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Test your Intellectual and Organization abilities To be a better student, even when overwhelmed with lots of tasks Task management and Life Success A freshman student at Montgomery College that Just got out of High School is trying to make It through college that seems to be a lot different from high school. Tasks management and scheduling would be his greatest challenges in order to be a successful college student.

A Strategy/ Life Simulation based game In which the mall character has to maintain all his tasks at a good standing. Those tasks would be part of his social life, school life, team practices, and sleep. A game in which the main command would the mouse that you would use to click on different options for actions that would automatically move your character to any location of the map in which unseen tasks would be performed. Schedule tool would be the only manipulation available to the player. Target Audience: Male and Female (16-30) Target Game Platform: PC Rating: Educational game, so NO restriction.

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Target Technology: Electronic calendars that incorporate advanced scheduling tools. Background You are in current days, current location, and this your biggest step towards tofu now a grown College Student. You have successfully graduated from high school, and then got admitted at Montgomery College in which your life would change completely; you’ll have to be a member of any of your school teams which you would gain your popularity from, then manage your social life and school activities (athletic team included) that are both required in order to be a successful student.

As a new player, you would create an avatar that would be your main character and you would choose a sport from a given list, then you would be given a random schedule for your four classes and team practice. Your objective would be to manage yourself so you have time to practice for the team of your choice, to attend the classes, to do school assignments, and to sleep (controls the energy bar). As the game goes on, new tasks would be added into your schedule that you would have to manage; after making the team, popularity would increase, so a social life bar would be added and that would obligate you to also have a good social standard.

Interactive Elements By playing “College Life,” the player has a real experience of task management in he real world. A lot of us sometimes think that it is impossible to make time for school and social activities in the same period of time; that is one or the other, Wrong! This game gives the player multiple tasks that a normal college student has, and added to those is a social life that the player would be required to have. A schedule tool would be at your service and would help you manage all tasks that need to be completed. Basic intellectual skill would be required to make it through the end of the game.

As new tasks would be added into your schedule, you’d have to manage yourself so he new tasks don’t affect you on completing other assignments by using some good strategies you would have to come up with. By the end of the game, the player would gain self-management skill. Also this game would allow every student in the world to know that being in college doesn’t stop you from hanging out with your friends and from hobbies; you can be a successful student while doing lots of other activities as long as you’re organized by establishing a schedule to follow.

Property Marketing: A dedicated game website through the internet, that would give audience detail information about the “College Life” game and the Developer. Purchase of the game would also be available to the audience; you could either directly download it into your PC, or order the compact disk for delivery. Establish an agreement with the Montgomery County Public School system to include the “College Life” game as a learning tool in its schools. The game prepares the high school student for college, and it helps the actual college student on how to manage all social and school activities. Being organized is one of the main key of Success.

Intellectual Property: Basic PC knowledge: Know the use of different PC components. Conclusion Great tasks management would be acquired from the game. The game is fun and educational; so could be used for school and leisure. Other points to note: Player would have 4 completion bars that would fill up or vice-versa depending on tasks’ completion: Social, School, Team, and Energy. Those bars would determine your success rate throughout the game. The player would sometimes have to make hard decision as each bar could negatively affect another. So the player would have to come up with great strategy to manage his/her tasks like a pro.

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