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How Education Improved Filipinos Way of Life Education has always been a part of someone’s life. It does not only mean that one has to go to an infrastructure that can be a place to study, because in our homes we learn and people around educates us in different ways. I grew up studying in good school, I am so thankful to my mom for sending me to Catholic Schools in our country. Though my life now is not really a reflection of me studying in those schools, but more of the lessons that I learned throughout my years in the environment that I grew up.

I was born from a Filipino- Chinese family, not so educated but very aggressive when it comes to making business. My mom decided for me to go to a Catholic Schools because she has a different view on how should I learn, she believes that I should learn the religious way. I can’t blame her, though expensive but it was a good training ground for me. During my years in elementary my Chinese grandfather died, he was the one who actually supports the whole family. He came from a poor family in Fijian Province in China and escaped his way to the Philippines during the revolution. He worked hard to put up a business and be successful.

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When he died our business died as well, my mom and her siblings does not know how to run the business because they lived a very complacent life. I can’t even ask my dad to help me, he thinks differently. His idea of education is Just very simple, if you cannot go to school then don’t go to school. So my mom is the savior in the story, though it was hard for her she still kept me studying in those expensive schools until I finished high school. Seriously, I did not learn anything about life, all I know was Just about the Bible and knowledge about the basic subjects in school.

At the age of 16 1 decided to ark part time in a food chain, but since I can speak really good English I tried the call center industry at the age of 17 and got hired with a parental consent. It was difficult for me, I don’t know how the corporate industry works. So I have to learn the fast and hard way. I became a trainer after a year in a different company and now I am in China teaching American Government and History associated with one of the best Universities in the USA. At the same time starting to put up a business with my good friend here in China and finishing college online.

Educating myself in a different way improved myself a lot. I listed them to three items as for the direction: ; Education improves lives because it develops cognitive skills and processes. ; Education improves lives because it pushes us to be someone. ; Education improves lives because it makes us confident in what we do. Education improves lives because it develops cognitive skills and processes. We all know that we are thought not to always memorize things but how to think about it. Our teachers (either good or bad) gives us the chance to learn how to think and analyze.

It makes us electorates than other people in ways of dealing with life. In China, all students are trained to be like cottons Just absorbing all information that there teacher is giving them. They are not trained to think for themselves, they Just memorize, do tons of assignments and listen without expressing their opinions. The pineapples coeducation system Is swells oases In ten American system. Students can express what they want, though I am sure that in other schools there are teachers who do not tolerate this kind of behavior because they think they know everything. (l know some ’cause I have encountered them).

Education improves lives because it shushes us to be someone. This is a fact, when we were kids people always ask us what do we want when we grow up. Though it changes 98% of the time, we still have a dream. In school they push us to dream and be someone, maybe not the best but be someone who can our parents be proud of, including our teachers who are our second parents. Education improves lives because it makes us confident on what we do. True, if we are not educated we cannot defend our ideas and actions. Education gives us the fundamental knowledge on how we should deliver ourselves into others.

With it, we become educated and knowledgeable to face other people with confidence and good self- esteem. I meet a lot of people from different countries here in the field that I work in. Both from the West and East part of the globe, they always ask me “Why do Filipinos act so proper and educated? ” and I always say that “Because that is how we are brought up by our parents, teachers and people in my country. ” Our nation might still be struggling in terms of economy but because we are educated we still find a solution to face all those problems we meet. That’s how education improves the lives of the Filipino people.

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