Emerging web technology trends and their impacts Assignment

Emerging web technology trends and their impacts Assignment Words: 474

Centre for Information and Communication Technology Assessment Task 1: Research report on web technology trends 1 . Assessment Task Purpose This assessment item involves the creation of a research report. It is intended to require you to explore the breadth and depth of content covered in this subject. The creation of the essay paper allows you to display your ability to collect and synthesize information and then present a logical discussion based on appropriately referenced sources. 2. Assessment Task Format

The format for this assessment item is a researched essay paper following the Harvard Style of referencing. See http://www. Cit. Act. Du. AU/current/ . The submitted document must be your own work; be less than 10 pages in length and except for headings, be font size not larger than 12 point and be single line spaced. It should be created using a word processor or salary software with a spelling checking faculty to avoid losing marks for poor spelling. It may be submitted in either a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. It should have a Cover Page indicating the Subject, the Assessment Task

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Number and Title, the Date Due, your enrolled full Name and Student Number. It should have either headers or footers on each page indicating your enrolled full Name and Student Number and the page number and total number of pages in the document. It should have a Table of Contents based on heading levels within the document followed by a table of Glossary of Terms used In the report; followed by a single page Executive Summary outlining the thrust of your paper; followed by an Introduction or Background; and then your discussion. It should footnote or reference the source of all Ideas or verbatim text Included In your essay.

Actual Included verbatim text must be enclosed In double quotations. All references to printed documents must Include page numbers In their references. Any omission to appropriately reference sources of information will be treated as plagiarism. It should finish with a Conclusion followed by a Bibliography of sources arranged in alphabetical order. A sample document in Microsoft Word format is available for download from the subject web page. 3. Assessment Task Topic Create a research paper on the Topic “Emerging web technology trends and their impacts”.

To adequately address this question you will need to identify the recent rends of web technology, how it emerging and Its applications. How its growing day by day. You would be expected to reference at least three sources for your Information. Clear, well presented and syntactically correct English expression, Is required at all grade levels. It is a good idea to have another person reviews your You must submit your assignment using the learn assignment submission. The tool is located in the session when it is due.

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