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A more rigorous definition of a database is a collection of data organized to serve many applications efficiently by centralizing the data and controlling redundant data. Kenneth C. Lauded. , & Jane P. Lauded. 2010, p. 212). School Management System Is a large database system which can be used for managing your school’s day to day business. School Management system allows users to store almost all of their school’s information electronically, including information on students, employees, properties, teaching materials etc.

Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched. And reports can be easily generated. It is a multi-user system and Management System is configurable and can be conferred to meet most individual school’s needs. It is a multi-user system and can be used by hundreds or even thousands users at same time. General speaking, it is platform running on a Local Area Network (LANA). However, if the School Management System server is conferred to be a public server – with a static IP or domain name – it would not have a boundary limitation.

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Wherever you are, once you have an Internet connection and School Management System client installed, you can logon to the School Management System server easily Just the same as if you were sitting in the school office. However, he speed limitation is up to both your client’s and server’s Internet speed. ; School Management System could make your school staffs life easier than ever. Using School Management System, finding student information is Just a few seconds away which might have cost hours, or even days, before.

At the end of the semester, printing students’ statement becomes Just a few minutes’ Job, but it could be a nightmare without using School Management System. If a student is absent, an email or even a short text message could be sent automatically to their parents’ email address or mobile phone. (http://www. Laid. Mom/) Ill. BACKGROUND OF KINDER CARE ACADEMY Kinder Care Academy will open this September. It is located in Flushing, NY with 15 classes and almost 200 students between the ages of 2-5 years old. About 15 teachers and 20 assistants will take care of these children.

In weekend, the school administrator is expecting 150 students, between the ages of 7 to 12, to be enrolled in their enrichment programs. ‘V. DISCUSSION OF CURRENT ISSUES Today, which we call information age as many technological developments have been experienced; the biggest risk that an organization could take is to stay insensitive to change. Many significant factors such as continuous developments in information technologies, information exchange, increasing expectations of the society, modern managing perceptions and applications cause organizations all over the world to develop new applications in order to survive (Demit, 2003).

Because of their priority in modern societies, Information Technologies have reached a state of high priority in education, too. Recently, contributions of information technologies to education have been among the mostly emphasized subjects (Webber, 2003; Flanagan, 2003; Belgium, 2001; Yen, Law, 2003). For this reason, big investment plans about the use of information systems have been put into action all over the world (Yen, Law, 2003; Belgium,2001). The U. S.

Department of Education says, “As a teacher, you and the children’s parents and caregivers are partners in helping to get the children ready for future school success. Good communication with parents and caregivers can build support for and strengthen the important work that you are doing in the classroom. ” There are a variety of methods that early childhood teachers can use to effectively communicate with parents Newsletters, daily notes, bulletin roads, parent teacher conferences and a few positive words can provide the kind of ongoing communication necessary to help prepare children for future success. Charlie Stewart. 2008. ) But we can imagine what communication could be happened among early childhood teachers and parents without information system. A preschool educator can communicate with parents through a classroom newsletter, resource and also time consuming to draft, taking print out or writing in the notice board. There needs a cross checking whether the information reached throughout the school or not. A parent teacher conference is a great way for parents and early childhood educators to get together to discuss the child in depth.

But if parents are not able to come to school or in other place, they will miss this good chance. Also in an early child care school principal or the head of the institution needs extra a few minutes to produce a report on the instant status of the school or the daily updates about the school. They need to collect the data like attendance of students, staff, number of resources available in the school and number of students present in each class manually.

Staffs need additional time to write down the details about the events like sports day, parents’ day, cultural days and other information in the school diary as a daily routine. V. PROPOSED SOLUTION In the 21st century, more and more advanced information systems have been used in our lives, for example airline, auto retailer, bank, restaurants and so on. Meanwhile child care industry is also expanding rapidly as more and more children are going to school at early age. School management system forms the backbone of every nation.

As a matter of fact, a sound education system is a must to nurture young talents who n future will become global citizens and take their nation to new heights. In recent times, advanced technology is extensively being used to revolutionize school management by streamlining education-related processes. So Render – School Management System is very suitable for Kinder Care Academy. Render – School Management System provide online interactive community portal of stakeholders to enhance the efficiency of school administration and improve resource optimization, thus raise the standards of schools worldwide.

Render – School Management System is a feature-rich, multilingual, complete school Content Management System (SMS). This school community portal provides state-of-the-art online interactive community and backbend administration functions. The school intranet effectively brings the education stakeholders (administration, home and classroom) together on a common interactive platform thereby fostering camaraderie among them and building a solid school community.

Built using the latest technology, this scalable online school management software automates a school’s diverse operations such System New Student Inquiry, Admissions, Re-enrollment, Student and Family Information Management, Group Email Capability, Cafeteria Management, Child Care Management, Health Management, Library Management, Scheduling, Human Resources, Student Billing, Student Behavior Management, Reporting, Security, Report Cards and Transcendentalists, Online Grade Book and Parents.

This online school management system also includes a whole range of activities such as incorporating different rules of an education system and taking care of diverse needs coming from different standards emerging in education such as boards, grades, government standards and compliances, to name a few. This fully browser-based school management system software can be conveniently accessed from both school intranet and public internet. Yet another advantage of this education management system software is that it runs on minimal hardware and easily fits in the budget of schools.

Render – School Management System incorporates 185 features and communication with the home. Also Render – School Management System was engineered to offer schools all the power they need for school management functions ranging from A to Z -? admissions, attendance, discipline, health, library, lunchroom, report cards, scheduling, student billing, transcripts and more -? all integrated into a single database. Render – School Management System is Web-based so administrators and teachers can access and manage the data and information they need any time, from anywhere!

Parents can view homework assignments and lesson plans monitor grades, attendance and behavior and generally check their student’s progress from any location via the Web! Plus Web-based school management system is the ultimate solution for consolidating data from multiple campuses that have their combined schools’ information spread across multiple databases. Render – School Management System Web-based Advantages – Accessible any time, from anywhere System integration is important to every school. After all, it doesn’t help to have a powerful system with many features if they don’t work together and share data and information.

That’s why, Render – School Management System was designed with an Integrated Database that allows all of our 185 features to work together – to ensure that data is entered Just once and then made available to every other area of the program that needs it – seamlessly connecting administration, the classroom and the home. (http://www. Render. Com/ Wheel/powerful. Asps)FL. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE As a new opening school, we need effective communication between teachers, parents and students. At same time effective school administration is important for us.

Render – School Management System is an appropriate choice. Renee’s Pay As You Grow payment plan makes this management system more affordable by eliminating the need for small schools to pay upfront license fees to purchase the software. Pay As You Grow monthly fees cover all of Renee’s standard services, including server hosting, conversion of all data, system setup, and staff training. Plus, Render will maintain the servers, back up all data, provide unlimited technical support via phone, chat or email, and distribute every future Render upgrade free- of-charge.

Better yet, the Pay As You Grow plan requires no long-term commitment. Pay As You Grow also includes a free Render Lifetime Training Pass, providing schools ongoing free access to any online training class offered. (http:// www. Render. Com/Wheel/Powerful. Asps) The servers we use are hosted in a Fortune 500 data center environment. Render provides a Turn key system setup, performing all the data conversion and system configuration. Render train our staff onsite or online.

After that we can access all our school information anytime, anywhere via the web – linking administration, classroom and the home. Plus, while data is entered, and it will be seamlessly available to all 185 of Renee’s powerful features that need to be accessed or displayed. And all the while, Render makes sure our servers are secure and our information is protected by the latest technology available. (http:// www. Render. Com/Wheel/Powerful. Asps) Recommendations (Three-Year Timeline) 0 First year we will install some features from all powerful 185 features of Render – School Management System.

As a small private child care school, initially like New Student Inquiry System, Admissions System, Student and Family Information Attendance System and Parents System need to be installed. Render Provides Turn key data Conversion and System Setup. Conversion Process begins with a data conversion call among a Render Project Manager, Render Data Conversion Specialist, and appropriate members of the school staff. The Data Conversion Specialist reviews the school’s submitted data for completeness, requests missing data and seeks clarification from the school where needed, and then converts data lies and databases into Render.

Data Input clerks hand-key data from paper documents into boilerplate’s as well that are loaded into Render for the school. Then the Render Project Manager takes over to perform the Render setup, including Loading courses, creating schedules and creating class sections. Enrolling students into classes. Ensuring students and families are properly configured and linked. Completing all other configuration settings for the school as determined through the conversion interview.

This includes standard course lists, defined drop-down election lists, ethnicity designations, grading scales, attendance codes, discipline codes, honor roll criteria, etc. Render provides onsite or online training with a live instructor, allowing schools to choose the option that best meets. Fundamental Administration Training – 8 hours of one-on-one instructor-led training offered predominantly online, or onsite for larger schools. Admissions – Plus 7 hours offered online in a group training format led by a live trainer Scheduling – Plus 6 hours offered online in a group training format led by a live trainer Student Billing –

Plus 6 hours offered online in a group training format led by a live trainer Fundamental Faculty Training – 6 hours of instructor-led training offered online via Train-the-Trainer format After training Render – School Management System is ready to implement. 0 Second year more features need to be setup as more students and staffs Join us. Then Re-enrollment System, Group Email Capability System, Child Care Management System, Health Management System, Library Management System, Human Resources System and Online Grade Book System will be necessary. With more systems coming, more training for these features access.

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