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One of those reasons is that it has given individuals the ability to purchase products or services that wouldn’t be available to them in their current area. Another reason would be that customers can have Items delivered right to their doorstep. An example of an organization that implements e-commerce is Amazon. Amazon have been an Internet-based company since 1994 where they started out selling books online through the Internet. They would be delivered to the customer’s address and would make their money solely online. Amazon then diversified, selling

CDC and DVD’s and grew even more by selling retail products. One advantage that Amazon have is that their hugely known, admired and trusted by the public. Nonetheless, they aren’t able to make much profit because they only take a small percentage (from commission) of all the products sold through their website, and it isn’t enough to turn a profit. Another advantage of Amazon is that it gives customers as well as retailers and organizations the ability to sell their products. The Impact of Introducing e-commerce to the Kings Gallery can propose both hindrances ND benefits to the organization.

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For instance, the e-commerce for the business can take off and will provide a flow of financial backing which would also start to improve the art market as customers may find the need to physically see the art In person without the need of having to buy online. However, it can also drain the money as it could be that no one would be interested in purchasing art online, or that there are competitors that would impact the sales of the Kings Gallery. These are the potential risks that are to be considered. With that being said, the impact of consumers will be he ‘be all or end all’ of the business.

This is because they will be the reason for the revenue. E-commerce Solution Plan New customers to the website will have the option to create a new account which can store their address and card details If they wish. These details will then be saved and stored, ready for when they next want to purchase from the website. Their details can also be removed. The aim of the business will be to survive, expand and grow, and improve the art market. Domain Name http://www. Generally. Org. UK Product Photos & Prints Target Market 16+ and art collectors

Marketing Strategy Promoting the new e-commerce website by posting telling customers who walk into the gallery (word of mouth), and the potential of designing posters or fliers which can be delivered to people’s houses locally. This means that it would be pulling customers to come to the website. Limited-time exclusive deals which are only available on the website can be introduced. Online advertisements which are advertised on Google when people search for art. Competition The Kings Gallery will have competition such as other e-commerce websites, and also physical art galleries.

However, this could make the Kings Gallery seem more niche as other art galleries may provide different types of art and stuff that may not be original. Costing Domain Name – E per year Hosting – to OHIO Website Maintenance – IEEE+ Website Marketing – IEEE+ Data Encryption Software – EYE Payment Systems Card transaction online, Papal or cash by post. Security Plan When customers are paying through the website, they will have the option to use Papal which is the most secure way of making a payment online. However, if they prefer to use a card transaction, the website will have to implement an encryption footwear.

The website will be updated every month so that the software will be new and will be harder to be hacked by hackers. Legislation The Data Protection Act (1998) says that data must be used adequately and must not be kept for longer than necessary. It requires that data must be safe and secure. The Kings Gallery will adhere to The Data Protection Act (1998) so that customers can rely on the security and of the website. E-commerce Solution Plan Evaluation I feel that the business aim for the organization seems suitable as it begins to develop an commerce aspect.

This is because the art market is quite a niche market art. I recommend that the business may alter their business aim slightly so that they start to make profit as their commerce gains larger numbers of revenue. This would help them to expand and get known more. Although, they do not want to harm their reputation by seeking profit, which means if they were to make prices higher, they can’t go much higher than they are. The domain name is suitable for the time being, considering that the website is new and not well known.

When the time comes and they gain more customers, I would insider changing the domain name to http://www. Generally. Co. UK instead of the ‘. Org. UK. The reason for this so that it makes the business seem like they are legitimate and committed to their commerce side. Having a pull market strategy is suitable for the organization because the business needs to be recognized as soon as possible so that they are able to make enough money to make their organization survive. Furthermore, when the business socially expands, they ought to stop trying to pull customers in.

This is because it doesn’t give the image that the organization is separate for customers, meaning customers won’t get the impression that the business is Just trying to blab cheap art. The fact that the business has its own way of card transactions through its website may seem a little farfetched. The reason for that is because the software is quite expensive and would require constant maintenance and monitoring. Also it’s a new website, so customers might not be trusting of it. The business will have to improve the design of the website when they have the ability and funds to, so that it looks more professional.

Customers will be a little more trusting when the website looks good, they will feel more comfortable with card transaction that way. Since the website will be new, Papal would be the safest and ossifications way of online transaction. Once the e-commerce takes it off and the design of the website looks good, they can then implement their own way of card transactions. Overall, I think the e-commerce Solution Plan is a suitable way of entering the online market. Not only that, it is the cheapest way of doing so. This plan is for how the organization will start UT, and my recommendations are for when they have the ability and finance to.

Critical Evaluation My way of approaching this assignment started by researching examples of organizations that provided e-commerce such as Amazon which was asked from me in the first part of the assignment. The time it took to research altogether is roughly three hours; this included costing of maintaining a website, looking for available domain names and looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the impacts that e-commerce has on society. This also helped me plan for my solution as it gave me n overview of the things I need to consider when creating an e-commerce website.

When I was first introduced to the assignment in class, I was unable to carry out any research prior to examples of e-commerce organizations due to the network being down. This meant that hours, purely dedicated to this assignment, were lost and not much progress had been made. I felt I have managed my time efficiently for this assignment in the sense that I have planned when I work on this assignment and have not let the time slip. However with time may have been lost because I was thinking and researching more than I was rating.

The reason as to why I found it difficult is because I didn’t have a firm understanding of what the assignment was asking me to do in relation to the case study. I may have provided better quality content if I took it upon to me to ask for help about trying to understand what the assignment was asking me to do in relation to the case study. The fact that I didn’t do so left me feeling isolated and scared that the content of my work was going to be relevant and/or not enough. Nonetheless, it is my fault that this has happened and I have learnt to ask for help if there’s anything that I’m ensure about.

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