Distribution of Wealth in America Assignment

Distribution of Wealth in America Assignment Words: 453

See course schedule Fill out the following form (see page 2) completely and turn In on or before the due date. Be as clear as possible: the primary purpose of this exercise is to make sure that you have a workable topic; I will not approve topics that I think are too broad, too narrow, are not sociological in focus, don’t address the assignment, etc. In other words, I’m trying to help you succeed on this project. In order to help you succeed, I need to know what you’re thinking 0 You may email this form.

I will keep this sheet, and will email you with comments and suggestions. If I approve your topic, the email will say “topic approved” (you should still read the email because I may have comments even with approval). If your email does not contain the words ‘topic approved,” then you should re-talk your Idea, using my comments, and resubmit (Vela email Is fine unless you completely change topics). It would be best If you do this as soon as possible – the sooner you get this approved, the more time you have to write.

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If you Walt until the due date, for example, and then need to work on your topic, and don’t get back to me quickly, you might end up not having much time to write at all. So, to be clear: 1 . Research projects will not be accepted unless topics have been approved. 2. Your topic is not approved unless you get an email stating clearly that it has been approved. 3. If you don’t receive an email from me a few days after you turn your topic in, you should assume that something has gone wrong and you should resubmit immediately.

Don’t wait if you don’t hear from me. If, for some reason, your topic is approved but you decide you don’t want to write a paper on that topic after all, you may change topics. HOWEVER, you *must* notify me as soon as possible. Depending on the magnitude of the change, I may ask you to complete a new form. Again – this requirement Is meant to help you succeed. You have my full attention weeks before your project is due. Please make good use of this Please write clearly or type your answers. Which group are you in? Circle one): Paper Group 1 Group 3 Working title of your paper: epic (what Is the focus, the general question, etc) Paper Group 2 Paper Brief description of your How does your topic qualify as a social problem according to the Whiner text (match it to the definition)? Explain how you will apply Critical Constructionist to write your paper.

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