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The main purpose of this report is actually to analyze the current developments In technology available In the modern world and to discuss the predicted Impacts of the specific current technological developments, either It be positive impacts or negative impacts. Technology is an equivocal term that can be elaborated based on one’s understanding. Among all the definitions available in the net and book, technology can be defined as the process of modifying, making, using and applying the knowledge of tools, machines, science and mathematical theories, n providing a solution to a specific problem as well as performing a specific function.

Meanwhile, the concept of development Is often defined as the growth of a specific process. This term however Is an ambiguous term, which has no specific meanings and can be defined with different perspectives. Normally, development is related to the process of adding improvement to a certain project in order to achieve a specific objective that often gives positive impact to developer, target users and environment. Combining the two terms together, technological development can be defined as the improvement or alteration In the level of modern technologies that Is mainly done to change the living standard of people up too desired stage. 2. Recent Developments in Technology Looking into wide areas around the world, there are many technological developments that can be found. These developments are made to accommodate people desires and needs, but the most significant reason for these developments is to improve the quality and living standard of people. Examples of recent developments In technology Include the mobile technology and the computing referred to the next subsequent sub-topics. . 0 Mobile Technology Mobile technology (abbreviated Mobility) represents the use of various kinds of technologies that emerge to give a blistering as well as distinct cellular communication.

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Mobile technology is one of the most popular technologies that show an apparent development. This technology was first invented in the year 1973 by a man named Martin Cooper (Arroyos, n/d). This invention has moved the communication of the world into the next level. 3. 1 Development of Mobile Technology The rate for demand in the communication has increased ever since telegraph was first invented. The world has demanded for a faster respond in communication, allowing the people to be updated with the world’s current development.

This in turn results in many communication engineers to be alerted and responded by improving the mobile technology. From the invention of the first generation of mobile communication standard (G), the world is now updated with the latest fourth generation of digital network communication (46) that promises a better and blistering connection. From the beginning of the millennium world, developments in mobile technology have clearly showed constant improvements in the standard mobile device.

These developments are not specific to the design of the mobile device itself but also its functionality, performance ability and specifications. From a simple “retrieve and reply’ pager, the modern world is now furnish with a cellular device that provides the users with the capability to be acknowledged with the world’s current development through the use embedded web browser and instant messaging client. Mobile technology was initially designed only to allow its users to make phone call wirelessly.

In the year 2000 onwards however, technologies has emerged through many ways and resulting in the mobile device that has superior abilities, not Just for phone call and message transfers specifically, but also for work and research purpose. Development in mobile technology has improved the performance of the mobile devices in term of processing speed and battery strength. These devices nowadays are now getting smaller in size as time passed by and equipped with different kinds of technologies such as the GAPS navigation systems, music player, camera, social network applications, sound recorder, games and internet browser.

Moreover, the popularity in the development of Mobility is further increases with the invention of the smart phone. This kind of phenomenal development of mobile technology has the abilities to perform a variety of computer tasks. Smartness are normally furnished with many components that are normally found in computer such as the RAM, LED screen display, wide memory capacity of up to BIBB, quad-core processor and wireless network card. Furthermore, the application of touch-screen technology that was first invented for computer into a mobile phone has increased the importance of this technology.

Figure 1 : Examples of Smart Phone (Source: http://www. Detecting. Com/2011 /03/top-5-reasons-why-you-should-have-a- smartened’) 3. Benefits of Mobile Technology With the emerging of technologies in the mobile devices, this technology provides sending messages, this technology allows its user to indulge the new ways of communication. For instance, mobile device users are now having the ability to access the internet with the mobile device itself. Using the latest 36 and G wireless network technology, downloading media files in an instant is not impossible.

This technology has proven that it able to connect people of different places instantly. Mobile technology has increased the respond time, which is one of the factors that re needed in the sense of networking. 3. 3 Predicted Impacts of Mobile Technology to the Society As mobile technology develops further, it certainly will bring impacts to the society. Either it be positive impacts or negative impacts, it depends on the users themselves. With the emerging of technologies that are used in the smart phone, it certainly will increase the need of mobile device in one’s pocket.

The phenomenal invention of smartened by mobile technology has the ability to perform a variety of computer tasks, allowing the user to perform tasks that are usually performed on PC. This educes the need for office worker or even students to bring computer everywhere, as mobile device itself can act as the computer despite its smaller size. With this factor, there is a possibility that mobile device, specifically the smartened, will replace the computer due to the devices ability in facilitating people life. The portability of a smartened in term of size and weight further increase the possibility of this prediction (Tannin, 2012).

Furthermore, with the improvements in the modernity of the mobile technology, it is predicted that mobile technology such as the smartened will be categorized as people wants. Normally, mobile technology is listed under people needs in this modern world, but it is believed that people in the future will not hesitate to spend more money on this technology. 4. 0 Computer Computing technology is another ambiguous term in the sense of technological field. This term carries a definition of the process in designing, construction, manufacturing and programming of computers.

There is no real answer upon when this technology was first invented and by whom it was first developed. However, the invention of the Difference Engine by the Father of Computing, Charles Babbage, led to the invention of computer. Moreover, the first fully automatic and programmable computer was created in 1941 by Conrad Use and was named “Z” by the Germans scientist (Christopher Lambert and John Lilly, n/d). 4. 1 Development of Computer Since the first invention of the Difference Engine by the Father of Computing, there was a drastic increased in the development of this technology in the history of computing.

This results in the importance of computer to increase with increasing time. Almost every place, specifically companies and organizations, nowadays is furnished and uses computer in dealing every operation, function and activities. Advances in technological are always related to the advances in the development of computer technology. Computer technology is considered as the main factor that leads to the development of other modern devices in the real world. Without improvement in the field of computer technology, the world will stay in any current state with no improvement.

Computer technology has developed in term of its technology are not only to the design but also to the specifications, which include the software and hardware. These developments are done to attain the main objective in increasing the performance of all computer technologies. Ever since Microsoft arrived on the computing scene, the market was flooded with Windows-based machines together with the widespread of the Macintosh and Linux. Every month, the world is welcomed to new machines and computer hardware that gets more powerful in accommodating people desires.

This clearly shows that computer seems to get obsolete in no time at all (Tannin, 2012). Apart from the increasing in the speed and performance of the computing technology, the most apparent development that comes second after the two developments is the creation of AD animation and graphics. D technology has improved significantly that a virtual animation looks identical too real thing. Computer chip is another improvement in this technological field, where nowadays computer chips are started to be used in many things including the portable-cell phone.

Figure 2: Illustration of the smallest computer chip (source: towpath. Kamala. Net/Heeled SPYACAMERASm)HTMLdia transfer and storage is one of the technologies in computing technology that has an apparent development. In the old days, the maximum size that can be stored was only up to 5000 bytes of data but with the improvement in computing echngenealogybasic home computer manages to store up to 1,000,000,000,000 bytes (1 TB) TAB data. Another significant development of this technology is the Internet technology. This technology has resulted in the widespread communication of people around the world.

With the improvement in the network hardware, this technology has improved drastically in term of speed and its usage. 4. 2 Benefits of Computing Technology to the Society The implications of computing technology in the society are so diverse that this technology manages to benefit the world in many areas by facilitating people life in any aspects. The main important benefits this company could bring are the creation and transmission of information. Information sharing is essential in order for a society to develop, as it is a key contributor to the advancement of the economic, political, social, health and environment.

This technology helps in improving work handling by executing tasks and duties more effectively, timely and accurately. Transmission of information keeps the society to be up to date with the timely condition and information of the world. This is done through the faster and convenient transmission of information via one of he successful developments of computing technology, the Internet. 4. 3 Predicted impacts of the Computing Technologies Researchers have included computers in daily basis and this seems to change people perspective upon this technology.

People minds have been manipulated by computing almost entirely until a world without computing technology today is considered to be next to impossible. It is predicted that the world will be completely furnished with computer. Logically, it is impossible that computer will take over the be dominated by the computing technology is possible. As a prediction, every place including houses, offices and even bathroom will be equipped with computer. Almost all manual procedures will be completed by the computing technology itself. Moreover, the concept of producing a paperless office will be made true in the near future.

The use of paper will slowly be eliminated once the computer replaces all the technologies in the entire universe. Furthermore, there will be an increase in healthy competitions between various computer manufacturing companies in producing the best computer for computer users, both for economic and political factors. Without proper management of controlling the recycling of computing technology, the rate of negative impacts that this technology produces will be increasing relatively with time. The domination of computing technology in various places in the world will slowly reduce the need for human labolaborhandling simple multi-tasks.

Oppositely, it is predicted that more companies will open its door for more computer specialists and hence, this will result in the increase in the standard of work. 5. 0 Conclusion Development and technology are two equivocal terms that can be defined in many ways. Development in technology has proven to be drastically developed since the first invention of the computer by the Father of Computer. Technological development is made in prior to accommodate people needs and with the main objective to facilitate the daily routine of people living in the modern world.

Mobile technology and computing technology are two examples of the technologies that show apparent development in the history of technology. Both of these technologies manage to provide benefits to the entire people in the world. The predicted impacts of these two technologies are yet to be proven, but the predicted impacts include the ominnominationcomputer in the real daily basis of people and replacement of laptop computer by the smarsmartenedated by mobile technology, which has the characteristic of extreme portability.

Assignment 2: Managing Impacts of Information Technology on environment Information technology is considered to be an important aspect in facilitating many things in life; however, its environmental impacts that it gives are often not realized or considered. These impacts are believed as a result from the usage and disposal of non-recyclable materials during the manufacturing of computers. With improper management disposal of these non-recyclable materials often released toxic compounds into the environment (Melanie Adamson, et al, 2005, p. 13).

As a way to reduce the impacts of this improper disposal of the non-recyclable materials, organizations are now urged to implement the policies in managing a proper disposal of these materials. Old materials in old computers that cannot be saved will be dumped into landfills. This is to avoid the exposure of these old materials to the oxygen in the atmosphere, hence, reducing the rate of toxic emission by these materials. In this policy, old computers are needed to be reused, either through cycle of usage that allows the computers to be used by different owners or the reuse of the parts in the computer on new computers.

Despite the fact that recycling old computers for parts is not easy because of the hazardous materials they contain, many organizations are still implementing this policy with the help of well-organized processing the information technology has resulted in the use of large amount of energy and a considerable amount of Carbon Dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. Large energy consumption made by the computers for this technology plays mporimportante in producing various greenhouse gas, which resulted in the climatic change (DysoTyson08).

However, as part of reducing the negative impacts of this technology, many organizations have implemented green procurement policies that promote the adoption of energy saving practices. These polices do not reduce the performance of the computer but they simply reduce the power consumption when the computer is not in use. In conclusion, the negative impacts provided by the use of computer for Information Technology have now met its initial amendment ways. Many places including some states in the United States and United Kingdom are now mpleimplementingse policies to amend the negative impacts of this technology.

A latest record in 2012 has reported that about 25% of old computers nowadays are resold, given or sold to employees (DysoTyson08). This shows that these amendment policies are accepted by various parts of the world. References Anonymous. (n/d). Environmental Issues. Retrieved October 13, 2012, from Australian Government: Department of Education, EmplEmployment Workplace Relations: http:// www. deewDrewv.Gob/SAUooling/DigiDigitalEducationRevolutionources/guide/ Implementation/Pages/EnviEnvironmentalistsx SSPaArroyos/d). Martin Cooper – History of Cell Phone .

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