack or Gin) in hopes of bringing more customers to the casino (Klebanow, 2002). While I did think that the article was very insightful, I felt that it didn’t quite touch base on all of the endless possibilities for a casino.

For starters, there as no mention of casinos located on cruise ships, despite the fact that cruise ships have hosted a whopping 1 69 million customers since 1990 (Mena, 201 1). Additionally, it has been stated that on average, a cruising guest will spend approximately $1770 in one week. While not every cruise guest is going to gamble at the casino, there is a huge chance for a gambling revenue when there are annually 20,335,000 passengers, which does not include any passengers eighteen years old or younger (Cruise Ship Industry Statistics, 015).

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