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The laboratory exercises performed in this course are laid out in the schedule provided. It is your responsibility to read each lab exercise before coming to class, so you will be prepared to do each lab. Record data in your lab manual and notebook, and follow the instructions for the presentation of your results at the end of each lab exercise. Your TA will assist you in succeeding in this course. They will review the concepts and techniques of each lab exercise prior to your doing them, ND then observe your work and guide you.

They will also keep regular office hours where you may ask any questions you have over the lab exercises. Conduct in the lab Any activity that is a disruption of the academic process in the lab will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: (a) any general conduct that directs attention away from the academic matters at hand, such as noisy distractions, use of disrespectful/offensive language, cell phones, (b) any conduct that presents a danger to the health or safety of either the student or people in the lab and/or (c) not allowing the lab safety rules.

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The student will first receive a warning from the TAT Instructor. If the behavior continues, the punishment will be based on University regulations as set forth in the Undergraduate Handbook. If the conduct is serious enough that the TA feels the behavior endangers themselves and/or other students present, the TA will have the right to ask the student to leave the lab, which will be consolable an unexcused essence & could lead to Localisms Trot ten course. Please refer to the following website for course & University polices regarding conduct: http://generalness. SF. Du/regulations. Be advised that you could potentially be under video surveillance while in the laboratory. Attendance Policy Lab attendance is MANDATORY and arrival to lab must be on time, this includes Prep Lectures. Students who miss a laboratory without a documented, valid excuse will be penalized 10% of the possible laboratory points for the entire semester (one letter grade) per occurrence. In general, absences are dealt with on a case by case basis and are seldom excusable. Absences will be excused for documented emergencies only & include medical, legal or death in family.

Documentation may be a medical doctor’s letter, hospital admission papers, legal or a funeral notice that documents the specific date & times of the missed lab period. The proper supporting documentation must be presented within one week or the absence will be considered unexcused. The TA should be contacted within 24 hours of the missed lab period (because there may not be any more sections after the one missed) to make arrangements for a makeup lab and/or the procedure for turning in assignments due during the missed lab period.

Failure to contact your TA within this timeshare may result in late penalties. You may only attend a different lab section with the specific direction from the Lab Coordinator/TA or it will be considered unexcused. Laboratories cannot be made up beyond the week that a particular lab is scheduled. More than two absences, whether excused or unexcused will result in a failing grade for this course. If you find that you are absent for several classes due to illness or other circumstances, it is recommended that you drop the class.

Students who anticipate the necessity of being absent from class due to a major religious observance must provide notice of the date(s) to their TA, in writing, by the second week of classes. Late arrival, up to 15 minutes after the lab is scheduled to begin (based on the clock posted in lab) will count against the student’s participation points. Students arriving 1 5 minutes or later will be turned away & not allowed to complete that days exercise.

These points will be awarded based upon your demonstrated ability to attend class on time, arrive to class in accordance with the safety rules, be fully prepared for the experiment by showing that you have read the eternal beforehand, work with other members of your group to perform the experiments, and help clean up at the end of class. Points may be deducted for showing up late to class, failure to participate, failure to follow procedures, improper disposal of materials, failure to clean up your lab space and any disruptive or uncooperative behavior as determined by your TA.

There will be random pop quizzes during the semester, so you must read the material for that days lab to be prepared. Quizzes will be given during the first 5 minutes of class. Late arrivals will not be allowed to make up the quiz. Points will be deducted as follows – 1st offense: 2 pets off; 2nd or more offenses: 3 pets off per occurrence. 4 Lab Reports Lab reports will be completed for some of the lab exercises. All lab reports must be typed and doublespeak and must conform to the format described the instructions posted online.

Any assignment being turned in late too Tat’s mailbox in SIS 2015 MUST receive a departmental timestamp. In the event the COMB office is closed, the assignment may be slide under the door & will be time stamped when the office reopens. Your assignment WILL NOT BE GRADED unless it has been uploaded onto Achievements by the beginning of the class period. Failure to upload your assignment onto Achievements will result in a O for the assignment. Any dispute with a graded assignment will have a 1 week timeshare to be reviewed. Midterm & Final Exams A midterm Ana a Tall practical will De given aurally tans course .

I nee midterm will cover Labs 1 – 3 & will be multiple choice, short answer & essay. The final exam will be a timed, cumulative exam. Academic Dishonesty Most lab exercises will be performed in groups of two or three. Collaboration with lab partners, sharing of data, and discussion of results is permissible. However, all written lab reports must be the sole work of the individual student. Copying or modifying the words of another student (past or present) or the internet and submitting them as the student’s own work is strictly prohibited.

Allowing another student to copy by sharing one’s own work is also prohibited, and a student who shares their work is similarly culpable. Plagiarism, or using another’s words or ideas without properly crediting the source, is another form of academic dishonesty and is likewise prohibited. Students who have previously taken this course: turning in the same report from a previous semester is considered plagiarism. If you have taken this course before & turned in a lab report, the current report must be new material reflecting the new data/results/methods from this semester.

In this electronic age, it is easy to download material and incorporate it directly into your work, so make sure you understand the definition of plagiarism. Instances of cheating will be prosecuted to the full extent of University and Departmental policy; this can result in a grade of zero on the assignment, a final read of ‘IF being entered into your academic record (failure for academic dishonesty), or dismissal from the University. See the current undergraduate catalogue for what constitutes academic dishonesty and a description of the consequences. Plagiarism Check Notification All lab reports must be uploaded to SAFE ASSIGNMENT AND TURNING so that they can be compared not only to reports from this semester, but from the database of reports that have been handed into PUSHBALL over the past semesters. Assignments are also compared automatically with a huge database of journal articles, and web articles. Failure to upload your report onto Achievements and Turning will result in your report not being graded.. For more information, go to: http://www. USGS. USAF. Deed/catalogs/0304/adapt. HTML#plagiarism.

Laboratory Safety Many of the reagents that are used in cell biology are toxic! Follow all instructions carefully. Those students who do not follow all safety rules endanger themselves and their fellow students. Flagrant violations of safety rules will result in expulsion from the lab. If you are expelled, you will not receive credit for that lab. Shoes must be worn in the laboratory. No open-toed or open back shoes or sandals are permitted. Shorts and short skirts are not allowed! Students should wear long pants or Shares, which provide better protection for the legs in case of a spill.

Gloves must be worn at all times unless noted by the TA. The fume hood must be used when appropriate under direction of your lab instructor. You must wear a lab coat to protect yourself Trot corrosive or toxic chemicals. No eating, rolling, or smoking Is permeate In ten lab at any time. No “friends” are permitted in the lab. Wash your hands after lab to prevent carrying any contamination home with you. Disposal of Used Materials A waste receptacle is available for general lab waste such as paper towels, used gloves, etc.

However, the following special receptacles should be used: Broken glassware must be disposed of promptly in the designated “broken glass” container. All hard plastic waste (e. G. Tissue culture flasks and Petri dishes) should be placed in the box lined with a red backboard bag and designated for their disposal. Used plastic pipettes should be placed in the box designated for their disposal. Religious Observances Students who anticipate the necessity of being absent from class due to he observation of a major religious observance must provide notice of the date(s) to the instructor in writing, by the second class meeting.

See University policy on this matter at http://cad. USAF. Deed/Wright. HTML. Disabilities Students in need of academic accommodations for a disability may consult with the office of Students with Disabilities Services to arrange appropriate accommodations. Students are required to give reasonable notice prior to requesting an accommodation. IMPORTANT: In the event of an emergency, it may be necessary for USAF to suspend normal operations.

During this time, USAF may opt to continue delivery of instruction through methods that include but are not limited to: Blackboard, Illuminate, Seep, and email messaging and/or an alternate schedule. It’s the responsibility of the student to monitor Blackboard site for each class for course specific communication, and the main USAF, College, and department websites, emails, and Mobil messages for important general information. Finally, we reserve the right to make changes to this syllabus, with notification to the students, during the course of the semester as situation(s) may dictate!!!

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