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What are these Feats of Fortitude? They are challenges that build character that are traditions in ZIP. 9. Can you please shed some light on some of these challenges for the jury? The first one was the ice bucket challenge. Then a Harlem shake video and the cinnamon challenge. 10. Did any problems result from any of these challenges with Ms. Peppering? Well, the ice bucket challenge went smoothly. The Harlem shake video led the pledges to find a paper that indicated that there was cheating going on and the cinnamon challenge that led to Andy being hospitalized and I dated with her the whole time. 1. So to your knowledge, was Professor Boone giving any other ZIP members the same type of assignment you were receiving? Yes, it was kind of an open secret in ZIP that taking his/her class meant good grades. 12. Did you have any other association with Professor Boone? Yes, I was a student researcher in the entomology lab that s/he ran at Kalmia. 13. And were there any other connections between ZIP and the Professor? Yes, Professor Boone was a ZIP alum from Kalmia. 14. And you mentioned that you worked with this professor in the entomology lab.

Can you explain to the jury what kind Of work goes on in a lab like this? We research all kinds of bugs. It’s kind of nerdy but it is what we enjoy doing. 15. What kind of bugs did you do research on? There was all kinds including the Formosan Subterranean Termite. 16. Did you have access to these termites? Yes. So did other students in the class as well as professor Boone. 18. Did you discuss the plans for the final Feat of Fortitude with Professor Boone? Yes, I told him/her how I was planning on having Andy plank at the arch. 19. Before you made this decision, were you aware that Ms.

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Peppering had en looking at the anti-hazing guidelines? No, I only found out after had told them where to go. 20. Where were you the night of September 12, when Ms. Peppering was involved in her accident? I was sitting in my room the whole night. 21 . And Ms. Marmalade, did you give Andy any specific instruction on how to accomplish this challenge? No, I never really gave her any exact Way to plank. She could have laid down on the sidewalk and snapped a picture while she was on the ground. She didn’t have to climb the arch and I certainly never told her to do so. Thank you your honor, nothing further.

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