Why Do I Want To Go to College? Assignment

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As I sit here with my mind thinking about the future and how I’m goanna get into a 4 year college and attempt to piece together an answer for the question. I think to myself and ask another question and that’s why do I want to go to college. The ultimate response is that in my personal life I’ve always love computers and technology and I always wanted to pursue in becoming a computer engineer.

It has been my personal goal that I hope to achieve as a University of Arlington student and which I am trying to pursue and obtain. I feel if I accomplish this in my life I will be able to survive, prosper and succeed to higher goals. I want the reader to know that if you set your mind to determine the dream that he or she needs and/or wants to reach and see that he or she can do it. My dream I would like to achieve, is to be the best student I can possibly be.

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Which meaner I will learn to communicate, be ready be prepared for, and successfully complete as much material as I can with respect to all my course’s assignments and participation throughout my entire bachelor degree. In the learning I want the teachers to see and feel that I am really trying my hardest to do and excel materials presented to me; but also, that I enjoy the tasks, challenges, and completion of the assignments.

My dream is to graduate from University of Arlington with my 4-year bachelors degree and pursue in becoming a professional hardware computer engineer making about 90,000 a year and more. To come home to a loving family in which I love and to be able to provide to them anything they need to accomplish their dreams Just like me. I want to be a leader and a role model in my house to my wife and kids so I can explain to them everything I did to accomplish my dream so that they will have support all the way through it.

My dream is to be a hard-working father, but not so hardworking that I can’t spend time with my family. I want to be giving, motivated, energetic, pleasant, and trustworthy, so that he or she can feel comfortable in what I am doing and expecting them to do. In other words, I want my co-worker to trust in me and what I tell them I need to do, kisses my dream would be to show them that I am the best employee they could ever have, by reflecting a hundred percent productivity and success outcome in everything that I do for them.

Of course, I want to be recognized, respected, and paid accordingly to help ensure that I will in fact, stay there until my retirement, and live happily ever after. Okay the ending was a bit cheesy but you get the point. ” I dreamed of one idea. Made that one idea my life and live on it each and every day. And Just leave every other idea alone. ” Why Do I Want To Go to College? By coughed

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