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Different Ways of Researching Online There are many ways to do research online and through our schools online library. The University of Phoenix’s library has many different articles, journal entries, and other references to do research. The internet also has many different websites to get information from as well. The key is to make sure the website we are getting information from are credible and that the information is true and cannot be edited by others. We should also make sure the author is a reliable person, and make sure we look into them and cross reference any information that we gather online.

For this assignment, I decided to research children with ADHD which means children that have attention deficit hyper disorder. Many kids are diagnosed with this disorder every year. Many kids are misdiagnosed because their parents feel as though they are too hyper and have short tension spans, which is normal behavior with children and they usually grow out of this kind of problem. Many children are put on medication to help them focus and not be as hyper. There are many arguments that come with this topic and putting kids on medication instead of just using disciple.

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I have seen kids on medication for this disorder and they walk around like zombies and are not themselves at all which a shame is. The first place I went to research this was online at Webmd. com. I use this reliable website a lot when it comes to questions with medication or anything to do with health or mental health questions and concerns. Webmd. com informed me that ADHD is usually diagnosed after a kid has shown six or more symptoms of inactivity and or hyperactive activity on a regular basis for more than six months. The diagnosis includes gathering of information from several sources like parents, school, and care givers.

The doctor then considers how a kid’s behavior compares to other kids the same age. Symptoms include inattention, hyperactivity, constant movement, doesn’t listen, talks excessively, interrupts others, easily distracted, and usually don’t finish tasks. Some causes of ADHD like behavior are a sudden life change, undetected seizures, anxiety or depression. Education of children and families is essential for any treatment plan, which may encompass special education programs, psychological intervention, and drug treatment. Kids treated with ADHD, drugs and therapy ended up having better social skills.

I then went to the University Library to get some peer reviewed articles for my topic. I went under the specialized database under psychology, and found a journal article that was peer reviewed under EBSCOhost. The title was “Empathy in the Play of Children with ADHD Disorder. ” It was in the Participation and Health magazine and was in the summer of 2010 magazine by R. Cordiour, and A. Bundy. This article said that kids with ADHD have serious social problems and peer difficulties that lead to adverse outcomes in adolescence and adulthood.

Play provides a natural context to explore interactional problems. The study was aimed at the similarities and differences in play behavior of kids who have ADHD and developing children. The test concluded that the problems may have been developmentally inappropriate lack of empathy rather than simply poor social skills. It also discussed the impact of positive effects that it can have on kids with ADHD. Research related to diagnosis and symptoms, associated complications, pharmacological and behavioral treatments and the role of sport participated is presented.

This article concludes sport participation shows a big promise for helping kids with ADHD control their behaviors and interact positively with peers. Lastly, I used the University Library again, and used ProQuest to get my next peer reviewed article for children with ADHD under psychology again. The journal was called, Journal of Abnormal Child. The article was called “Inconsistent Self Report of Delinquency by Adolescents with ADHD,” by M. Sibley, W. Pelham, and B. Molina, published in July 2010.

This report claims that adolescents with ADHD are more likely than comparison participants to fail to report delinquent acts reported by parents and to recant acts they endured one year earlier. The trend was most apparent for kids with mild to moderate severity current ADHD symptoms. Severity predicted more recanting of previously endorsed acts. Based on the findings, several recommendations are made for the assessment of delinquency history in childhood ADHD. As we can see, there are many helpful ways to do research, and lots of information that we can find using either the internet, or our online library through the University of Phoenix.

It is just a matter of finding out the specifics of the topic we have chosen to research. Making sure the information is accurate, up to date, and credible are the keys to success with researching on the internet. We know that the online university library is one for sure a credible way to do research. When using other websites through the internet we have to be careful and do research on the website and or author to make sure the information is useful and cross reference as well to make sure the website is secure and credible as well.

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