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When I got to Pre-K and Kindergarten I already had the skills that they were teaching my classmates. They were surprised at what I had been taught Just in that length of time. That didn’t only make me feel good but my mother was proud of what she had done. Even though, I had good reading skills I was having many problems with my writing. My teachers realized that I wasn’t good at writing sentences correcting; so they started to help me. Once I got to the 1st grade I took my Basic English, math, science classes but I also had to take a remedial class to get help tit my writing.

My remedial teacher name was Mrs.. Louis she as a great teacher I loved going to her for help because, she would actually go step-by-step teaching me correct grammar, making sure my subjects agreed, and making sure I use correct punctuation. I she taught me skills all the way up to the 3rd grade; by the end of third grade I had improved a lot. I was doing a lot better and she was proud to see how much I had improved within those years. After passing the 3rd grade, my entire attitude changed about reading and writing.

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The reason my attitude changed is because I was more serious about learning; I knew that I was growing and these two subject were something I was going to need to master, as I get older. The things that I did to make sure that I would master these two subjects were: read books more often and did a lot of writing activities. My mom would ask my teacher if she could give me writing activities every week so that I could keep improving my writing skills. The more activities I was given the more my writing skills improved.

My attitude changed for the better because I started getting better at my writing and even though I wasn’t working on my reading I was also improving my reading skills. By the time I reached the 6th grade I had master my reading and writing skills. I did well on all of my reading and writing assignments all of my elementary school teachers and my mom were so proud of how I had grown and mastered those skills. I was also proud of myself, I didn’t think I was going master those skills because I had problems staying soused on my work.

But I stayed focused and determined to do better for me and for my education. The main person that influenced me to do better is Mrs.. Louis my elementary remedial teacher. She taught me that I should always have confidence in myself and never underestimate what I can or cannot do. She also taught me how to be determined and never give up on something that I really want. And I thank her for all she has taught me. Early reading & Writing Experiences By aloneness

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