Central America Turmoil Assignment

Central America Turmoil Assignment Words: 356

Policy, and the Long-Term Care Continuum Spring 2014 Northeastern Illinois University Final Paper Directions Each student is required to write a research paper focusing on one area of gerontology that is of specific interest. Select an area related to older adults/aging that is meaningful to you or something that you have an interest in and would like to learn more about (this is part of your first paper assignment, due 217).

Your final paper should provide an overview/brief history of your topic, why this topic is elevate in the aging field, who is affected by it and how, provide key definitions, discuss relevant theories (if applicable), discuss what is happening in the field/ current research, elaborate upon challenges in the field, and provide future directions for research/practice. Your paper may also include additional sections. You will structure your paper in a way that is most suitable to your specific paper topic, and the second paper assignment (due 3/7) will help with this.

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I will be responsible for approving your final paper topic, and will also provide you with Individualized dieback on your two final paper assignments, which will guide you on the development of your final paper. The final paper Is worth 100 points and will comprise 20% of your total final grade. A list of sample paper topics can be found below. Research papers should be 5-7 pages in length (double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font) and reference a minimum of 6-8 peer-reviewed Journal articles. Papers should be thoroughly spell/grammatically checked before being handed In. Final papers are due on 4/25 at the beginning of class.

Late papers will not be accepted. Final Paper Sample Topics* Successful Aging Retirement Transportation/Driving Dementia/Leaseholder’s Employment Intergenerational Support/Relationships Volunteerism Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LIGHT) Aging End-of-Life Care Disabilities and Aging Social Support/Social Isolation Elder Abuse Careening Sexuality and Aging Religiosity and/or Spirituality Nursing Home Quality Dual Eligible Nutrition Suicide Mental Health Racial Disparities Technology Use Personality Death and Dying Family Relationships Aging in Place Cognition *This is not an exhaustive list of topics.

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