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Each Week is tit the number of the week following and calendar week days in parenthetical. Example: Module 1 Unary 10 – January 16) Here’s the pattern found within each module. In each Module are three folders to review and work through every week: Assignments Page: This page will provide you with all of that week’s assignments, inclusive of assigned readings and page numbers. Note, however, that we will not always be working from our book. Study Materials Page: This link will provide you with an added material that I think will be of some help. Not every module will show Study Materials, but I will let you know.

Evaluated Assignments Folder: This folder contains a Critical Discussions Forum where you will be given at least two questions (sometimes 3) to answer. Show strong responses, and respond to at least colleague. Your posted answers should be posted as a response to my question. This folder also contains a forum for your Weekly Theme piece. Weekly theme pieces should be cut and pasted. Time Frame Pattern: Answers to discussion forum questions and responses should be submitted before MA’AM of every Thursday. Keep in mind that your colleagues and I will always be reviewing your work.

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You can even get ideas room them – Just don’t copy their work. In the best interest of maximum learning, it’s best you do your own work, though nothing wrong with examining the thoughts of others. Weekly Theme pieces (approximately 600 words) must be submitted by Sunday midnight. If you should have any problems, then please call me at my office. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Office: 727-712-5703 Requests for submitting late work must be submitted to me by mail. I need to know why you are late, so that we can talk about this before it becomes a problem.

COLLEGE CALENDAR http://www. Sophocles. Du/calendar/ Course Description (read carefully): The course develops skills in scholarly and objective writing. While we write multi-paragraph essays, we wall also practice theme Intercalation, narrowing & organizing topics, developing pieces in order to properly show and explain both concrete and abstract ideas. The course will also help to improve knowledge of sentence structure, mechanics, and to help you develop an improved sense of style. * Always we will endeavor to write from the perspective of an informed opinion.

Often your experience and reading and our discussions will serve s sources of ideas for that informed opinion. * You will also learn to work and think as an Independent Learner If you lack keyboarding and/or computer skills, consider acquiring these skills by enrolling in the weekend computer institute at the college or through keyboarding courses because formal graded papers should be typed. * . The Course is divided into 14 Modules with 1 week per Module. The last two weeks is a designated as a two week module time period for Final Exam Preparation. Midnight. Each Module begins on a Monday and closes on a Sunday at Ђ I like to keep the online course especially curbed within what I would call the classroom’s own identifying characteristics, hence, two Modules are always provided in advance so that you can work ahead, though usually I will present 3 or more. This may change for regular OFF classes. Online Assignment Policies: Readings, Course Assignments and Their Time-Frame: Naturally, all assignments should be completed on time. Chomp I assignments consume time because good writing requires a number of revisions before submitting.

Even online discussion posts should be inspected and revised several times before submission. You need to work your study schedule so that you can devote at least 6 hours a week to this class. * Always meet your deadlines. Remember that Weekly Module work is due before Midnight of every Sunday. Keep a copy of all papers returned with a grade in the event you have questions about your final average. * Late work. Certainly, I can understand illness, death in the family, or even problems with familial or work obligations. However, if you want to avoid loss of points, please don’t make a habit of submitting late work.

If I see that you are having problems, I will mail you and request a one-to-one conference. Know as well that if I see that the problem is continuous, that I may drop you from the course not as some form of penalty, but rather to save you from what I see as a strong potential for failing the course. Here’s something else to consider on this potential problem of late workers. Final grades are often and unfortunately seated on some marginal cliff, as in 67, 78, or 89. I often award the added “kick over points” when I see that a student has submitted every assignment on time. Rewrite Policy: Usually, I allow a rewrite for Essay 1 . Rewrites, however, must show significant change or they will be returned. Significant change is identifiable by improved change at both paragraphs and sentence level. Almost every sentence should show some change. All rewrites must be submitted before Module 13. College Level Standards For Essays and Theme Pieces A An essay that receives an A is outstanding paper that makes a perceptive and thoughtful response to the assignment. Perhaps the principal characteristic of the A paper is its rich content.

Some describe that content as “dense,” others as “packed,” Decease ten International leaver Is sun Nat one reels slantingly taught Dye ten author. The A paper is also marked by stylistic fitness; the title and opening paragraph are engaging, the transitions are artful; the phrasing is tight, fresh and highly specific; the sentence structure is varied; the tone enhances the purpose of the paper. Finally, the A paper, because of its careful organization and development, imparts a feeling of wholeness and unusual clarity. It is not marred by errors of grammar, punctuation, or spelling, nor is it hindered by weak sentence structure.

The writing is smooth, vigorous, fresh. The A paper is neat in appearance. B — A B essay fulfills the assignment but goes beyond a routine response and shows evidence of thought and planning that makes it significantly better than competent. The B paper delivers substantial information; its specific points are logically ordered, well developed, and unified around a clear organizing principle that is apparent early in the paper. The opening paragraph draws the reader in, the supporting paragraphs are convincing, and the sentence structure is correct, if not original.

Finally, the paper contains no major distracting grammatical errors. It is neat in appearance. C A C paper carries out the assignment in a routine but adequate way, makes a commitment to the topic and provides at least a satisfactory response to it. The paper demonstrates clear and logical organization, though perhaps not consistently or completely. The introduction, body, or conclusion may not be well developed. The actual information seems thin and common-place. One reason for this impression is that ideas are typically cast in the form of vague generalities.

The C paper often fails to demonstrate maturity of thought, depth of development, or sufficient attention to organization. The transitions between paragraphs are logical but often unimaginative; the sentences, besides being a bit choppy, tend to follow a predictable (hence monotonous) subject-verb-object pattern, and diction is occasionally marred by unconscious repetition, redundancy or imprecision. The paper contains only occasional mistakes in grammar, usage, and mechanics. It is easily read and neat in appearance. D Deficient is a D paper.

While the content relates to the assignment, the clarity of its purpose is vague, often due to its generalized or pointless thesis. In many cases the thesis and essay are about the epic but not an analysis of parts. It does not clarify a purpose or support a commitment to the topic. Its development of the subject is not only basic but often repetitious. While some organization may be present, it is not clear or effective. Sentences are frequently awkward, ambiguous and marred by grammatical errors. Evidence of careful proofreading is scanty and the phrasing makes it difficult for the reader to understand the content.

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