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What is the connection between wealth and education? Is It education gives us wealth, or wealth gives us an education? Education is our knowledge on things that we have learnt and things that we understand. Whilst wealth isn’t Just about how much money we have. It’s about being wealthy through our health and heart, also emotionally and physically wealthy. It Is all that Is desired to be truly happy with one and another. So, what Is the connection between wealth and education? There Is no direct connection that Is clearly visible and Is easy to understand.

But there Is a relation teen wealth and education that Influence each other for the better. Education may give us knowledge so we are able to have a better future with good Jobs, and pay. But without wealth how do we get the sources needed for our education. This Is a rotating cycle of how wealth and education influence each other. This essay will discuss how wealth is a main factor for education in our modern society. Wealth can mean so much more that how much money you have. We are all wealthy in one way, a wealthy person is a happy person. For something to become wealthy it must have the characteristics of wealth (satisfying, material, produced by labor, and eve an exchange value). This is why money is seen to be all of what wealth is. Money is only an object used in the making of wealth. There are many different forms of wealth. For example: inner wealth, physical wealth, family and social wealth, career wealth, economic wealth, and adventure wealth. All these forms of wealth connect back to how happy you are inside and out not the amount of money you can spend on an object.

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Education is an increase in the knowledge or skills processed by people. Education is generally viewed from a formal perspective, in which ‘students’ sit in classrooms tuned to lectures from teachers before they are forced to reveal their education through tests and assignments. If the teachers In these classrooms did not use their Inner wealth for a positive mindset, career wealth for actualities their highest potential, and economic wealth for making money. The teachers would be negative, and this would reflect on the student’s education.

Putting them In the wrong mindset, making education boring and less wanted. The wealth the teacher’s show plays an Important role In students and their education. In Australia’s modern society we don’t Just send our children to the cheapest and nearest school. We search for the school that has the most achievements, the highest ranking. The school that everyone says will give you the better education to be wealthy Tort ten Truer. But Tort ten netter coeducation ten cocoons must TLS De economically wealthy to produce the learning activities and devices needed.

Many of these top educational schools’ don’t always give you the wealth best needed for education (e. G. Roseanne Senior High School). The most important form of wealth is, inner wealth, which is a positive mental attitude. Most schools are here to give the education needed to pass. Making the school and teachers more economically lately. But for a student to reach their full potential they have to use inner wealth, and this is hard to find when many schools and teachers only care about the money going to them.

Instead of the ways in which the student will best get their knowledge and education. There are still many people in our society that don’t go to school to get an education. Many of these people are home schooled or simple can’t afford an education. This is also a reason why wealth has a major impact on education. As in today’s modern society there are still homeless people, and people that can’t live an easy day-to-day fife. Education isn’t Just learnt through doing school. It can be learnt through living conditions, family values and believes, and also through the way you see life.

Education is your own individual knowledge and although there are people that aren’t wealthy enough to go to school and get the marks to pass and have higher paying Jobs. They are still getting up everyday to do those Jobs that no one wants to do. And these Jobs are what make everyone’s life easier on a day-to-day basis… If you where originally wealthy in all types of forms, than being able to find the titivation and the right attitude for an education would give you a positive mindset.

For learning and extending your current knowledge. By being wealthy, education would come easier to you for not having to work as hard to get a Job that could come to you. Also being in a wealthy family, there can be people that learn a lot from what others around them do. Wealth is a major factor for education in our modern society, for; wealth can give you the schooling needed to get better marks and certificates to go up to high Jobs. And having the Job you want can make you happy, that that is the real reason for wealth…

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