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I have the privilege today of talking about something that I know all of you have and cannot live without! Yes, my speech today is about Computers. Could you all take a few seconds to imagine a life without computers? Firstly, we all agree that computers have changed our lives tremendously but what I would like to argue is that computers have impacted us in such a positive way. Computers run in the veins of our society, it is the fuel that drives our lives and it is an integral part of our daily existence.

It has brought efficiency in the life for every common man with the attention to create things unimaginable before their inception. It has brought distant places closer, simplified our work and saved human effort to an incredible degree. Computers have made the world a smaller, simpler, and better place, while transforming the way our society interacts, evolves and lives. But not everyone thinks so. There is actually a belief that computers are destroying our world.

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They believe that computers make us weaker in the future as we become over reliant on technology and might be completely helpless without it. Others against computers, believe that it is making us self centered and less social. And here are some who think computers are driving creativity out of our souls. There will always be skeptics of progress and I think that computers represent not Just evolution of technology but hope for a brighter future K, so let us start with the obvious benefit that everyone in this room is experiencing, everyday, communication.

Computers have definitely affected the way people interact with each other on a day to day basis. I believe that computers have brought everyone together, as now it is really easy to connect with our friends and family, but in the past can you believe that the only way to communicate was by writing and ailing letters, which would take days or weeks to reach its destination. In addition family members, or friends who live apart in different places, countries, or even continents, can easily keep in contact with each other.

Thanks to chat rooms or social networking sites such as backbone, we can become acquaintances or even make new friends with people who live in far away lands, speak different languages, and come from a different culture. Because of this possibility, I believe ALL people via the connectivity of computers have become more open to new experiences, helping them n the future and making the world friendlier. Computers have impacted education tremendously as they represent a strong solution to expand students’ knowledge, bring them great opportunities to learn, and most importantly giving everyone the chance to be successful.

In addition, computers have impacted and transformed the methods of how student’s can learn and educate themselves. If you think education ends at 3:25 everyday you’re wrong, because all student’s have unlimited access to the teacher, online resources and assignments via the internet. I know you are all bright and engaged with your work, but computers an help motivate bored students to learn by unlocking a world of opportunities, where Information, ideas and inspiration are now only a click away!

Not only have computers enabled how we connect and learn but also how we innovate. The miracle of having such an enormous data base at our fingertips combined with the magic of virtual modeling, leads to an incredible speed of discovery and invention. Computers allow access to all the human knowledge ever known and this enables us to make rapid progress in the fields of science, medicine and outer space. So, I could argue that computers are actually making us smarter ND more innovative, These are Just a few fields influenced by computers.

It is impossible to list all the positive effects computers have brought to society, as they have given impetus to developments in various fields and have improved the quality of every-single person’s life. Computers take less time, consume less resources, and generate less waste while leading to more speed, more capacity, and more possibilities. And all this is Just because of this nine-letter word- but not Just a word- a phenomenon- computers. They have changed our past, are impacting the present, and will only continue to shape our future!

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