A Growing Industrilization Assignment

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As we become more evolved, we create more productive tools that make our lives easier. But does innovative necessarily mean better? On the contrary, it actually hinders today’s youth by isolating them from real world matters. It’s a perpetuating concept that distinguishes hard workers from lazy individuals that like to take the easy way out. Today, teens utilize technology to accomplish tasks faster with little to no effort. However, as we diligently go through life creating more efficient ways to do a task, we essence the use of our brain capacity to accomplish them.

For instance, students of this generation would rather take a picture with their cell phone in class than writing the notes themselves. Although this saves time in class, most students will forget they ever took a picture in the first place. Teens have the inability of proficiency hardwired into their brains when it comes to using a cellular device. Teens do not have the correct initiative to make it their responsibility to look over their notes at a later time. In class instruction should be the main objective and Ochs of the day in the same way teens are obsessed with social media.

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Furthermore, schools have already banned the use of devices during school hours but in recent years, since having a cell phone has now become a commodity, schools have now ratified the use of devices with the approval of your instructor. This year, instructors have not only accepted the use of cell phones, but they have also encouraged it. Exams are now being made virtually through websites with no skill set at all. Online assignments are now becoming more popular as the years progress. As a result, the SE of paper has diminished which thereby, causes less trees to be taken down.

But is it really beneficial to give students this much power by allowing them to have access to the internet? After all, students can easily search the answers to an assignment without being caught. In my experience, I have cheated through my high school career by acquiring answers to assignments that were issued online. Am I proud of it? Of course I am. What student in their right mind wouldn’t like to get a free grade to boost up their grading average? Most students will either copy from other students or find the answers themselves.

I have stumbled time and time again with teachers that would rather have students use their cellular devices to make their Job and life easier. Every student has a subject that they despise which sadly for me, are math and science. Luckily, my teachers give me handouts that are easily obtainable online. Therefore, I cheat time and time again simply because I do not get the material. Even though, I have benefited my grading average from this assignments, I have learned nothing from them. Vie failed most of my exams in Physics which most people might say, its hell Just to remain at a passing average and

I have also found websites that allowed me to input equations to my math homework by having the work and answer displayed for me. Accomplishing this types of task were never thought possible years ago, but now we have cell phones that can achieve irrelevant tasks such as using an app to scan your math homework and display the answer along with steps to solving it. Cell phones were originally designed to communicate with each other through talk or messaging. Nowadays, people would be called as something from the dark ages if they walk into a store and ask for a phone that only allows as such.

Humans have become an incoherent and lackadaisical form of specie that have continued to lack normal working standards because of technology. Technology has many positive effects in our lives, such as medical treatments, faster business outreach, storage of money wages and loans, and an endless database of information in which we can learn from. Yet, we choose not to benefit from what we’re given. Back in the day, people had to use the dictionary, read through encyclopedias, and go to library to find information but now that we can do all that in one click, we choose to ignore what is given to us.

People do not appreciate what they are given since they’ve had it their entire life. Technology is widely expanding throughout the world and connecting us to each other. We can now go to college online than in person which is great for those who have a working Job. I am not being biased towards the use of technology. In fact, I plan to make a career out of it. It’s like giving someone the answer key to an assignment in preparation for a test, they can choose whether to do the assignment themselves or they can simply turn in the assignment with the answers on it and learn nothing from it.

In conclusion, people are becoming dumber and dumber as smartness replace their brain. The human brain can process things much faster than anything we can ever think of creating, but we choose to have our smartness take the place of our brain. Once people utilize their brain capacity the way they should, there’s nothing that we can’t do. With that being said, work ethic can be influenced in a positive way with the growing industrialization that technology has to offer or we can choose to lower our life form even more and take the easy path out. It’s not faith in technology, it’s faith in people.

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