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What are you going to do to cake sure you avoid plagiarism? 2 Are there resources on the Internet that you can use without citing them? How do you know the difference between what you can and cannot use? Week 6 sq 1 Are educational and career goals different or the same? How? Is it essential to set educational and career goals? Why or why not? Educational and career goals are different because educational goals are geared more towards expanding knowledge, while career goals focus more on a particular Job field and work experience. They are the same because they both work together to increase productivity and success rate.

It is essential to set educational and career goals because it can help an individual to support themselves and establish an identity in the world. The best time to plan your career goals is while young. Those who set off into adult life without clear goals often go adrift and end up making decisions such as having children, getting married, or taking Jobs that limit their opportunity. In such cases, time starts working against you making setting and achieving long term goals more difficult but not impossible another reason youth seem to benefit from pursuing educational goals is time.

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With many careers requiring postgraduate degrees Just to get started, people in their ass’s and beyond are challenged with the ability to complete their educational goals with enough productive time remaining to achieve career goals. This becomes especially problematic when trying to Juggle family, Job and community responsibilities while attending college part time. An earning Associates Degree is difficult enough for seasoned students, let alone completing a Masters or Doctorate level degree. When setting out on your Journey toward a career it is essential to set goals.

When establishing your goals, conduct research to help you make informed decisions about what career and educational paths you need to take. It is not simply enough to Just establish a goal and hope to achieve it. Real success comes through careful planning. Motivation is one of the primary reasons to set goals for education and your future career. Writing down goals and reviewing them regularly is Just as important as establishing the goals in the first place. Having career and educational goals mapped out will give you a sense of the direction you should be heading.

Write or print your oils and hang them in several locations throughout your home. I keep a copy in my purse and in your car of my goals so I can work towards them. 2 How will your educational goals contribute to your career goals? Is there an exact path to your intended career, or is additional training or certification, for example, required? Accomplish my other goals. I hope to become an elementary school teacher and hope to bring changes in the society that we live in today. To help me accomplish these goals, I think I have academic potentials that can be put to great use if I studied further more.

To begin with, coming from a loving family and having to struggle with school due to language/ culture barriers has helped me decide my career goals. When I first started to school and understand want public school was like. I was fond by the help provided by my teachers. My teachers always encouraged me and pushed me to challenge myself. Therefore, I want to motivate other young people as well to overcome their obstacles and reach their goals. This is why I choose to become an elementary school teacher, so I can encourage my students to never give up.

I want to encourage them to pursue their dreams and I want to be a role model or them, Just as my teachers were for me. I strongly believe if someone is determined, they can achieve anything in this world. I want to pass this message to our next generation, and I believe a teaching Job would be an excellent way in order to make this country a better place for everyone. Week 7 sq 1 Locate a time management tip by conducting an internet search. How will you incorporate this tip or skill into your own time management plan?

Provide a link to the site along with a proper citation for the tip . Scheduling helps me accomplish more and feel more in control of my life I learn to have all my assignments in front of e and my calendar with all the dates the assignment are do. I stay up late to get my work done on time. Sometimes I get my assignment done before due date or a week before. So time management is hard at times but I know it’s something I have to get done www. Middleton. Com 2 In terms of time management, what is the difference between a long-term and a short-term goal?

How can you manage your time over long periods, such as with your personalized career plan? Short-term goals expect accomplishment in a short period of time, such as trying to get a assignment in the next few days. The definition of a horn-term goal need not relate to any specific length of time. In other words, one may achieve or fail to achieve a short-term goal in a day, week, month, year, etc. The time-frame for a short-term goal relates to its context in the overall time line that it is being applied to.

For instance, one could measure a short-term goal for a month-long project in days; whereas one might measure a short-term goal for someone’s lifetime in months or in years. Planners usually define short-term goals in relation to a long- term goal or goals. Long-term goals are usually goals for the distant future or are less imaginable. Short-term goals are usually goals for the near future or are more tangible. Medium-term goals are usually in-between or goals that are undecided. Long term objectives can be regarded to as goals, they suggest where they would like to be in the future.

Short term objectives can be regarded as small short term goals that can be reached fairly quickly and impact their progress towards the strategic long term goals it has set. The main difference between the two is that the long term objectives are less tangible due to the longer time period which it will take to attain them. Thus, short term objectives are easily measured and take far less time to achieve. Long term objectives are less likely to be measured due to many unknown objectives which 1 Do you consider yourself a strong reader? Why?

What are some of the negative consequences of weak reading skills? What are some of the benefits of strong reading skills? Yes, I consider myself a strong reader. This is because I feel I have a vast enough vocabulary to help me understand whatever pose or writing is in front of me. With this skill, I am able to emotionally and mentally connect with all types of iterate. Some of the consequences of weak reading skill are that without understanding and processing. What I have read I not get the full effect that the author intended his readers to receive.

There will be no connection to strong literature. You may also not do well academically if you do not have this universal understanding of various types of literature. The benefits of strong reading skills are just the opposite of the consequences of weak. Reading skills are able to excel academically and I will have a vest understanding of anything come across in words 2 Throughout your degree program you will be expected to rely on academic resources for your assignments instead of general Internet sources.

While these academic resources provide great information, they can be written at a level that makes reading, comprehension, and retention challenging. What are some specific steps you might take to tackle difficult-to-understand resources? What reading, comprehension, and retention strategies do you think you might use? Why? Realize that your difficult situation is all in how you perceive it. What may seem difficult now will not seem so difficult later. And what is difficult to you may not be to others. Realize you have a choice in how you handle your difficult situation.

You can choose to be positive or you can choose to be negative. Try to find the positive in every situation that life may bring. Be resourceful never give up or give in when faced with a challenge. Find out as much information as you can about the situation. What that mean is talk to someone who has been through it or looking it up in the yellow pages or on the internet to find resources to help you get through the situation. Deal with your emotions responses sometimes you may feel hurt, sad, disappointment, anger, restorations, shame or loneliness.

You need to let yourself feel the emotions cry. When yell, scream roll around on the floor and have a temper tantrum let the emotions pass through like a current and move on. Week 9 sq 2. Were any of the lessons you learned in this course useful for your current Job? Why or why not? How will the lessons you have learned in this course help in completing your program? How will they help you achieve your career goals? 1 What is the most important lesson you learned in this course? Why did you select that lesson as the most important?

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