Education and Diversity Issues Assignment

Education and Diversity Issues Assignment Words: 438

Diversity, and Access in Education Dry. Jennifer T. Butcher August 12, 2013 The three most pressing diversity Issues In an educational setting or schools today are the race/ethnic background of a child affecting his or her education opportunities, professional development opportunity to train teachers on diversity, and allowing access to rich and rigorous curriculum and content aligned to the standards regardless of a student’s diversity. Each of these has impacted my school.

The school I work for has taken step or set up new procedures to reduce the effects of these Issues on our staff, teachers, students, and families. The Issue regarding training teacher on diversity affects my school because teachers could benefit from altering their instruction to ensure that they are meeting the diverse needs of all of their students by being aware of the student’s individual needs. My school has had teacher complete diversity training and professional development seminars on how o instruct diverse learners within a classroom environment.

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Additionally, the impact of a student’s race or ethnic background should not negatively Impact his or her education at my school because the schools philosophy is that all students can learn in their own way based on their prior experiences. These prior experiences Include that of their cultural background and possibly traditions with in their ethnic background. My school values the importance of a curriculum in all content areas that is challenging and rigorous. The issue of ensuring that all students have equal access and opportunities with this curriculum is very important to my school.

It is aligned with the standards and Is accessible to all students. This accessibility Includes the option for advanced students to have extended learning from the curriculum and those students requiring additional help to get intervention services and lesson aligned with the curriculum. The school also offers parent curriculum night so that parents in the community may attend the school at night and can become familiar with the content and assignments their children are bringing home.

The steps my school has taken with regard to diversity has reduced the impact of diversity on my students, teachers, staff, and school. The school has developed In to that of an educational setting that welcomes all diverse learners. The teachers are provided with professional development and instructional strategies to assist their learned in reaching their fullest potential. Rubric/Grading Form content Ana organization 3 Points I Points Earned: I Comments: I All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. The here most pressing diversity issues in schools today.

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